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Akatsuki High School for the Extremely Gifted is a school that everyone wants to be in. They produce the best of everything: Athletes, academic grades, and every form of art. It is the school that everyone dreams of going to, however, almost no one ever gets in. Akatsuki is very particular about it's students. No one knows exactly what the school looks for, or why it is so hard to get into, but even if someone were to ask, they would never receive an answer. But of course, unbeknownst to everyone outside of Akatsuki, no regular or average human could get into Akatsuki. If you are a mere human, you have almost no chance at all to get in. Humans would need to have exceptional grades, or excel in the arts to get in. Of course, every now and then one such student would appear in the world of regular mortals and Akatsuki made it a point to find them. However, once found and installed into the school, none of these humans lasted very long. In fact, the record would be a month.

There hadn't been a human in Akatsuki High for a while now, but a particular girl appeared on the radar. She had a grade average of 100 and excelled in the arts. She was also above average physically, for a human. Never before has the Leader, principal of Akatsuki High, seen such an extraordinary human. Yes, he decided he would have her in his school. And she would last, whether she liked it or not.