Title: Leave It To Fate

Summary: Based on the movie 'Serendipity', starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. Two people meet unexpectedly one night where love is unmistakeably in the air. But whether they ever meet each other again... is left to fate.

Author's Note: To those who haven't seen the movie, I won't spoil it for you, but don't be expecting a Seth/Summer reunion any time soon. They will be reunited... eventually. But anyway, I hope you enjoy this, and the more reviews I get, the faster I'll try and update!

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Well... not nothing, because I own most of the stuff in my room. And some of the stuff that isn't in my room. But where the O.C. and Serendipity are concerned, I own only the DVDs.

Music: Found A Way - Drake Bell

"I always thought it'd be too crazy but, I found a way"

"Oh my God Sum!" Marissa threw herself onto my couch dramatically, her hand falling over her forehead like all the melodramatic characters in the movies do. "I can't believe I did it. I can't believe I broke up with Luke! Oh my God, we've been together since fifth grade, or something! What if we were meant to be and I've just ended it? What if we were soul-mates or something, and I didn't realise?"

I rolled my eyes and dumped my bag on the floor, before closing the door and collapsing in one of the squishy chairs that we had in our living room. "I wouldn't say that Marissa... I don't think you can sit there and claim that he's the one person meant for you. And you're implying that there's some sort of fate somewhere, that'll ensure that you end up with him, no matter what you do. To be honest, if he was your soul-mate, things wouldn't have gone stale, would they? And so you wouldn't have broken up with him. Surely there's a lot of people that we can be happy with, and when we meet one of those people, we'll want to be with them forever."

"You honestly believe that Sum?" Marissa sat up and looked at me, and I could tell that she didn't fully believe me.

"Yeah. I do..." I nodded. I did. I may have believed in trivial things like fate, and karma once upon a time, but not anymore.

She raised an eyebrow and looked at me, crossing her arms over her chest as though she were unconvinced by me. "So who are you, and what have you done with my best friend?"

"What?" I asked, sitting up. So alright, I may have changed my beliefs without telling her exactly why, but people do that all the time. Hello, think about all the people that change religions. They change their minds. And it's not as though I was a diehard believer in fate anyway. I believed in it's existence, but I didn't think that it completely controlled our lives.

"You! You used to always go on about how if we let our loved things go, they'd come back to us, and how if things were meant to be, they'd happen again. Just think about that guy! That guy you met about five years ago. You totally denied yourself the opportunity of getting to know a guy who sounds great, because you thought that if it was meant to be, fate would bring you back together!"

Ugh, I hate it when Marissa has a point.

I shook my head. "Yeah, sure. I believed that then. But I no longer believe in that sort of thing. I grew out of it."

"You grew out of it? Or maybe you stopped believing it when Zach asked you to marry him and you realised that you were chasing a dream that wouldn't ever come true? That you and this guy weren't going to meet again, and that you had to face that?" My best friend looked at me with a triumphant expression on her face, as though she'd just made some magnificent point. She hadn't.

I rolled my eyes, shaking my head. "Of course not."

Okay, so that thought had crossed my mind when Zach had proposed. And I know it's totally wrong, and I know that if I was even thinking about somebody else, then maybe Zach and I weren't the perfect match. But I couldn't help it. That night had had an impact on me, and no matter how much I try to fight it, I still wonder whether I did the right thing by leaving it to fate.

I mean... maybe I did. Maybe the absence of that ten dollar bill was the work of fate. Maybe we weren't meant to meet again. But if that were the case, surely I would have forgotten about it? Surely I wouldn't still be sitting here, five years on, still thinking about what could have been.

But I'd figured that it was natural. I'd left it open, and would never know what could have been. But still, Zach wanted to marry me. And he was there, now, and not just some guy that I'd met one time in New York and was still thinking about. I loved Zach. I did. I do...

"Summer, I know you. And I know that while you wouldn't necessarily lead Zach on intentionally, you could be doing it unintentionally," Riss said, shrugging as though she knew something that I didn't. As if.

"I'm not leading him on Marissa. I just..." I shrugged. Marissa was, and had been my best friend for years. If I couldn't confide in her, then who could I confide in? Nobody. "Okay, well I love Zach. But I often think about this guy... Seth. And even though it was five years ago, I can still remember everything he said, and remember what he looked like... and while it's weird for me to do that when I'm happily engaged..."

Marissa looked at me, and I knew that she was listening intently and was going to be there for me whatever the hell I said next.

"Don't get me wrong Marissa, I love Zach. But I sometimes wish that that night between me and Seth had been more final. I know it was my fault, but leaving it open like that has meant that I've spent five years wondering what could have been. And that's no way to live." I said, not actually thinking about the words that were coming out of my mouth.

My best friend leaned forward and put her hand on my arm reassuringly. "Look, I love you Sum. You're my best friend. And I know that you would not still be thinking about this guy Seth unless he was special."

I rolled my eyes again, tilting my head back on the seat and staring up at the swirly patterns on the ceiling. "I guess the only thing that I wish I could do is meet him again. Just to see whether what I'm remembering is all true. Just to ensure that my imagination isn't fabricating things. Just to be confident that I'm doing the right thing in marrying Zach." I saw the look of surprise in her eyes when I said that; maybe she hadn't even considered that I might want to break off the engagement as a result of meeting it (though honestly, neither had I until I said it). "I think I am! I just have to be sure."

Marissa took a deep breath and sat back, rubbing her hand across her face. "Well Summer, I totally understand..." Her eyes suddenly became lit with something, and I could tell that she'd had an idea of some sort. "So, if it means that it'll be some sort of end to all of this, why don't we go back to New York? Tell Zach that we're going there as a last trip with us both being unmarried - "

I laughed; this idea was actually quite a good one. "Except with you, it'll be the first trip being single, and hopefully not the last trip with you being unmarried."

She rolled her eyes, but the smile on her face was still there. "Fine! Gosh, you're so fussy sometimes. Okay, so we'll tell Zach that we're going back to New York on your last trip being unmarried and my first trip being single and hopefully not my last being unmarried - though that wastes way more breath - and then we'll go and see if we can find him. And if we do..."

"Then I'll be able to put it all to rest," I finished for her.

"And if we don't..."

"Then I'll decide that it wasn't meant to be, and then put it all to rest," I finished once again, ending the sentence with a nod.

Marissa nodded, grinning. "If I had a glass right now, I'd propose a toast, but I don't, so there's that idea out of the window."

Feeling slightly more settled about the whole thing, I smiled back at her as two lights swept across the room, telling me that Zach was home and pulling into the driveway. "So are you feeling better about this whole Luke thing?"

"I guess so. I mean, I was just postponing the inevitable, right? I wasn't happy in that relationship five years ago, so it's beyond me why I was still in that same relationship." Marissa seemed to brighten slightly, and I guess what I'd been trying to say to her for years had finally sunk in. "I mean, there has to be someone better out there for me, right Summer?"

I nodded vigourously. "Absolutely. I just know there is. And hey, he could be right around the corner."

Marissa laughed and slumped back down on the couch. "If he is, can you tell him to stop hiding around the damn corner and show himself? It's sort of scary, the prospect of being totally single."

The front door opened and Zach walked into the living room, his face breaking out into a grin when he spotted both me and Marissa sitting in the living room.

"Hey!" He beamed, putting his stuff down next to my bag, and walking over to kiss me. Then he kissed Marissa on the cheek (his usual greeting) and sat down next to her. "Am I interrupting a Girls Night In?"

The girl opposite me shook her head, and turned to my fiancé. "Not really. We're just discussing my very recent break up with Luke."

"Wow. So you broke up with him then?" Zach said, the note of surprise evident in his voice.

I nodded, smiling. "That she did."

They both began talking then, and I sat back and listened to them. I was sure that I was doing the right thing. Sure that marrying Zach was right.

I felt a lump in my jean pocket and put a hand in, pulling out the paper that was in there, and disclosing a ten dollar note. I bit my lip and carefully unscrunched it, glancing casually at both sides.

No number.

Okay... I was almost sure that I was doing the right thing. Almost.