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"Wake up Kashi-kun!" Kakashi yelled at his little brother.

Takashi groaned and flipped his brother off burrowing deeper into the covers.

The Anbu grinned and nodded to the summons sitting on the floor. Padfoot jumped onto the bed and began licking the poor genin to death.

"Padfoot knock it off you mangy mutt!" The boy yelled from under the covers. The dog continued his assault while Kakashi continued to read his book calmly.

"Alright!" the dog chirped and bounced to the edge of the bed.

The boy glared at his brother. "Aniki we need to talk." He said seriously. "I am seven. I need sleep. Ninja or not my brain needs sleep to develop."

The silver haired Anbu smirked form behind his mask and shrugged, "Okay," The seven year old smiled and burrowed back into the covers. "But you'll miss the first part of the chuunin exams."

"What!" Takashi shouted jumping up. "Why didn't you say something?" The genin rushed around pulling on his clothes and brushing his teeth he popped his head out of the bath room his tooth brush in his mouth, "What are you idiots laughing at?" He tried to say but it was hindered by the tooth brush.

"Enoko-chan, you still have two hours." Padfoot supplied happily.

The youngest Hatake glared at the pair his left eye twitching and a maniacal grin on his face. He pulled the tooth brush out of his mouth and pulled a kunai out of the bathroom drawer where they kept them. "Die!"


Two hours, four kunai, three changes of clothes and a sulking Padfoot later Takashi made it to the academy where he was to meet up with his teammates.

He was, as usual, late. "What took you so long?" Leiko yelled. "We're almost out if time!"

Takashi yawned and kicked Padfoot, "His fault." The summons glared at his godson, "Is not. It's not my fault you don't have an alarm clock."

"I did." Takashi informed him, "It woke Aniki up and he tossed it out the flipping window!!!!"

Leiko and Yoshi watched as the two argue amused.

The dog sweat-dropped, "Oh yeah right, I remember that." Kakashi had tossed it out the window. It seemed Takashi could sleep through its beeping.

Leiko rolled her eyes, "What ever come on you idiots! We're going to be late!" She grabbed their arms and took off running followed by a snickering dogfather.


Team 13 was having fun so far, seemed that someone had decided that they should make this harder by turning the academy into a maze so that if you wanted in you had to find it. Luckily Team 13 had a Hyuuga and they knew who to release Genjutsu. Unlike the other idiots walking around in a fog, they had recognized the Genjutsu from the beginning.

Leiko pushed her teammate's shoulders, "Genjutsu." she whispered looking at the stone walls that should not be there. The three of them, not counting Padfoot because he wasn't affected by it, yelled release, breaking the Genjutsu instantly making it were they could continue.

"See any other traps Yoshi-kun?" Leiko asked her friend. Yoshi nodded using his Byakugan he spotted two people guarding a door, "Two people about 10 feet and a floor away have a henge."

"It's my turn I want to have a little fun." Takashi said grinning; this was going to be fun. Padfoot snickered, "Go get 'em Enoko-chan."

They watched as Takashi made himself taller with a minor henge and pulled his headband down over his eye. He mussed his hair so it stood up more and slouched lazily, pulling a familiar orange book from out of no where.

"How did he…?" Yoshi questioned, "I thought Kakashi worshiped those books."

Padfoot laughed, "He does!"


'Kakashi' walked lazily up toward the two guarding the door and raised an eyebrow at them. "Lord Hokage is looking for you." He informed them. They gave him a look, "Why?" One inquired.

'Kakashi' shrugged, "The hell if I know." He told them truthfully. "But it seemed important, he sent me after all."

That was the truth Kakashi was rarely used as an errand boy he was a highly skilled ninja that was above such petty tasks.

The two frowned. "Fine then would you watch the door for us then?" They asked, "We would hate for anyone not worthy to get by."

They were subtly baiting him trying to find out if he was the real Kakashi, 'Kakashi' noticed and used an Anbu hand that almost every upper level ninja recognized, it's really me. The sign said. They hesitated for a minute but left with a poof. Takashi grinned and turned back waving his teammates over, "Let's go!" He said.

"What about the door?" Leiko asked. Padfoot answered, "They'll be back soon enough."

Team 13 rushed to get as far away as possible, each of them thinking about the test they were about to take.

'I wonder what it will be like.'

'Is it really as hard as I have heard about?'

'The death rate is rather high are we ready for that?'

'Are we strong enough?'


The testing room was crowded teams form all over litter across the room and Takashi knew that more people were coming. Team 13 found a spot that was empty and sat down to wait. They didn't wait long with a large poof a team of chuunin led by Morino Ibiki who was the new leader of the torture and interrogation squad. Takashi recognized the man told his team so; "They say that he prefers mental torture he can break you with out even touching you."

Leiko smirked she had heard of his too, "I heard he can make you tell him anything if he has you alone for ten minutes." This was her kind of guy.

Yoshi Takashi and Padfoot winced at the look of hero-worship she wore this was kind of creepy. "Lei-chan?" Yoshi began carefully he really did not want to get hit, "Are you okay?" He tensed slightly waiting for the coming pain.

Leiko smirked and nodded, "I'm fine and so is he." She pointed at the proctor. She decided to ignore Yoshi…this time.

Takashi and Yoshi gagged over zealously, Padfoot laughed loudly. "You're sick!" Takashi proclaimed. "He's like 20! You sick-o!"

Leiko shrugged, and grinned maliciously. "And your point is?"

Yoshi and Takashi slowly inched away from their psychotic team member and whispered furiously to each other. "Can we switch teammates?" Yoshi asked his friend desperately. Takashi shook his head and moaned pitifully. "No, we're stuck with her."

Padfoot watched the kids bemused and coughed when the proctor glared at them, "Guys?" The summons prompted. "You seem to be causing a problem." He motioned to Ibiki who was glaring at them.

"Can we begin now?" The man sneered sarcastically. Takashi gave him a bored wave and nodded, "If you insist, sir."

Ibiki seemed to twitch dangerously; everyone in the room held their breath and watched the two. The jounin twitched again and spoke slowly. "Hatake Takashi, am I correct?"

The green eyed boy nodded not looking at the man, who smirked, "You and I will talk later boy." He promised the child who shrugged unconcerned.

After one last look at the boy and his team he cleared his throat and called the room to order. "Everyone up front now! You'll each pick a number and then take your seat. You will have one hour to finish the test. Keep in mind if you are caught cheating more then five times then you are disqualified!" The man barked to the genin.

Team 13 scrambled to get their numbers and take their seats Leiko was upfront and to the far left next to a window. Yoshi was in the back the furthest away from the door and behind a large genin from the Sand village. Takashi was up close to Ibiki the closest of the three to the proctors.

Each of them was in prime spot for test taking. Takashi being a genius had no reason to cheat on the test. Leiko was in just the right place to see several different reflections of the paper. Yoshi was covered enough to use his Byakugan with out notice.


Ibiki looked at the crowd of students, and smirked viciously. "As you know this test is the first you will take in Chuunin Exams. This test will have two parts. This written exam," He held up a copy of the test, "and the last question at the end of the test which is worth 90% of your grade."

The jounin scanned the room for something, "As I said earlier if you get caught cheating more the 5 time you are out. If one of your team fails you all fail. Keep that in brats!"

The man smirked dangerously and looked at the clock, "Begin!"

The youngest Hatake skimmed the test quickly this was easy stuff, he smirked at the closest chuunin examiner and began writing, Padfoot was going to guard his test and keep an eye on Leiko and Yoshi, if they needed a distraction he would provide one.

He quickly wrote the answers to the test, never once looking up until he heard the sound of a knife speeding towards him. The seven year old leaned to the left allowing it to bypass him completely. Padfoot growled at the examiner and snapped at him, "Watch it boy! Test or not I will take a bit out of your ass."

Takashi snickered and patted the summons lightly, "I'm okay Paddy relax. His aim was off anyway." Those around the demented genin sweat dropped at his attitude, the kid was crazy.


Yoshi stared at the test in horror, how was he going to finish this? This test was insane no genin except maybe a psycho one like Takashi would even understand these questions. The Hyuuga mentally went over the rules in his head, if you're caught cheating 5 times you're disqualified. Why did that sound off to him? Why wouldn't they be kicked out when they first got caught cheating? Unless that was the point, maybe to see how well they could gather information.

Yoshi grinned this was his kind of test; this was his kind of mission. He could easily gather the info and never be caught. He was very grateful he had learn how to active his Byakugan with out the hand signs.

"Let's hope the big guy is smart." Yoshi muttered and activated his blood line trait.


Leiko almost screamed this stupid test was too hard she could only even understand two questions! How were they supposed to finish the stupid thing? She groaned and let her eyes wander the room, subtly, that was when she noticed something.

The reflection in the window, she could clearly see the two people behind her answers. She swiftly jotted down the correct answers and smirked. The Uchiha Clan kicked ass!

Never once did the thought of getting caught cross her mind she was to deeply engrossed with her work. Though she did her the problems her teammate was having with the examiners and almost face faulted that boy was going to be the death of her…and she was too young to die.


The proctor looked around the room and an evil grin stretched across his face, these brats had potential. Of the 52 team that started only 20 still remained, Team 13 included he had heard tales of the team that held an Uchiha, Hyuuga and Hatake. They were already being on their way to greatness…if they could pass this test.

"Alright maggots listen up." Ibiki shouted at the brats. "We will now be asking the final question. But let me warn you, if you miss this question," His manically smile grew even more, "Then you will forever be a genin, you will not be allowed to retake this test."

The remarks he had foreseen came.

"What?" Leiko shouted standing up, "That is not the rules you old bastard!" Ibiki glared at the child, "I make the rules miss Uchiha not you."

"I know several people that have taken the test more then once," She raged, "So who are you to say we'll be stuck as genin forever."

The scared man smirked again, "Because this is what I want to do and that is final."

Leiko looked like she was about to blow a casket when Yoshi yelled from the back. "Sit down Lei-chan." He soothed, "Why are you worrying so much? We'll pass easy."


All the while several older genin grunted at the proclamation none of them were happy with the young genin they had to wait until they were at least 12 to graduate why where these kids so special? One female snorted these kids were going to be easy prey.


"It's time for the 10 question," Ibiki barked, "Now, will you take it or not?" His evil grin threatened to take over his face again as he looked out at the crowd of children wondering who would chicken out and quit. Minutes passed and four teams raised their hands wanting to be excused.

Ibiki met several students eyes Yoshi being one of them, the boy seemed to be in deep thought.

'If I raise my hand then I will have made a fool of my self and shame my team.' He clenched his hands causing his nails to bite into his skin. 'I will never always myself to be dishonored that way! I will stay and I plan to win!'

Leiko was waging a similar inner battle, the Uchiha was worried if she failed then she would forever be a genin, her clan would disown her. Her father would be so mad…Itachi would never look at her…Her eye brighten with a determination that one but she could understand. 'I will never lower my self to that level! I will stay and I will win!'

Takashi had since put his head on the table and feigned sleep, he heard the words the proctor spoke and almost groaned, the Hatake didn't truly think he was up to this. He felt as if he was going to wish he had never taken this test later, but until then he knew he wasn't about to let his team and his brother down. 'I will not allow myself to think less of myself. I will stay and I will win!

Team 13 had passed the tenth question.