Hey guys! I'm back again after being on writing hiatus for our big finals (a.k.a. last exams on my high school life.) So now I'm just having the time of my life before going to college. So here's my new fic, dedicated to all Ryou fans!

Anyway as early as now, I would like to apologize if people are going to be affected in some way as I write this story… I wrote this fic on my own point of view (being a student of all girls' school for 11 years) so please bear with me 

Oh yeah, before I forgot.. the words that are italicized indicates that Bakura is the one talking err... writing :D

You guys are going to have an idea on what's going on inside the walls of a private all girls' school. So I hope you guys have fun reading this as much as I loved writing this fic.

So enough of that let's start! But before we do

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-gi-oh! nor its characters.

My name is Ryou Bakura a sixteen-years old teenager who has a lot in mind. Get this, my father sent me to a private all-girls school!!! I understand how much he likes to have a daughter but this is much more than I can handle. Studies show (I think) that writing on a diary could help you out; a sort of stress reliever in a way. You can write how you feel instead of keeping it all up until you explode, which, I may say is not very good. Any way I'm writing this out of fun I guess or a medium to get what I'm feeling out of my nerves. They do it on movies too right?

Usually, the people who write on diaries on movies are girls, you idiot!

I can't see you coming up with other ways to help us get out of this situation!

He's your father, not mine. Besides, staying there would do you some good boy.

What do you mean?

Oh trust me. This is going to be exciting.

Exciting on what way?

You know, girls and their ways.

Don't belittle me yami. For your information, I also have friends that are girls.

You don't know the half of it. Now stop complaining!

Yeah right, whatever! Anyway, ever wonder how I landed on this spot? Read this:

I was sitting at our couch, studying, while my yami watched peacefully. For one, he's actually not a nuisance to me.

You know, I'm actually here, sharing the same body as yours and you dare write something like that about me?

Go back to the ring and sleep! Can't you see I'm busy?

No way, I'm actually enjoying this.

Just don't disturb me anymore. Back to my story; I was studying when my father called from Egypt. Yes, he's still stuck there, digging mummies and whatever Egyptian artifacts. He called me to say that he's sending me to a private school somewhere in Tokyo. He explained that he met an old friend there who was a part of the school's board. They're on Egypt to look for some new things to add on their curriculum. And my brilliant father (talking about sarcasm here) asked if he could enroll me there, not knowing that the school is exclusively for girls! And his friend, not knowing that I'm a guy, called his secretary to send me the information pack.

So there I was, all too excited because the school is located in Tokyo, asked the name of the school. And then, he said it. The most dreadful thing a boy could ever here from his father is that his father is sending him to Sakura Academy.

"Father, do you know what are you doing?" My voice grew louder that even my yami got startled.

"Of course I do! I'm sending you to a well of school in which I know you'll do just fine" He said and I can imagine his face gleaming of excitement.

"Father," I said calmly as I could, "Are you even aware that Sakura Academy is a private school for girls?!"


"Are you even listening?"

Then I heard him laugh "It's not a school for girls, why would I send you if it was?"

"Exactly" I said, hoping that he understood.

"It's not an all girls school… is it?"

And that ended our conversation due to long-distance line break down. Then my father sent me a text message: I already paid for the tuition fee boy; bear with it for the mean time. I'll see you soon. Take care.

"Looks like you're in big trouble" my yami said after reading the text message.

"My life is so over" I said to myself.

"Look on the bright side, what?" he said after he saw my face displaying a wide grin.

"It sounds ironic when you say that" I said in a teasing manner as I picked up a pillow and hugged it.

"Shut up. As I was saying, you don't have to worry about your chest when wearing their uniform"

I opened my moth but no words came out so I closed it again. I was imaging myself wearing that and I guess he also was. Then he started laughing loudly which pissed me off.

"It's so short!" I complained.

"Wear a beret and you'll look like a painter" he said in between laughs.

I've always think that their uniform is odd. It's like a painter's clothes but it's shorter like a mini dress. I can't believe I will wear that kind of stuff! Well at least they have tights to go with it to hide the 'shortness'.

"Hate to break it, but you still have one little problem" my yami said as he sat down on the chair adjacent to the couch.

'Oh no,' I thought. 'Cause every time he says little, it's actually the opposite. When I just stared at him, waiting for an answer, he sighed. "The name Ryou seems to be dominantly masculine don't you think?" Then he gave me his signature evil smile.

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