This is my first story so please review and tell me if you like it or not

This is my first story so please review and tell me if you like it or not. I have the first few chapters done I just need to get them posted. This is a Naruto/Harry Potter crossover so if either of those things offend you, you can't say I didn't warn you. Please note this will have violence and child abuse in it. Another thing, this will mostly take place in the Naruto world so please don't message me saying it is not really a Harry Potter fic too. Harry will go to Hogwarts, but you have to be patient.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Harry Potter. If I did they would have been crossed over from the beginning.

Hatake Kakashi was not a patient teen. Which was odd considering he had no trouble making people wait for him. But there he was waiting for his sensei to arrive and show him something.


The yellow haired man smiled at his student, "You're on time! You're early even! Who are you and what have you done with Kashi-kun?"

The white haired teen gave his sensei a blank look. "You're two hours late."

Minato stared at Kakashi. "Am I really?"

Kakashi blinked and pointed to a clock. Minato followed his student's finger and - what do you know -he was late. "Oh, sorry?" He scratched the back of his head.

Kakashi just shook his head mumbling about psycho sensei's. The blond seemed to remember why he was there. "Now Kakashi, come with me I have something to show you."

Kakashi followed his teacher to the Hokage's office. It was oddly quiet but Kakashi paid little attention to that.

Minato entered the Hokage's office like he owned the place. Which considering he was the Fourth Hokage, he kind of did. Kakashi waited respectfully outside the door, until the Third motioned him in.

"Now that you're here Kakashi I must warn you - what we are about to tell you might be a bit startling-" the Third started, but Minato cut him off, "You have a little brother outside of the Hidden Countries and he's giving off great amounts of chakra." The Third glared at the blond.

Kakashi was confused. "What?"

Taking pity on the poor boy Sarutobi explained. "Your father was out on a mission a few months before he died, and he met a young couple. They helped him out of a dangerous situation and he wanted to repay them. It seems that the male could not have children, so they asked your father to be a donor. He accepted and now your little brother is sending out so much chakra we detected it. We would like to know if you want to take him in, and help with the renegade chakra."

Kakashi blinked, "So you want me to go get a little brother I've never met and take him here - away from the only family he's known - to train to be a ninja?"

Minato scratched the back of his head, "Hai, that's right."

"Only you sensei. Only you."


The third explained everything and made arrangement for the duo to go find the child. Naturally it took hours. Eventually, the duo had learned everything they would need for the mission and so they set out.

Following behind his teacher, Kakashi was in deep thought. This kid, his little brother, had to have a massive amount of chakra to cause a fuss. I wonder what he looks like. I wonder what his family will think of having to give him up at least for a year or two Kakashi thought.

Kakashi continued his inner musings almost the whole way to the barrier. He was told by his sensei no one could ignore the feeling of entering or leaving the Hidden Countries.

Kakashi shuddered going through the barrier. "Sensei, how old is the kid?"

Minato thought for a moment, "Four, I think."

Kakashi stopped, "He's four and he's giving off enough chakra to give us away!"

Minato nodded, "Yep, he'll be a genius like his big brother. I'll bet."

The kid has to have an enormous chakra supply. The kid had to be a genius. With a swish of leaves, the two disappeared to the home of Petunia and Vernon Dursley.

Minato just stared at the houses, "There all the same! How do they tell them apart?"

Kakashi gave him a blank look, he couldn't understand how his sensei was as strong as he was but he was still an idiot, "There are numbers on the side of the houses."


Finding number 4 didn't take long but the sun was setting when they did. As they approached the house a sound was heard, a sobbing noise followed by yelling.

Kakashi and Minato went into alert mode.

"Shut up you stupid freak!" A man bellowed. A loud smack rang through the air. Minato's eyes hardened; Kakashi gathered his chakra, and Minato knocked hard on the door.

Shuffling and a door slamming were heard and then a large man that was a strange shade of purple answered the door.

"What?" He sneered, or at least tried to, at the shinobi. The fat man's eyes flicked between the two visitors and widened when he caught sight of Kakashi. "You're on of those freaks aren't you?" He gasped.

Kakashi glared, "Yes I am and I'm here for my little brother." The fat man started sweating, "I don't know who you are talking about," his face turning a pasty white.

The white haired teen just pushed past the man and took out a kunai. "Going to use Pakkun?" The blond asked. Kakashi nodded.

Vernon was very scared now; he was sweating terribly and was a grayish color. And when he saw Kakashi doing something with the knife he yelled, causing Petunia and Dudley to come down the stairs just in time to see Pakkun summoned.

A shrill scream made both ninja's and nin-dog cringe. "Uh, what is that?" Pakkun whined. Kakashi just looked at the dog, "Find someone in this house that smells like Father."

Minato, seeing Kakashi had finding the boy covered, took the job of doing something with the civilians. The blond decided to herd them into the living room. The fat man didn't come quietly.

Faintly Kakashi could hear someone yell but his sensei had it under control and was talking to the family in the living room. He couldn't hear what was said - his blood was pounding in his ears. He had his eye focused on the dog.

Pakkun sniffed around the house and caught the smell of the White Fang of Konoha. He followed it knowing his master was right behind him. The smell led him to a cupboard.

"This is it," The dog said.

Nodding Kakashi looked at the door; he was seething, they kept him in a closet! Taking a deep breath he called through the door. "I'm going to open the door now, but I'm a friend ok?"

A small noise that he hoped was an okay was all he heard. Slowly he opened the door.

After opening the door the scent of fresh blood assaulted him, and shining green eyes greeted the young jounin.

The young child looked at the man that opened the door. He noticed that they both had the same hair color. Then the boy noticed the dog.

To him the dog was cooler. "Puppy."

Kakashi blinked and looked down at Pakkun. The kid seemed to like dogs; maybe he could use Pakkun to him out step out of the closet. He nudged the dog, "go say hi."

Pakkun glared up at him, "I'm not a toy." Kakashi sighed; his summons was very stubborn so he decided to ignore his protests and push him in.

"I refuse to be a play thing for a brat!" Pakkun protested.

Holding out his hand the child stared at the dog, "Puppy talked." He looked at Kakashi, "Padfoo' talks too." Before Kakashi could ask what he meant a shadow came over him; turning, he saw his teacher.

"Well are you going to get him out of the closet or not?" Minato asked. Hearing that the blond man wanted him out of the closet, the small child stood, picked up Pakkun and walked towards the two men.

When he left the darkness of the cupboard the two shinobi winced at the wounds on the young child, yet he was still walking.

He set down Pakkun and turned to Kakashi, "Me get Padfoo'?" Having no clue what he was talking about the teen just nodded.

Finding a spot on his shoulder that was bleeding he wiped some on his right palm and started making shaky hand signs.

Kakashi instantly recognized the signs. "Where did he learn that?" He whispered. The fact he was doing a C-ranked jutsu with no training was incredible. The fact that a four year old was doing any jutsu was enough to shock most people.

"He's doing the summoning jutsu!" Kakashi exclaimed. The Fourth nodded and thought 'This kid is incredible he really is a genius.'

"He is. I told you he would be a genius like his big brother."

The two watched with wonder as he finished the jutsu.

The child placed his palm to he floor and a poof was heard, then a giggle. When the smoke cleared a large black dog was licking the child.

"It seems he has that jutsu down," The Fourth joked.'That's for sure,' they both thought.

Hearing someone speak the dog turned, "So someone's finally here to take the kid huh? Good! I would have taken care of those good-for-nothing relatives of his if it wouldn't have traumatized the kid."

Kakashi and Minato stared at the dog. "He had to summon a talking dog," Minato whined. Kakashi shrugged, "He said he was going to, I'm guessing that's Padfoo'".

While the two were talking, Pakkun walked up to the dog, "You're not normal."

The larger dog gave a That's-for-sure grin, "Yep! I was human once, but I was killed and made into a summons for my Godson."

Kakashi was surprised, "He summons his dead Godfather in dog form, this kid is strange."

The dog nodded. "Yep."

The child giggled. "Pafoo', me not stay here?" hope was evident in his voice. The large dog turned to the white-haired teen.

Kakashi groaned; now both dogs and his Sensei were giving him the puppy dog eyes. Oh well, it wasn't like he was going to leave the kid here to begin with.

He sighed, "Well I can't leave him here." The blond smiled happily, his student was opening up; even if it was just a little bit.

"Um," Padfoot started; Kakashi turned to the dog, "what's his name?"

Kakashi blinked at the dog, "He doesn't' have a name?"

Padfoot gave him an Are-You-An-Idiot look. "Well he does, but to fit into the shinobi world he will need a new name. So at the moment he doesn't have one."

Kakashi groaned again. He didn't know what to name the kid I mean weren't adults suppose to… He had an idea.

Kakashi turned to his teacher, "Name him." The future Hokage blinked. "What?" Kakashi rolled his eye; boy was his sensei stupid sometimes, "Name him. I don't know what to name him."

The blond stared at the child then thought of the perfect name, "Takashi! That way I can call him Kashi-kun too!" Both the dogs and Kakashi sweat-dropped at the man.

Takashi giggled again but noticed something: he was staring to feel dizzy. He swayed dangerously. "Kashi? I sleepy." Kakashi saw this and cursed; he was an idiot! How could he not notice there was a lot more blood then he saw in the beginning? Reaching down, he scooped up the too small child; he turned to this teacher, "He needs a doctor."

The blond nodded, he should have said so earlier. Pakkun decided it was time poof away but Padfoot stayed.

The two ninja and the dog made it to the door when the large beefy Vernon Dursley stepped forward.

Kakashi frowned; he needed to leave, now!

"Where are you taking the freak?" The tone of voice caused the small child to whimper. Kakashi unconsciously tightened his grip on the boy.


Deciding that he wanted the man to move now he reached up and uncovered his sharingan. The fat man gasped as he saw the colors. He was mesmerized by the spinning eye and passed out.

Nodding to his student Minato grabbed the scruff of Padfoot's neck and with a swirl of leaves the group was gone.