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Unfamiliar Spell

'… and tomorrow I need to go shopping for new dress robes. We have that office party to go to, and I know Ron wants me to look fantastic for him. So he can show me off,' Hermione inwardly rolled her eyes, 'At least Ginny and Harry will be there.'

Hermione sighed slightly and rolled over to lie on her other side, facing away from the centre of the bed.

"Hermione? You okay?" Ron grunted from the other side of the bed, sounding slightly irritated at the sudden movement.

"Sleeping," Hermione muttered back, sighing to herself and trying to get comfortable.

"Mmm 'night then. Love you."

"You too," she mumbled, feeling that familiar pang of guilt that occurred whenever her husband confessed his love for her. Closing her eyes, she pushed these feelings and thoughts to the back of her mind and tried to sleep.

'I wonder what Ginny will be wearing,' Hermione thought, not really paying much attention to what she was thinking. 'I hope the rest of the boys at work don't stare at her too much, I hate men objectifying women.'

You mean you hate it when Ron objectifies women.

Hermione frowned at the little voice in her mind, 'He won't stare at his sister though.'

No, you will instead.

Hermione bit her lip and deepened the frown as she tried to shut the voice out.

You want her to show up in that figure-hugging, cleavage-showing dress, you want her to wear it just for your reaction, and youwant her to drag you into a small room…

'No!' Hermione thought furiously, her stomach beginning to fill with butterflies, 'I'm married to Ron, I love Ron…'

and kiss you feverishly, quickly removing her dress and yours, and sucking and biting and rubbing and fucking

Hermione whimpered softly and immediately bit down on her bottom lip, glancing back at Ron. There were soft snores filling the room that Hermione hadn't noticed before, so she sighed in relief.

She wouldn't snore and keep you awake at night… well she wouldn't keep you awake by snoring at you.

Hermione closed her eyes, breathing deeply, not noticing her free left hand had started tracing small circles around her bare hip.

She'd back you up against the wall and she'd kiss your lips softly…

Hermione's fingers were now moving across the base of her stomach, just above the waistline of her pyjama bottoms, trailing fingernails across her skin ever so slightly, evoking goose bumps. Her other hand had slipped down the front of her pyjama top, teasing her left nipple softly, breathing in and out a little faster as she felt the skin around her nipple contract pleasurably.

Feeling a little frustrated at the uncomfortable angle she had her arm at, she rolled onto her back slowly, making sure she didn't wake Ron up, and undid the buttons of her pyjama top. Her fingers returned to her breasts, after quickly licking the tips of them, and started to massage and tug softly.

Yes, she's licking and nibbling and sucking on you –

"Mmm," Hermione murmured with her eyes closed, imagining it was Ginny who was playing with her breasts.

and moving a hand down to rub you in between your legs, on top of your pants, making you want her even more.

"Yes," she whispered, her hand rubbing her already wet mound, trying not to move too much for fear of waking Ron up.

She whispers your name, "Hermione," in a breathless voice, her cheeks flushed with arousal as she looks up at you, moving her hand past your pyjama bottoms to touch dark, wet curls and moves one finger to rub your throbbing clit.

Hermione gasped softly as she touched herself, slightly surprised at how wet she was, after mostly just thinking about Ginny. She bit her lip again as she rubbed her already sensitive clit, desperately trying to control her hips from jerking too violently. Irritated with the elastic of the pyjama bottoms, she quickly slid them down so she could reach more comfortably.

She rubs you faster, circling around that nub, making you squirm beneath her as she plants wet kisses trailing down towards where her fingers are driving you absolutely crazy

'More,' Hermione said in her head, watching Ginny slowly move down her body, like a movie playing out in her mind.

She lowers her face to your inner thigh, kissing the spot right next to where you need her most. She grins, glad to see she's teasing you. You beg her to move her lips over, ever so slightly, to your clit, to lick it and suck it…

Hermione let out a low, breathy moan, rubbing her clit faster, her other fingers (which were tugging on her nipples) moving down to slip into herself, inserting two fingers and beginning to slide them in and out.

She slides her fingers in and out, each time hitting that spot that makes you want and need to jerk your hips around and moan her name as loud as you possibly can. She's still licking your clit and that only intensifies the warm feeling that's beginning to rise inside of you.

Feeling herself nearing climax, Hermione rubbed her clit harder and faster and tried desperately to stay still as wave after wave of amazing, self-induced orgasm swept over her. Her hips shuddered and she whimpered softly, saying, "Ginny," as she lifted her hips up in the air while breathing very fast. She swallowed and lowered them back to the bed when they had stopped bucking so violently, and opened her eyes.

There were small beads of sweat on her forehead and above her upper lip, and she wiped the sweat off with the back of her hand. She sighed heavily as she smelt herself on her fingers and glanced at Ron, thanking the heavens he was still snoring softly.

She slowly did the buttons of her pyjama top up and pulled her pyjama bottoms back on, hands resting between her legs as her breathing returned to normal.

She frowned and quietly sat up to get out of bed, going to the bathroom to wash her hands. She splashed some water up on her face and leaned on the sink, staring at herself in the mirror.

'I just fucked myself, thinking about Ginny fucking me,' Hermione thought, frowning at herself.

And you loved every second of it, the little voice in the back of her mind said.

Hermione sighed; yes, the thrill of thinking about her best friend's wife and her husband's sister fucking her had been exhilarating and heightened the experience. She felt naughty, like she had just broken the ultimate rule of 'do not commit adultery'.

She winced; she didn't want to do that. She didn't want to be one of those dissatisfied housewives who had a lover around during the day when her husband was out at work.

'I'm going to go to bed,' she thought to herself, 'and sleep, and by the time I wake up in the morning, this will all be in the past.'

Yeah right.

The End

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