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Summary: Ichigo is betrayed, the Gotei 13 find out he is a Vizard and attempt to apprehend and destroy him! What happens when everyone except Yoruichi turns on him? In Yoruichi's mind, there's only one way to help him...she has to become like him. [YoruIchi

Warnings: YoruIchi, don't like, don't read. Possible Mature themes and mentions of rape in later chapters, Blood and gore is sure to be included. Also the thought process of one or two very demented current and former 12th squad taichous is likely to be included.

"Come on Ichi-kun! Just let it out, see?" A blue light and a mountain of Reiatsu was what followed that statement, and then a heavily tanned fist blew through a boulder in the training area underneath the Urahara Shoten. Pebbles flew all over the are they were at, as she shunpo flash stepped next to the aforementioned 'Ichi-kun'.

"You seem to forget I am absolutely terrible at Kidou! I'm good at Zanjutsu and, thanks to you, Hohou. But I am terrible at Kidou and I know next to nothing when it comes to Hakuda! I'm trying as hard as I can!" The orange-haired Vizard cried to his purple-haired training partner. Not even noticing that he was secretly enjoying the backless black halter-top she was currently sporting. Although he would never admit it, much less to her, even if he did figure it out.

The shapeshifting female grinned to herself. 'He didn't even notice that I called him Ichi-kun', she thought. She could honestly care less if he learned this fast, or even at all. She just wanted to spend time with the intriguing half-hollow.

"That's the point here! To teach you Hakuda, to have you practice Kidou, and eventually learn Shunko." She smirked to herself as she reminded him why they were down there.

"But that'll take forever!" He whined out loud. Internally, he was hoping she wouldn't care.

"So? We're not in any rush are we?"

Ichigo internally pumped a fist in triumph.

"No. But do you really want to spend all day, and possibly all week, alone with boring old me?" He asked her carefully, wondering how she would respond.

"There is nothing I could want more than to spend a week alone with you...preferably without as many clothes as we have on now. And you're anything but boring." She replied, raising an eyebrow and smiling to herself as her strawberry blushed. 'Wait...my strawberry? What the hell? Sure, I love to tease him, and I'm very interested in seeing him as more than just a friend, but to claim him like that?' Deciding to ignore it, she shrugged it off and went back to teaching him Shunko.

"Ugh...the world will end before I get this right..." Ichigo muttered just loud enough so that Yoruichi could hear him.

"Oh don't be so negative Ichi-kun, you'll get it right before you know it!" She beamed at him cheerfully. He sighed heavily and over-dramatically in response.

"Oh alright Yoruichi, I guess I can survive a few more tries." In his mind though, Ichigo knew he would do whatever he could to spend time with her, and make her proud of him. It was something he craved. It waslike a drug, and the cliche part was, he didn't even know it.

Similarly, Yoruichi knew that even when she was done teaching him this, she would find some other reason to bring him down here and spend time with him. No matter what the reason, she just liked having him near.

Breaking off from the staring session, Ichigo dashed at a boulder some 20 feet away, trying to channel his Kidou as he threw a punch at it. The boulder stood strong, but both him and Yoruichi noticed the small spark of reiatsu that flew from his curled fist. Yoruichi smiled in triumph, knowing he was getting the hang of it. Similarly Ichigo noticed it and the odd feeling in his fist, he mentally jumped in triumph as he noticed Yoruichi smiling at him proudly, quickly deciding that he would do whatever it took to see that smile on Yoruichi's face. Without a word he Shunpo flash stepped back next to his training partner and charged back at the boulder, his hand was going to hurt like hell after this. But seeing that smile...

Yeah, it was definitely worth it.

Charge after charge, spark after spark of reiatsu flew from his fist, gradually growing in size. It was going to take a while before he mastered shunko, or even learned to do it correctly. But was he ever going to try.

Dust flew in his wake as he hit the boulder yet again, managing to chip a sizable block of stone off of it. He noticed Yoruichi smiling at him, and he then he knew he wasn't going to be leaving the training area for quite a while.

Slowly he noticed, as he started to control Kidou better, that Hakuda kept naturally coming to him. Although that was to be expected, seeing as how he was charging at this damned boulder endlessly with the entrancing voice of the flash goddess calling out to him on what he was doing wrong and how to do it right. 'This might not be a lost cause after all...' the thought to himself as he charged at it again, only this time, he felt a tingling up his arm and across his back as he hit the boulder, a small reiatsu flare visible engulfing the outside of his fist before quickly dissipating. A sizable dent in the rock visible where his hand had hit it. He glanced back to Yoruichi to ask if that was what was supposed to happen, only to see her smirk and nod at him. Golden eyes glinting in pride, the familiar hint of lust she always held when looking at him, and another, unidentifiable emotion. He decided to leave that one alone and continued to do his best to pull the pride out, unknowingly making the second one stronger as well.

Neither knew just how much time they'd be spending together, but they were grateful for what they got, and neither of them knew they'd be getting a lot more of it soon enough.

On second thought, neither of them wanted to know, seeing as how the reason wasn't exactly under the best of circumstances.


Kuchiki Rukia snapped her eyes open as a gloved hand snapped over her face. Her muffled scream remaining unheeded as a needle pierced into her neck. She felt the hand over her mouth loosen and fall as she saw black start to close in on her vision.

"Who are you? What do you want?" she asked groggily, trying to fight away the darkness of unconsciousness.

"All will be revealed shortly...my my is it going to be fun turning you on that precious strawberry of yours..." Rukia's groggy mind took a few seconds to put the pieces together. 'Ichigo!' she cried out in her mind. Just before she succumbed to the darkness that was taking over her mind. And into a deep sleep she fell. She fell off the edge of the futon and slammed into the wooden floor, covers trailing after her, hooked half on the bed, half on her as a figure walked out of the shadows in her room, Sulfuric yellow eyes glinting maliciously in the darkness of the unlighted room.

"Yes...this is going to be a lot of fun...too bad you won't remember this night...and even if you did...you wouldn't be able to stop me." Maniacal laughter was filling the room a few seconds later.

Since even my beta reader (Metal Chick Crisis 2040, you officially rock!) had a little question about this, I'm going to be including a glossary of words used and what they mean.

Zanjutsu - the Sword-fighting technique of the shinigami, whenever I see it, I think Iaido, or something to that effect.

Hohou - Step method, I think it's like the agility portion of shinigami fighting, Shunpo flash steps are subsidiary of it.

Hakuda - Hand-to-Hand the martial arts of the shinigami, it's like karate or something for them. Mixing it with Kidou creates Shunko flash cry.

Kidou - Demon path, it's like black magic to the shinigami, anyone who's ever watched episode 1 of bleach and actually remembered it would know what this is.

Shunko - Flash Cry, a combination of Kidou and Hakuda, blows off any form of clothing with sleeves and shoulders.

Shunpo - Flash Steps, kind of super-speed, moves faster than the eye can see. In the anime, Yoruichi mastered this to such a degree that opponents would see after-images of her.

Reiatsu - Spiritual Pressure, a method of gauging the power of a shinigami or hollow, an extremely strong shinigami will put out enough reiatsu he can essentially make it like his opponents are trying to wade through water.

Vizard - a shinigami with hollow powers, full BAMF. This is the polar opposite of Aizen's arrancar.

Arrancar - a hollow with shinigami powers, not as much of a BAMF as the Vizard.

Otherwise, YoruIchi FTW! Rukia fans: wait until later to judge this, as she is not going to seem in-character at all, but there will be a twist later. Flames will be used to cook the food that fuels me to write this.