Headquarters, Voltera Italy June 20, 2008

Bronze hair glimmered in the hallway lights as the tall, well muscled figure walked to the room. Upon entering the room, he gazed around the large and spacious study. Bookshelves lined the walls in dark Mahogany and a deep cherry wood desk sat in the center. Large black leather couches were placed around in an elegant fas fashion . His gaze then landed on the people within the room.

His best friends and accomplices.

A tall, beautiful, blond haired man was standing next to one of the couches which held an equally tall and beautiful woman who looked similar to the man.

Next to the woman sat a very muscular man that looked like a weight lifter and a bit intimidating at first impression.

A small, pixy like girl with black, spiky, hair was seated on the couch as well, closest to the blond man.

The bronze haired man sat down in one of the couches across from where everyone else was.

"Were you all called in here too?"

The small pixy like girl smiled, her eyes containing a twinkle in them.

"Actually, you were the only one who was called in. We just came because we wanted to see your reaction."

The man groaned before turning toward the study door as it opened and a tall, handsome blond haired man walked into the room.

The man surveyed the group in the room before resting his gaze on the bronze haired man and smiled.

"Ah, Edward, I'm glad you came," he said before going to sit behind his desk.

It was silent for a moment before the big burly man spoke.

"So, Aro, what have you got for our dear, loveable Eddy here that has Alice so excited? And how come she knows about what's going on and we don't?"

The pixy like girl, Alice, laughed at the bigger man.

"That's because Alice is Edward'ssister Emmett. I figured she should know about this first before anyone else," Aro said in a deep voice that seemed to have a slight edge to it.

Emmett shrugged hislargeshoulders before wrapping one of his arms around the beautiful blond sitting next to him.

Aro reached into one of his desk drawers and pulled out an envelope.

Edward eyed the envelope with slightly wide eyes, in both anticipation and fear.

"What I hold in my hands Edward is, what you could call, a sort of birthday gift to you," Aro said with a smirk.

Edward hesitantly got up out of his seat and walked over to the desk.

"Now, you know you're the best person I have when it comes to getting information and being discrete. I think this could be your big break."

Edward stared at the folder that contained some sort of information.

"Sir, I'm sorry to tell you this, but, I've been meaning to tell you that I was thinking about leaving. Possibly find a new profession," he said in a confident and deep voice, ignoring the looks he was receiving from his family and friends.

Aro sighed and placed the folder on the table and pushed it towards him.

"I'll tell you what Edward. You complete this task, you will receive double your normal pay, and, this will be the last task you ever have to do again. I promise," Aro said with a smile, though, it didn't reach his eyes.

Edward thought about it for a moment before picking up the folder and opening it, listening to Aro's instructions.

"Here is your objective: to find and get as much information as possible from the target in a time span of a week. He is in league with a secret group in Seattle that deals with drugs. He's fairly new so this should be simple to do. They were last reported to be purchasing a plane ticket to the Caribbean for a week. Your plane leaves in seven hours so I would suggest that you get packing after this. You're hotel information is in that folder. You will also have a car for yourself. Once you have acquired the needed information, you will leave for Seattle. There, you will meet up with Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper who will tell you your next step. Once everything is set and done, you will be a free man."