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The Wild Horse of Love

A Ranma 1/2 / SM crossover

Chapter Two - A new name, a new future and old tradition.


Somewhere in the dark realm the Dark Kingdom general Jadeite's second in command Danburite sat on his office, his underling knelt reverently before him. He looked at his underling that was kneeling before him and spoke in a cold tone that send chill down the spine of his every minion, "Why isn't there any life energy we needed to open the door for our Mistress?"

"Lord Danburite, you have to understand that our plans was perfect until -- "

"Until that that 'vigilante', Sailor V showed up and blew everything off, am I right? Well my dear inferiors I don't really need to teach you again that everything that tries to prevent our Mistress from coming back must be eliminated, don't I..." he paused for a moment, his eyes gleaming in a dangerous glow. Without failing the Youmas immediately became paler than usual, some of them even wet their pants as they knelt down and begged for mercy.

"Now Tierra I will give you another chance to redeem yourself, report what you had planned!"

"Yes -- Yes I understand my lord! Through reports it seems that girls nowadays are becoming more and more determinate to get cute and smart boyfriends. My plan is that we make use of this to gather more energy for Mistress Metallia and Queen Beryl."

"Very well then, proceed to whatever you had planned!"



Back to the Saotome Resident


"MOM!" startled Ranma as her heart nearly popped out from her chest.

"Ranma-chan! What a surprise, I thought you preferred to stay with the Tendos?"

"Well... you see mom I... I..." said Ranma sheepishly while feeling lucky she just cleaned up all the Seppuku mass.

"Ranma!" Nodoka Saotome crossed her arm, "Attitude like that is not manly, so SPEAK UP!"

Ranma was still unsure about what to say, but when she look at Artemis that hide under the table, Artemis simply just gave her a nod for encouragement. Ranma took a deep breath and said, "Isortofannulledalltheengagement!"

"Speak slowly Ranma!"

"Gomen! I... I sort of annulled all the engagement!" said Ranma nervously

"Ranma I presume you have your reason?"

"I am sort of permanently stuck as a girl, so I decided it won't be a good idea to continue the engagement."

"I see... Well I guess since it is not your fault you gained the curse..."

"Mom... did you mean that I don't need to uphold the suppuku pledge!"

"Yes, you don't need to uphold the pledge!"

"Thanks mom you are the greatest!" Ranma hugged her mother.

"Don't thank me, first it doesn't mean I can't uphold another pact I made with your father." Strangely the Saotome Matriarch face had a mysterious smirk.

"Huh! There is 'another' pact!" said a surprised Ranma as she pulled herself away from the older woman.

"Yes! But first, before I tell you what is that pact about, tell me if I give you another chance will you go though the engagement again?"

"The answer is absolutely no! I wouldn't give a damn to that kind of chance even my life depended on it."

"Ranma, you better watch your language if you don't want to get yourself grounded for your next ten months." threatened The Saotome Matriarch.

"Sorry mom!" said the red head sheepishly.

"You are forgiven for this time, young lady. Now back to business Ranma, if I give you another way to salvage the Saotome honor without you having to commit seppuku, will you take it?" Nodoka asked with death serious tone.

"I... I will take it, I guess."

"Well then, now listen here my child, I as the Matriarch of Saotome clan hereby disown my son Ranma from the Saotome clan..."

"Mo... Mom!?!" Ranma said in disbelief trying to figure out what she had done to deserve this kind of treatment. Tears began to moist her eyes.

"Now don't just jump into conclusion first, wait 'till I finish young lady! As the head of Aino clan I now declare my daughter Ranma Aino!" after finish her declare Nodoka give Ranma a playful smirk. "So Ranma-chan, how do you like the new family name?"

"Mom, did I ever mention you are the best!" Ranma gave a gentle bear hug to the Saotome Matriarch.

"I know!" as the older woman smirked.

Suddenly Ranma recalled something, "Wait a second mom, what about pop? What will he say about this!"

"Simple, he will say nothing since it was his idea." state Nodoka plainly.

"What? Ho-how?"

"I won't go into details but it goes something like this; before you were born, we sort of had the agreement that if the child was a boy it would be a Saotome, otherwise it will be an Aino. As an Aino I expect you to be a woman among woman! I expect you to wear proper dress and learn some proper lady manner." unnoticed by Nodoka the white cat that hid under the table smirked at that comment about woman among woman.

"MOM!!" protest Ranma.

"If I don't see you wear proper dress by tomorrow, I will make sure you will complete that sex education course in both male and female."

Squeaking in terror, Ranma ran over to Nodoka and grabbed her arm, hauling her out of the room.

"What should we wear tomorrow!" the redhead exclaimed on the way, Nodoka Saotome just smirked in delight.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----


Next morning Nerima Mall


The former Saotome male who was now an Aino female was simply embarrassed. No, actually 'embarrassed' was a understatement, 'humiliated' was more like it for her current predicament. And the white moon cat laughing his head off was not helping much, too. If glaring could kill the moon cat would have had a thousand holes on him by now, as Ranma's eyes were the angriest ever. Still it was no use since the cat was laughing too hard to notice anything. Ranma was currently wearing a pink dress, with a red butterfly bow so big that it became visible even with her scarlet hair. Her mother said that it was tradition that every Aino woman wore the butterfly bow as a good luck charm until the day she got married. However Ranma still looked ridiculous, even with Nodoka skillful make-up.


Flash back


"Ranma-chan, as promised today we are going to perform the Aino tradition to prove an Aino female is womanly enough to graduate as a woman." the Saotome Matriarch drug the embarrassed Ranma to the mall.

"What is the tradition of the Aino?" asked Ranma carefully, she had the worst feeling about this so-called traditional way of Aino with her mother as example.

Ignoring Ranma's question the older woman asked the red head girl, "You do want to become an Aino adult, don't you?"

"Yes but..."

"Very well then Ranma, as an Aino woman you are honor bound to get a cute boy by the end of the day to prove that you are an adult!"


"That was not all Ranma-chan, if you fail in this test you will have to go though the Aino lady's behavior training trip. Happy boy hunting Ranma- chan, see you at six!" as the Saotome Matriarch leaving a facefaulting Ranma behind to go for some shopping.


End flash back


"Damn it Artis, stop laughing and help me!"

"*Ahem* the name is Artemis."

"Fine A-r-t-e-m-i-s, happy now? Now tell me how on earth am I going to find a boy to satisfy mom? If I am not mistaken you are my advisor, now is your time to perform!"

"Duh! (Artemis rolled his eyes) I am just magical adviser not a god! So how on earth am I going to teach you how to chase boys! Beside, do I look like a girl to you?"

"Bu-but couldn't you turn into a human or something, I watched many cartoon in where magical creature had another form."

"Well I do have a human form but --" before the moon cat managed to finish Ranma knee down in front of him and beg.

"Artemis helped me please! I rather fight a Youma or been killed by it than let anyone see me like this!"

"-- Let me finished first! But I only can maintain the human form for one minute since my power is pretty weak due to having been newly awakened, and I doubt your mother would believe it, so sorry kiddo can't help much!"

"What make you think mom won't believe?"

"Simple, because surely your mom won't believe that a good looking manly hunk like me would became your boyfriend would cha?"

Ranma rolled her eyes and then gave the white moon cat a look that said 'you need some check up at the mental hospital'. However, returning back to the situation at hand, she couldn't help but feel depressed, so she began to wail in a way that would made Soun so proud he would declare Ranma his heir in wail department.

"Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! I am surely going to be tortured by mom when I get home!"

The white cat formed a small sweatdrop and sighed, "Ranma, I think you can pick up boys by at least talking with them!"

"Hey! That was a good idea thanks Apollo!"


"Ops! Sorry Artemis! Now let's start 'Operation Boys Hunt'"

"If I didn't read her profile... I swear that this girl does that on purpose to annoy the hell out of me!"

One hour later

"Ranma! I think that the method you used was wrong."

"Huh? Why Artemis, it was your bright idea that I should talk to boys first."

"Yes, but..." taking a deep breath the Moon cat continued, "...PUNCHING ANY BOYS IN THEIR FACE WHEN THEY TRIED TO TOUCH YOU WON'T HELP MUCH FOR YOUR BOY HUNT, YOU KNOW!"

"Gomen! Art -- Artemis but I can't help it, every time I come in contact with a male in my girl form, I sort of like have the reflex to pound them into LEO."

"Ranma, Ranma I wonder if you will ever pass the Aino family test."

"Shuddup Artemis, I know I can surely get a cute boy somewhere, because Ranma Sao... no Aino, never loses in whatever situation." As she began to pool up her confidence that is usually used for battle.

"Ranma, it seems you confused yourself about the situation we are currently facing." the moon cat formed another sweat droplet.

"Heh You! Do you want a date?" asked Ranma challengingly for a 'date'.

*Your highness! This girl is really helpless! Of all people why had you send me as her guardian and advisor?* However the moon cat doubted that even Queen Serenity could answer that question.

Two hour later an even more depressed red haired girl was sitting in the middle of a rather remote area in Nerima Mall.

"I give up Artis-chan!" the Aino girl sighed in defeated.

Although annoyed by his charge constant naming him wrongly, he knew it was his job to cheer her up, "Now! Now! Don't give up so soon, I think there is still hope for you to get a boyfriend before the dead-line, all you need to do it try harder with the correct method."

"/sigh/ I just wish that there are boyfriend on hire!"

"Don't be silly there is no..." Artemis voice died off when he saw a big notice on the advertise board.

"'Searching for your dream prince? Come quickly to Dark Love Match Making Agency, we garantee that we can provide the cutest guy you ever seen before!'" Ranma read the advertisement out loud, she turn her head toward the white moon cat and asked sarcastically, "You were saying something?"


"Dark Love Agency. Hmmm looks like I get the correct place! Come on Artis, lets go and get a cute boy to show mom!"

In front of them lay a shop that was packed, in state of Match Making Agency it had became more like a supermarket sales were lots of teenage girls were lining up within trying to get a cute boyfriend.

"Ranma I think..." As Artemis was cut short when Ranma stuffed him into her bag and ventured happily toward the door, picturing how surprised her mom would be seeing the cute boy with her.

Just when she was entering into the shop she froze as a familiar voice raised behind her back.

"What do you think you are going Miss Aino?"

"Er... Hi mom!" said Ranma nervously as she turned her head to face a fuming Nodoka.


Back to the Saotome Resident


"Aww! Man, I can't believe mom failed me and ground me to read all these stupid poem books. I mean, how could she torture her only son like this!"

"I thought you had get over your manhood problem already?"

"Shutup Artis and get to the point! I need to finish all these books before mom comes back!"

"Don't need to be cranky just because you did something wrong. I just contacted command center and had confirmation that the shop we went to was radiating strange dark energy, there are also some reports that many girls that went there looking for a boyfriend seem having acquired strange behaviors."

"Then what are we waiting for? Lets go and kick some Youma butt!"


"Ranma, what are you waiting for? Lets go in and bust whatever Youma might be there!" asked the irritated white cat as he noticed his charge hesitating to move when they were about to reach their destination point.

"I just remembered something Artis... and I think it won't be a good idea for me to go in again!"

"What is more important than to investigate the enemy activity?"

"My mom's punishment! She said that if she ever found me go to such improper place again she will give me a special lecture about Lady's behavior, PERSONALLY instate of books!" Ranma could help but imagined how horrible her mom would do in her special treatment.

"Ok, Ok, I get your point I guess, all you need is a disguise! Here, hold your crescent moon compact and shout 'Crescent Moon Power! Transform!' and say whatever it is you wishe to be."

"Cool! I always wondered when could I get such items like the mangas I read! Now here we go Crescent Moon Power! Transform me into a nerdy girl!"

After a brief moment for the change to occur, she inspected herself with the mirror in the crescent compact. Now stood in front of Artemis was a girl with orange hair tied in twin pigtail, she wore an old school uniform with big large glasses hanging on her face making a rather cute but nerdy impression out of her. "Damn, I'm good looking even as a nerd!"

Artemis fromed a small sweatdrop as he saw his charge looking like an idiot standing in the middle of the road looking in the mirror while laughing in a rather crazed way. "Stop admiring yourself and get going! We have to some Youma's businesses to investigate!"

Quickly they made their entrance into the Dark Love Match Making Agency and found it still packed with girls like there were sales. Entering, Ranma could tell something was not right. The whole place was lacking of aura. Looking around Ranma could see that many girls were from her school, their aura too was drained up and they look pretty tired. A woman wearing black business suit that identified her as an agent of the place confronted her. "Welcome to Dark Love Match Making Agency. Lets have a seat and we can discuss what type of boy you like!" With that, she handed Ranma an arrow like pen that signifying the grand opening of Dark Love Match Making Agency.

Instantly, Ranma felt her life energy was draining from her. Immediately her only conclusion was the shop had something to do with the Dark Kingdom. Thinking about how this would affect her friend, Ranma went into action as she pulled out her Transformation Pen and shouted out her transformation words.

"Venus! Power! Transform!"

After transforming, Sailor V launched her personal pose -- that she had no idea why she was doing -- to the waitress, "Code name is Sailor V! Because of you I have seen hell. For causing me to be grounded by my mother! I will personally kick your ass!"

Tierra laughed and quickly shed her disguise. She couldn't believe this girl with stupid speech, not mention weird get up, had had managed to disturb her plans. "So you are the infamous Sailor V, to think that a girl with such ridiculous sense of fashion, not to mention Tomboy, can stop me!"

She then started throwing arrow-like pens at Sailor V. Sailor V wanted to laugh, however her danger sense was telling her otherwise and she had learned to trust her danger sense after years spending with an idiot case for a father. Without hesitating she dodged the pens and found a large hole was where she previously were standing. *Well I guess one thing comes good out this Youma's attack, the construction companies will never run out of job.* Thought V as more and more damage all over as she dodged the Youma's attacks.

"Why you, sailor brat would you stand still!" the Youma was angry since she couldn't get a single hit on Sailor V.

"Why, a slow poke old hag Tomboy like you can't land a single hit on me even if her life depends on it!"

"OLD HAG! TOMBOY! Why you tasteless fashion sense idiot dare to call me a tomboy! I will get you for this! Take this Sailor Brat, Cupid Vengeance Attack!" as she gathered all the arrows like pens and formed a large arrow releasing it toward Sailor V direction.

Sailor V immediate conclusion was to dodge however, but when she was about to jump away a figure stopped her. It was Nabiki laying on the floor just behind of her. But that moment's hesitation cost her dearly as the arrow struck right though her stomach. V nearly screamed in pain, but she held on due to her martial artist training, not to mention her ego would never let her show any weakness toward her enemy. *Oh crap!* She forced herself to stand up as she charged up her aura to heal the wounds.

"How is it to be hit by 'an OLD Hag?' sailor brat?" teased the Youma as she satisfied with the look of pain on her enemy.

"Never felt better..." reply V sarcastically. *Damn! Think Ranma, think how to get away from this sticky situation when the Saotome Final Attack is not an option anymore!*

Suddenly she recalled another Saotome Final Attack her father taught her during her training other than the regular Saotome Final Attack. She smiled in confidence preparing for the attack.

"Alright Youma-baka it's time for you to taste the might of my Sailor V secret techniques! Behold the true terror of Sailor V Final Attack edition two..." as she raised her index finger and pointed at the Tierra. Without hesitation Tierra went into a defensive stands and prepare her owned attack to counter.

"Look there's a UFO!" shouted V suddenly causing a major facefault by a white moon cat that was hiding observing the battle. *there is no way the Youma will fall for it!*

To his surprise the Youma actually looked behind and asked, "Where? Where? Where is the UFO? Always wanted to see UFO!"

"Crescent Beam!!" she cried loudly, as she opened the crescent moon compact mirror. From V's mirror a glowing spark of magical energies charged up, and then was fired off at an incredible speed, revealing Tierra's true form before destroying the youma. As the evil creature slumped to the ground it last words were, "How... could Tomboy... like her... destroy me?" Then the youma turned to dust, leaving behind a large pool of smelly liquid.

"What is that Artis? It sure stinks!" asked V as she pinches her nose to avoid the smell.

"Those smell is a poison V, use your compact to clean it by shouting 'Venus Power! Love Crescent Shower! Come Down!'"

"Roger! Venus Power! Love Crescent Shower! Come Down!" After Sailor V said those words she glowed in silver light that cleaned up the air and the dark pit of liquid that the Youma left, while healing the victims.


Nabiki was having a bad day; first she had just found out that her biggest cash cow by the name of Ranma had left the dojo after Akane cheated on him. Not that Nabiki blamed the poor fellow or nothing, since she knew her sister treated that Saotome cursed boy like some sort of dirt. Secondly after losing such a big cash cow she decided to relax at the mall for a little, however as typical Tendo's lucks as she called it she found a very suspicious strange shop. As a part time investigator Nabiki Tendo decided to investigate the shop, unfortunately she get nailed by the demon, or monster, or whatever it is, Youma as soon as the thing knew she was suspicious. Now she was having the largest headache ever since her police Academic Training. Suddenly she felt her whole body filled with energy, she opened her eyes quickly and saw a strange masked girl wearing a fuku like armor. For some reason she could not get to see her face clearly, the only image she could get was the girl in front of her was had very long red hair with a large red butterfly bow tied at the end of her pigtail? The girl seemed to be talking to herself, but as soon as she noticed Nabiki watching her she jumped toward the roof and disappeared. Nabiki couldn't help but wonder if she could meet the strange girl again.


"Well Artis that was cool tool, so why haven't you tell me that the compact can do that?"

"Simple this is because you don't need that function of the compact until recently."

"Hey! That was not fair! How could you! I though we are partners?"

"Yeah! But you see…I sort of just remember that function so…" as the white moon cat scratch his head in embarrass.

"Artemis you are really…" Ranma's voice dies off, as she sudden feel the light at the surround area seems to be dimmer. She turned around slowly hoping it was her imagination however goddess of fate don't seems to like her that much as her mother stood behind her equiped with her trusty Kantana. Instate of her normal serene expression now she wear a mask of cool anger. Squinted in fear Ranma tries to stay calm as she put on a fake smile and greet her mother, "Hi Mom…nice weather for a walk don't you think?"

"Indeed it is a nice weather my child…" As Nodoka slowly change her angry smile toward a cool smile and continue, "I think it is such a nice weather for you start your lesson now!" as she reveal a thick book by the title of 9999 hell like steps to be a true lady.

Ranma decide to do something she did really often she scream.


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