I just heard a bit of Coldplay's "Fix You," which kind of tugged at my heart. Here's a highly unedited ditty I just came up with.

The Story:

After Jesse was born into his new life, mere months had passed in happiness before his life was taken again so suddenly that it struck Suze hard and left her practically for dead. Lost in her misery, she begins to deteriorate before everyone's eyes. Paul, who still hasn't fallen out of love with her, is torn by her obvious pain. He knew how much she loved him. This is from his point of view, trying to do all he can to fix her…

- Fix You -

Fire always fades
To ember
Forbidden to forget,
But forced to remember.

The death was quick
As best deaths are.
For him, it was painless.
But you will scar.

It's never going to be the same.

And I'm sorry.


Because it tears my heart
When angels fall
There's nothing to lose
When you've lost it all.

Your hours pass
In numbing grey
It hurts to cry
But more to pray.

You think he turned his back on you.

Left you here...


Those three words
Must stay unspoken.
What was once whole
Now lies broken.

You know how I feel
But you don't believe.
That's all right.
I'm not naive.

Just please...let me try to fix you.

I'm begging you.


I know he's someone
I can't replace.
The most I can offer
Is some solace.

You're starting to slip
And I'm by your side.
I feel you dying
As we collide.

Come back to me, the girl I love.

Where is she?


I'm desperate now.
Will you be saved?
Or will pain keep
Your mind enslaved?

I-I can't f-find her...
Did she die with him?


Now no one can have her...