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It was night time at Atlanta, Georgia and everyone, including Sunny Bridges and the Westley class were all ready for a good night sleep after another day at the Westley School of Performing Arts. A few seconds, after they fell asleep, a streak of light flew over the city and crashed somewhere in a nearby forest. On the crash sight, there was a huge smoking crater and something in the middle of the smoke. It looked like a spaceship.

"He he he he he!" a voice laughed evilly as the cockpit began to open, reviling three figures that climbed out from the ship. It was almost impossible to recognise them since it was night time.

The first figure was tall, and it appeared to have antennas on top of it's head and huge semi-glowing red eyes.

The second figure was small, it had an antenna coming out from the top, it made squeaky mechanic sounds as it moved and glowing cyan blue eyes.

The third and last figure was the smallest and it appeared to be floating of the ground. It appeared to have moose horns and four small legs.

The first figure walks up to the edge of the hill where they were standing on and they could see the iluminated city of Atlanta.

"This city seems to be a perfect place to construct our temporary base, don't you agree?" the first figure asked the other two.

"YOU GONNA MAKE BISCUITS?? YOU GONNA MAKE BISCUITS?? YOUUU GONNA MAKE BISCUITS?? HUH??" the second figure shouted exited, making the first figure angry and annoyed.

"GIR, what did I tell you about using THAT word??" the first figure growled.

"Um, don't?" the second figure asked.

"That's right, so KEEP QUIET ABOUT IT!!" the first figure yelled.

"Awww…"the second figure groaned, while the third figure let out a loud squeak.

"Anyhow," he look thru his binoculars and spots a neightbourhood."That neightbourhood appears to be a great place to make our base of operations, unlike that other place where we met, HIM!" the first figure growled in disgust as it thought about whoever was this "him".

"Aw, does this mean we are not going to find a new rival for you?" the second figure asked, while the third one squeaked.

"No GIR, rivals are bad, a threat to our mission!" the first figure explained.

"Oh." The second figure understood. "I WANT TACOS!!"

The first figure sighted. "Anyhow, time to build our temporary base of operations, then we shall analise the city's weakness and then plot the most brilliant plan to: CONQUER ALL OF THE EARTH AND ALL EARTH MONKEYS ON IT!!" the first figure laughed maniacally.

"YAY!!" the first figure cheered, while the third figure let out a loud squeak.

The laughter spred throught the forest to the city. At Madison's house, the happy girl woke up. She could have thought she heard some kind of laugh. She looked under the bed, but found nothing.

"Weird." She thought. "I could have sworn I heard some kind of laughter…oh well, nighty night!"

And she fell back asleep with her usual smile.

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