Heartbreaker Vs. Player

Love makes life confusing.

But would you want to live a life without it?

- Unknown –

She's the Heartbreaker.

Flashes to Ginny dancing flirtatiously with some guy in a club.

He's the Player.

Flashes to Harry chatting up some girl at a coffee shop.

They both have their crews.

Flashes to Ginny, Hermione, Angelina, Alicia, Luna and Ray-Ray walking down the street laughing.

Flashes to Harry, Ron, Fred, George, Neville and Bryan playing a game of basketball.

They're two people playing the same game.

Flashes to Ginny walking away from a guy who is staring at her, heartbroken.

Flashes to Harry texting a girl, saying "It's over."

What will happen when their paths cross?

Flashes to Harry and Ginny in a big argument, their friends watching.

Will the Heartbreaker get played?

Flashes to Ginny watching Harry and another girl together at a club.

Or will the Player get his heart broken?

Flashes to Harry watching Ginny sitting in some guy's lap.

Who knows what will happen when you add the two of them together…

Flashes to Harry and Ginny kissing in a park in the rain.

Starring Ginny Weasley

Flashes to Ginny laughing at Harry.

Harry Potter

Flashes to Harry smirking at Ginny.

Hermione Granger

Flashes to Hermione blushing at Ron.

Ron Weasley

Flashes to Ron serving Hermione a drink.

Angelina Johnson

Flashes to Angelina gazing at a photo of her and Fred.

Fred Weasley

Flashes to Fred telling a joke to Angelina.

Alicia Spinnet

Flashes to Alicia asleep in George's arms.

George Weasley

Flashes to George getting caught staring at Alicia.

Luna Lovegood

Flashes to Luna crying into Neville's chest.

Neville Longbottom

Flashes to Neville and Luna hugging.

Ray-Ray Reese

Flashes to Ray-Ray receiving a bunch of flowers from Bryan.

& Bryan Cruz

Flashes to Bryan carrying Ray-Ray bridal style in his arms.

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