So here's my chapter two ;) notes will be posted at the end of the chapter… so there, have fun reading! Oh, if there are any grammatical errors, please tell me so that I can revise it.

Pre-class day

A stereotypical view on girls studying in a private school for girls: A fine young lady, who is courteous, has poise, graceful, elegant and quiet. (a/n: just made this part up…I don't really know what people think when they hear the word 'all-girl's-school-student') Though some of it may be true, I realized that people must not judge a book by its cover. Besides the fact that we don't really know what's happening behind the walls of their school.

Don't you think you, or rather we, are excluded from that fact!?

Sheesh, you don't have to remind me, it's as if my life isn't over.

Of course your life isn't over. You're alive and still writing in this diary of yours. Unless you're a ghost who still has some 'unfinished' business here on earth then it's pretty much safe to say 'your-life-is-over'.

Stop being so sarcastic and stop messing my diary! You know there's this word called PRIVACY!

Oh, is there? 'Cause in a thief's vocabulary, there's no such word haha… and for the record I'm not messing you diary, I'm making it beautiful.

You're giving me a headache so would you please stop it and let me continue on writing? I'm not even asking you to go somewhere and mind your own business. Just let me write.

Fine. But for the record, you're not stopping me from making side comments or rather I should say designing your boring diary.

Just minimize it! Now, let me go for the story for today:

I have no choice but to follow the orders of my father, o matter how weird or suicidal (on my case) it may be. So I went to the school with all of my things (have to stay in their dorms due to the fact that I live in the other side of Tokyo.) I was looking for my room when a girl asked me if I'm lost or 'something like that'. She was tall, fair-skinned, has long black curly hair and light brown eyes. Her name is Ellie and she offered me some help. Of course I have to accept it as a gentleman would do.

Or rather, a fine young lady, hehe

I could imagine your face wearing a big grin.

Heh I'm glad you know.

Whatever, so Ellie helped me find my room and when we finally got there, I almost had a breakdown when I saw the room. Although, I got to compliment its size fit for a princess, yeah, I wrote write, a PRINCESS, complete with the four posted bed with pink bed sheets, pink linen, pink table, pink chair, pink carpet-

Yeah, we got it, pink EVERYTHING!

Not to mention the pink bathroom.

Would you stop it already?!

Oopps, sorry, but it still looks girly to me.

Do you have any other choice?

Nope, not even one. (sticks out his tongue)

Then stop whining! Like I told you, it'll be good if you stay here.

I know, I know, anyway, let's get back to the story… Ellie helped me put away my things (have to be extra careful on the boy 'stuffs :D) she also explained to me the basic rules and regulations of the dorm and the school and they seriously are strict here. Well, no wonder, since they're taking care of young precious girls from well-off families and the like, but they really are STRICT. I mean who would be crazy enough to make rules like 'lights off at 10pm'?! (BTW, you should be in your room not later that 9pm.)

People who are as crazy as the ones complaining! It is called energy saving besides the fact that young girls like YOU needs eight hours of sleep or you missed hearing it from your new bff- and what the heck? Even I have been infected with that 'I.M.' talk.

Well Ellie has her ways and yeah, my new iPod which dad sent me as an 'apology gift' was on its highest volume. Haha; which reminds me no iPods on school grounds and not to mention, the use of cellular phones will only be before or after class hour… sad.

Hey, Ellie said that most students don't really follow that rule.

Yeah and most of them were given heavy penalty, besides, I'm not the one to break rules.

Cause you still haven't tried it.

And I'm not going to try it, now for the last time stop messing with my diary!!

Okay but just because it's only a few minutes before lights out. Go and get a beauty sleep, you've got a big day tomorrow miss debutant.

Haha very funny but in a minute, got to write this down.

Okay, so tomorrow's gonna be the official day they accept me to Sakura's Academy. Wish me luck!

Good luck.

Thanks, anyway I hope to meet new fantastic people like Ellie and I hope that there aren't as many girls, whom, in Ellie's words, are bully and mean (you know, people who makes fun of other people's diction or when they mispronounce words accidentally. Those who only have beauty and heaps of mean stuff to say but in truth they don't actually have brains. Not to mention those spoiled brats who NEEDS to get what they want.) Yup, have to stay away from those types of people.

Yeah, like they'll ever notice a nobody who is a newcomer like you. Now, go to sleep! Like I said young girls like you needs eight hours of beauty rest.

Who are you calling a girl? Oh, I forgot, you yourself are a girl.

Shut up.

But what you said is so not true. According to my former teacher, teenagers needs ten hours of sleep or we tend to 'micro-sleep' and not listen to class and stuff like that (a/n: to my friends: I think you now who this particular teacher is… winkwink)

Then I recommend you to stop writing and go to bed already!

Okay, okay I will geez… um…

Um what?

Lol nothing, good night!

Lol?! Sigh, good night.

Love it? Hate it? Tell me… and BTW, there really are people from my former school who are like what Ryou said he doesn't want to meet… sad isn't it?

Oh yeah, the 'I.M.' talk is something I got from watching Bring it on: All or Nothing last night. Their idea not mine… (We don't really use those unless of course if we're using messenger)

You guys are probably wondering: what happened to Ryou's no. 1 problem in the previous chapter: his name? I've been looking for a way to insert it in here… but I've decided to put it in the third chapter.

So what did he do to his name? Find out on the next chapter.