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Demyx has got a big secret…

Demyx's Secret

Demyx looked left and right, then turned and glanced at the door, it was closed. He sighed, finally alone.

Grabbing the computer mouse, he clicked on the internet icon, tapping his foot and glancing around as he waited for it to come up.

When it finally did, he typed up the URL to his favorite site rather quickly, as if someone might show up at any time. As the page loaded up, he kept the mouse ready to minimize. He had to be ready to hide the window. If anyone came in… he was screwed.

As soon as the window was done loading, he looked around again. Quick as he could, he logged in.

He went straight to the documents section and started uploading everything he had written in the past month. No one saw him, he would have to thank Kingdom Hearts later.

When he was finally done with that, he heard sound behind him. Jumping, he minimized the screen at lightning speed and spun around.

Axel was standing a few feet behind him, holding a book, looking just as surprised as the dirty blonde. "Sheesh! You scared me!" Axel yelped. Though, after a moment or so he seemed to be more composed. "Why're you so jumpy Dem? Were you looking at something you shouldn't?" Axel asked, mildly amused.

Demyx was still stiff as a board.

"Its okay, all of us look at porn Dem… well 'cept Larxene." Axel cringed at the thought of the sadistic woman doing just that. Then, he walked out of the library with the book he was holding.

Demyx, alone again, let out a breathe. "Pervert, I'm not like that." Demyx muttered, opening back up the window. He began converting his documents into stories.

'Character 1:' it said. Demyx typed up Axel's name.

'Character 2:' He typed up Roxas' name, giggling.

'summary:' He thought for a moment, then began filling out the box. 'AkuRoku, Lemon. The two have fun with ice-cream.'

Demyx laughed manically. "How I love writing fanfiction…" He broke out into another fit of giggles, then held his breathe to silence them. As soon as he submitted his story he closed the window, and turned off the computer.

Smiling, he jumped up, and semi-skipped off. So far, no one knew his secret, he was safe, happy. But if the Organization ever found out he wrote interesting stories about them and then put them on the internet, they would definitely kill him. They'd do more than that, he was sure of it.

But for now his secret was safe, and he could continue doing what he loved. At least, until one of them found out about fanfiction .net.