Eight Weeks

-Chapter One-

It had been two months into the semester at PCA. Eight weeks had gone by since Zoey and Chase told each other how they felt about each other. Almost eight weeks had gone since the night Zoey and James kissed. Tommorow was the night of the Spring Dance was also their two month anniversary. Zoey was excited to a certain extent. She finally had a steady boyfriend who she really, really liked. He was strong, intelligent, and insanely adorable. They had a lot of laughs and nice dates in the span of their seven weeks of dating. Michael was becoming good friends with James, Logan was getting used to living with him (to a certain extent), and Lola and Quinn acted as if James had been there from the beginning. It was really quite perfect.

Well, mostly perfect. Every now and then Zoey would think of Chase and feel a huge rush of guilt. She hadn't been keeping in touch with him as much as she had planned. There was the occasional text message and maybe sometimes a phone call or two but the distance in both time and space affected the best friends in a terrible way. It didn't help that Zoey failed to tell Chase about James. He knew that James was Michael and Logan's new roomate but no one had the guts to tell him that he and Zoey were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Chase grabbed his bags from the cab's trunk and pulled them back to the familar PCA. He was back. He didn't have to deal with his irritating roomate anymore. (The dude's voice was like nails on a chalkboard.) He could move back in with Michael and Logan. He could finally do what he had been dreaming of since the eigth grade- kiss Zoey Brooks.

With a huge sigh of excitement, Chase headed to his old dorm. Room 148. Chase, Michael, and James, it read. James... for some reason, Chase had a bad feeling about that guy. From what Michael and Logan told him on the phone and online, he seemed like a pretty cool guy, but there was still uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach that told him otherwise. Finally, he knocked on the door. A few moments later Michael opened the door.

"Surprise!" Chase held up his hands.

Michael's mouth dropped open, "Chase!" Without a thought, Michael tackled his friend.

"Chase?" Logan popped in the doorway, "Uh, what are you doing here?"

"My parents let me come back," Chase said, as he headed in the door.

"Um, dude, you might not want to go in there...," Michael said, grabbing him by the shoulder.

Logan made an attempt to block Chase from entering, "Chase, I'm warning you-"

But it was too late. Chase had entered his old room only to find Zoey asleep on the couch, with her head on handsome blond haired guy, that Chase assumed was James's shoulder. He was also sleeping. Maybe that's why they both jumped awake when Chase dropped his large suitcase and guitar with a loud THUMP!

Zoey squinted and sat up, "Chase?"

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