The Art of Theft
Chihaya x Jill – It's a proven fact you shouldn't talk to your biggest crush whilst wearing a dress. Even if it was a bet.


I knew it was all downhill when Luke entered the café.

I mean, sure, he's an okay guy, but if he's any indication of how a good friend should act then declare me friendless. But of course, I'm watching him as he strolls towards the counter, humming a tune. His face has a smug grin— and I know that look all too well.

Like the time Luke dared Ose to dance the Macarena in front of the whole town. On the day of the cow festival. Wearing a cow costume. Everyone laughed, sure, but they weren't laugh with him, oh no.

I know his smug grin all too well, and it kills me that he has that look while staring me down. He approaches slowly, and I debate weather running for the kitchens or ducking behind the counter. It was too late however. He saw me.

"Chihaya, my main man," he coos as he orders hot milk. I raise my eyebrow and slowly begin preparing the hot liquid, pondering if I should add the Cayenne. My chef-skills go against it, and I curse myself silently. "How've you been?" he adds after a long pause, sitting down on the chair and making himself comfortable.

I place the cup of milk on the table, and lean over the counter. He sips it slowly, and I can't take it anymore.

"…Luke, what the hell do you want?"

"Oh, potty-mouth Chihaya. We've got to wash that mouth with some soap."

I glare at him. I should have put the Cayenne in his cup. The look he gives me while taking long sips is nerve-racking.

"Alrighty then— you think I came here with a purpose…" he starts, and it is then when I notice he's carrying a big box in his left hand. It's sealed with a pink bow, and it's white as snow. I immediately focus on the box, wondering what's inside. "…And I did. You're as smart as you let on." he finishes.

"And you're as still as dumb. How is that working for you?"

"Geez, tone it down with the insults, okay? Otherwise I won't tell you why I came here…"

"You do realize I don't care any which way or another?"


My head spun as I glanced down at the box once more. "Alright, you've got five seconds."

Luke's face instantly brightened, and he swung the last bit of hot milk down his mouth, wiping his hand with the back of his hand. I cringed in disgust as I picked up the dainty cup, running it over a nearby faucet.

"Mai tells me you're in dire need of money."

I stop cleaning off the cup, and place two angry eyes on him. Imagine the intensity of the big, adorable purple eyes that couldn't scare off pieces of wood. My outer appearance, I had to admit, was drastically different from my personality. My peach hair was set on top of my pale face, spawning wildly and held back only by a couple of barrettes. My soft amethyst eyes twinkle in the summer sun, and my clothes consist of my original waiter uniform.

Oh yeah, I looked mean.

"How does she know?" I finally answer.

"Same way everyone else basically knows."

I sigh. It was true that my café wasn't doing as good as it could have been, but I figured it okay. I could buy supplies, and serve happy costumers. I stared down at the faucet as I realized that was the only thing I could do; I had no surpluses. My curious eyes found his. "What are you saying?"

"Well, I've got five-thousand gold with your name on it."

My eyes widened. Never did it come across me how did he come up with the money, nor what he had to do to get it. All I felt at that moment was greed. I needed that money.

"What do you propose?" I mumble, and my eyes flicker towards the box for a millisecond.

"Oh, nothing much. Tell me Chihaya, when is the biggest day of the year for this tiny café?"

"Summer the seventeenth. It's unofficially 'date night' where couples can come and have a good time." I automatically react. I've trained myself to do this long ago.

"Good, good. I wasn't expecting any less from you. Anyway… have you met the new farmer?" he says suddenly, and I blank out.

"I don't know what you're talking about." New farmer?

"The granddaughter of the old farmer is a hottie. She's gonna take over the farm two days from now. Haven't you heard the news?"

It was true news spread rather quickly in this small, forgotten town, but it never did travel fast enough to get to me. Frankly, I didn't care for anything related to the village. Just anything pertaining to me. I quickly glanced at the calendar, scanning slowly for the date. It was summer the fourteenth. Date night was less than three days away.

"Yeah, so?" I grumble, still staring at the calendar.

He shakes his head and laughs. "You're so clueless."

"What's in the box?" I finally ask.

"Thank Harvest Goddess you finally said it. I was beginning to doubt your super skills, Chiyo."

I cringe. "Don't call me that."

"Chiyo." He states utterly, and with a quick swift of his hand, lifts up the box onto the counter and opens it. A mess of fabric pops out, and it takes me no less than two seconds to realize it's a dress. It's a beautiful dress at that, with all its pinkness and frills; it came just below the knee. It had a gorgeous bodice, the color of magenta.

I'm still as confused as ever however. "Do you want me to deliver it or what?"

"…On your body, yes."

Awkward silence fills the empty café as I stare at Luke, disbelieving. I shake my head and laugh. It was my turn to have a little fun. "I know it's a little late in our relationship Luke but… are you gay?"

He fakes laughter and pulls out the dress for me to see. "I want you, Chiyo, to wear this."

My eyes widen. He grins.

"On date night."


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