Dreams of Betrayal

by Sere McFall

It seems my mind is not my own anymore. Whenever I let my guard down… whenever I sleep… it betrays me. Over and over again, it betrays me.

I remember when I first woke to sunlight streaming once more on my face… I knew in that moment that Darkness had been defeated, that Jack had defeated him somehow.

The relief was indescribable… I had not known whether or not he could be overcome.

But at night… when I have to sleep… then I enter a world where things went differently.

In the dreams, I find my lord (and that is how I think of him there) and love waiting for me, and I am eager to be in his arms. When he presented himself to me, spoke to me, I did not try to fight it… I could not deny him, for I knew there would be no point. I could see that my lord was one who would have what he wanted, and the truth was, when I looked inside myself, I could see a dark desire, a need for him.

I slew the unicorn, for I knew it would please him. And it was then that Jack and the faerie folk attacked, too late, far too late… Darkness was, at the mare's death, instantly more powerful, and he and his minions effortless defeated Jack and the others. The only one who survived was Jack, for it was my lord's will for Jack to be chained up and tortured… for him to be kept alive to see that I was no longer his.

That was the only way I have gone against Darkness. I snuck down to the dungeons at one point and cut Jack's throat, putting him from his misery. There were enough flickerings of caring for him for me to give him that much.

I did not bother hiding what I did, for I knew my lord could not stay angry with me… and I was right. I am the only one who would have survived doing a thing such as that.

In the dreams, I feel an utter and complete satisfaction and happiness in being at his side, as his bride and dark queen. I am his wholly and completely, but I also know he is mine… Before me, he did not know he was capable of feeling such things, but he does indeed love me. The passion we hold for each other is unmatchable.

These are my dreams that I have at night. I awake in the mornings and am left with a deep feeling of longing, and I have to fight to keep those feelings back.

Darkness is gone, defeated, and that is how I wanted it. Is it not?

The thing which bothers me most about the dreams is this… When I met Darkness, after waking from my short faint, I felt something that I recoiled at, something that I had to deny. I truly had wanted him, and I could not fathom the reason. His looks, his very self, should have been repulsive to me, but in truth they were not.

"I have found my true mate, and you know it." These were the words which he spoke to me. And deep down inside, I truly had known it.

If it had been only my own soul, my own innocence at stake I would not have been able to resist him. But sunlight, warmth, and simply any chance that the world as a whole has at happiness… I could not give these up.

I cannot help but wonder if he is really gone… if I could bring him back, if I could have him, would I? I do not know.

QS: It's been a long time since I've been able to write anything, and this was inspired by a dream. Should I perhaps make it into a full story?

I'll try to continue my other stories… I've been so uninspired. If you guys really want me to continue those or make this into a real fic or whatever, just come over to my forum here on and post there. :)