Breaking Point II- Crossing the Divides.

You knew I couldn't leave this story hanging like that, and I haven't, so don't worry. A short intro chapter, as always. This is going to be action heavy, and expect a large cast of characters.

Chapter One: Dr. Love is IN.

The young man stepped into the training simulator, and spoke into the microphone on the control panel.

"Custom simulation 1162, clearance password: Delta."

With that, he stepped into the main area, as a countdown started.


With that, a crashing orchestral score blared over the speakers, and a host of drones burst from side panels. Grinning, the man leapt high into the air and loosed a bolt of lightning at the first drone, shutting it down. Landing, he sent a pulse of electricity into the floor, stunning every drone in the room. As the music picked up, so did the fighter, who loosed a punch, the static electricity behind it enough to send the drone flying backwards, cutting a swathe through the enemies. The man jumped and ducked, lightning cascading from his fingers and his fists sending enemies flying. He was untouchable.

As the music ended, the few remaining drones deactivated, and the figure went into a pirouetted crouch, his coat and dreadlocks spinning around him. He spoke two words.

"Bad. Ass."

"Careful, Static, one of these days you might actually pose a threat."

Static turned to see Mary Marvel grinning at him. "What song was that?"

"'He's a Pirate'. It's from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack."

"So you were just training to a film score because…?"

Static shrugged. "It makes me feel cool."

"You're hopeless."

"Now, children, don't bicker." The two looked at the newcomer. Beast Boy.

"Hey Logan." Static nodded. "I got a new record. Only three drones left."

"Cool." Beast Boy headed for a side door. "I'll be in the gym if anyone needs me."

It was only after Beast Boy had left that Static noticed two things. Firstly, the talkative Mary Marvel hadn't said a word to their leader, and secondly, she was staring at the door he had left by.

"You like him, don't you?" Static asked, wrestling with a grin.

"Yeah. He's a nice guy." Mary responded flippantly. A little too flippantly.

"No, I mean you like him, don't you." Static baited.

Mary ran her fingers through her hair. "…Maybe."

Static grinned. "Awesome! Well, today's your lucky day, because Dr. Love is in the house!"

Mary looked around. "But I thought Gear was still working on those contact lenses…oh, you mean yourself."

"That's just mean. Anyway, what we're gonna do, is I'll "accidentally" lock you both in a closet for a few hours, and let nature take its course."

Mary gave him a blank look. "When has that ever worked?"


"Besides, he'd just ask me to knock the door down, or crawl under it as an ant and open it from the outside, or something."

"Damn. It's harder to imprison superheroes than it looks."

Mary nodded. "Makes you wonder how all these supervillains seem to manage it all the time."

"Alright, we'll need to think about this…"

"Diana, be careful, we're not sure what we're dealing with here."

"Alright, J'onn." Wonder Woman skimmed over the land, heading towards Prague. Recently, a large portion of the city's police force had disappeared, and much of the military along with them. The city council had called on the Justice League, and Wonder Woman had been sent out to investigate.

"I've arrived." She touched down in a deserted alley. She huffed, her breath forming clouds in the midnight air. "Seems quiet. Oh. Wait. No it isn't." She reported as she watched a military policeman who was engaged in throwing rocks through shop windows. "What is the point of that?"

"Bait." A voice whispered behind her. Startled, she span around and was lost.

"Diana? Diana?" J'onn shouted, as her earpiece was removed and crushed under a red boot.