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Feelings of Love


He always worries about her more than he worries about the others. He may not seem like it but he does. Whenever they were fighting akumas, he couldn't help but worry about her safety. What he doesn't know is that she too worries about his safety.


People say he's a flirt. He may seem like it but there's only one girl whom he thinks about. His heart beats faster whenever she's around and he's good at hiding it. What he doesn't know is that her heart too beats fast whenever he's around.


He's often jealous of Allen who always gets most of her attention. He wishes that he too could be the centre of her attention. What he doesn't know is that she too wishes to be his centre of attention.



The moonlight shone on a figure who was alone on the balcony admiring the night view. He heard footsteps approaching and looked behind.

"Lenalee," he acknowledged the newcomer.

"Lavi," she greeted back. She stood beside him as she too gazes at moon.

He secretly glances at her. She was beautiful with her hair down, eyes reflecting the moon.

"Lavi." She turned to look at him.

"I..." she started but was cut off by Lavi.

"I love you," he said.

Lenalee was surprised. What she had wanted to say, he had said it first. She hugged him and he returned the hug.

"I love you too, Lavi."

They stayed in each other's arms as they admire the night view together. Everything felt complete now.

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