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--Kurosaki residence, Karakura Town.--

The quiet residence that was the Kurosaki clinic/home residence suddenly flashed to life as Shihouin Yoruichi and Kurosaki Ichigo both shunpo'd in.

"Damn, you beat me. You cheated though! No using Sonido and Shunpo at the same time next time Ichi-kun." The slightly annoyed and highly tanned goddess of flash shot at her Vizard companion.

"You didn't set any rules on how to get here My Goddess,-" Ichigo reveled in the deep blush that crossed her features as he said this, "-so...Anyway, I'll be back in just a second, I have to find Kon and get him into that damned body of mine I left...somewhere around this freakin' clinic a month ago. Yuzu probably moved it to my bedroom..." With that and a shunpo, Ichigo was standing in his bedroom, he looked quietly around for Kon before quickly deciding that, unless he had gotten kidnapped by Yuzu and dressed up like a doll, he would probably be in the closet where Kuchiki Rukia had once stayed. Thinking back to the events that had transpired at the Urahara-shoten, Ichigo's eyes hardened as Rukia's betrayal crossed his mind.

'Rukia, I don't know if that was really you, or if you're being controlled, or what. But when I find out...'

Looking in the closet he indeed found Kon, who was sleeping for some reason. Ichigo still didn't know why the modsoul/plushy lion slept. When in spirit-form like he was now, Ichigo didn't have to sleep except for every 2 weeks or so. Being as that Kon was a modsoul, and he had resided in a plushy bear for a body, he really didn't need to sleep.

Regardless, Ichigo did the first thing that came to mind to make sure Kon didn't fuss...

He grabbed the plushy-bear by the stuffed head and shoved a hand down its throat to grab the pill-ball that was Kon's spirit-essence. Kon immediately woke up but before he could cry out, the dandelion-headed vizard held the green pill that was Kon in his hand, smirking triumphantly at the now limp plushy-lion.

Quickly striding over to his bed, where, as expected, one of his family members had dragged his body to after he had left un-announced to train with Yoruichi about a month ago, having just told his dad he was off and with that. Left his, for all intents and purposes, comatose body sitting there in the middle of the family dining room. Forcing open his own mouth he promptly shoved the pill in it and watched impatiently as Kon struggled to wake the body up.

As soon as the modsoul got up the questions started flying faster than Ichigo possibly COULD answer...much less even bothered too.

"What the hell was that about? Waking me up from a vision of nee-san...and forcing me into this body? Although I suppose I should be grateful to get out of that damn stuffed lion for once-"

"I need you to act like me for a while." Ichigo interrupted the modsoul quickly before he could go off on a tangent and make this longer than it needed to be.

"Wha-?" Was the only thing that came out of Kon's mouth.

"Apparently Central 46 found out that I was a Vizard and they are not happy. I need you to act like me for a while. I'm going to take the gigai Urahara gave me and get the hell out of this town, possibly out of Japan, but I am definitely getting out of Karakura town. And get your thoughts off of Rukia, she was the first to come after me and according to her, she was the one to tell them I was a Vizard."

Kon just stood there, silent. His face went from surprised to determined in a seconds notice.

"Will do, Ichigo-nii-sama."

Now THAT part surprised Ichigo a little, it wasn't very often Kon even called Ichigo by name at all, it was usually "Hey You!" or "Dandelion-head!" but not only did he call him by name this time, he called him nii-sama what the hell? When did this happen? Ichigo had often thought that Kon had thought of him as a long lost sibling maybe, they sure as hell fought like they were siblings, but he never thought he had gone up on Kon's radar enough to be called sama.

Ichigo quickly shook those thoughts away and nodded. "Thanks Kon. If you can tell dad for me, I'll just grab my gigai now and take off with Yoruichi...?"

"Yeah, will do. Get out of here." With a nod, Ichigo walked out of his room and down the stairs with Kon right behind him, he went into one of the least-used rooms in the clinic to find both Yoruichi, already in her gigai, and his gigai. He smirked at her as she raked her eyes over him, not being very subtle with it for someone who used to be in the special forces of the shinigami. He quickly hopped in his gigai and the two looked at Kon, he nodded and, with that, and a couple of minutes giving Kon a further in-depth story of what they were planning, they were out in the middle of the Japanese countryside, Having grabbed a train at the nearby station, they were well on their way to Yokohama.

Ichigo looked out as the terrain of Japan blew by his window, the bullet train going at its top speed, Yoruichi taking a small nap on his shoulder. He found himself captivated with her yet again, her perfectly tanned skin...her long silky purple hair as his hand ran through it...the beautiful golden eyes that were currently hidden by her eyelids as she lightly snored on his shoulder...The two of them were going to have to do something, they didn't stand a chance against the shinigami as they were, and Ichigo was not a person to run.

Just as he about to lose himself in thought, he noticed the golden eyes that had captivated him so much staring at him sleepily as Yoruichi awoke from her nap. He smiled at her lightly and stared forward at the front of the train-car. It was surprisingly empty as a train car, although that could have been expected. Karakura town was in no way a big city, and while Yokohama was, the fact that it was Karakura to Yokohama lead to the car being pretty much empty except for the Vizard and the Goddess of Flash. When Yoruichi whispered in his ear something he had never expected...and in someway, largely hoped...she wouldn't.

"I want to become a Vizard." those six words caused his heart to nearly stop. Seeing that he was probably going to say no, Yoruichi immediately picked up the reasoning.

"I want to be like you, I can't help you if I don't know how you're feeling, and Kami knows we are far outclassed if the shinigami send everything they have after us, which is highly likely. With both of us as Vizard, that'll at least give us a fighting chance." Once she was done with the sentence, Ichigo could largely see where she was coming from as far as her reasoning. He slowly and hesitantly nodded.

"Okay, I'll help you. So long as you teach me shape-shifting." Yoruichi immediately beamed in happiness, both at the acceptance of her aspiration to become a Vizard like her Ichi-kun, and the fact that he truly wanted to learn how to shape-shift. She ecstatically nodded at the 'ultimatum' if you could call it that.

After a half hour of silently enjoying each others company, the God and Goddess of flash stepped off the bullet train and into the Yokohama train station. They were immediately hit with the sheer amount of busy people that resided in this city. Scouring the city for a place to stay, it wasn't long before they decided to look in more commercial districts, and it wasn't long after that the two found an abandoned warehouse.

Looking at the old warehouse the two of them were thinking of the pros and cons of taking this place to live in for the next few weeks.

"Well...on one hand, it'll give us plenty of room to train." Ichigo pointed out as they looked in the huge, empty, storage area of the warehouse.

"On the other hand, it's fairly lacking in creature comforts." Yoruichi chipped in as they realized the water and electricity would both be turned off, and the largest thing they would probably have to live in outside of a couple sleeping bags in the storage area, would be maybe a cot or two in the main office.

Regardless, the two looked at each other and decided they could live without the creature comforts, for all intents and purposes, they were fugitives at the moment after all. With that. The two walked into what would be their new home for...god knows how long. But the important part was it would be their new home, and both of them realized that, no matter what they were living in, as long as it was both of them together, they could deal with it.

--The next day--

After spending the night on the cold concrete floor of the warehouse, wrapped in each others arms, a fact that neither would confirm, nor deny, the two were up and at it. Ichigo explaining to Yoruichi exactly how he had become a Vizard...and he hoped, how she would too.

"The way it happened with me, Urahara had cut my soul-chain tying me to my body, he then bound me up and threw me in a pit. I basically had 36 hours to either get out, or become a hollow. I obviously failed, I managed to avoid becoming a full hollow, but I still failed the test. What I am going to try to do to make you a Vizard, is have you do the same thing that Rukia did to make me a shinigami in the first place. I want you to transfer your shinigami power, to me. Then, I'll put it back in you, hidden. I'll do what Urahara did to me and force me to find it. The only thing it's going to take for you to find your power is to into your soul, and use your power to find spirit ribbons, the red one will be the block that holds your shinigami power, just wait until the last second to pull your zanpakuto out."

Yoruichi nodded. Somehow knowing that, outside of the obvious. This would bring the two closer together. Something she wanted more than anything. Since she didn't have her zanpakuto, in fact, she hadn't seen hers since she and Urahara had left the soul society so many years ago...She used Shunko.

The bright electric blue bolts of electricity flew off of her heavily tanned shoulders, through the halter top she had on, having not even bothered finding something to put on over it. And thrust her hand forward. As her palm came in contact with Ichigo's chest, she sent everything she had through her arm and into him, he soaked up the energy like a sponge and waited. He watched as his goddess collapsed onto the pavement and transformed out of her shinigami form. He could tell because suddenly she was wearing something that obviously wasn't either her orange jacket or the black halter top she usually wore under it.

Before she woke up he quickly compacted her reiatsu, now technically his, into a block, and used his own quickly growing skill in shunko to transfer it back to her. Suddenly he found himself in a jungle. He quickly pieced it together. His spirit world was a city, hers was a jungle. Holding a block of glowing blue reiatsu, which he quickly realized was her shinigami power, he picked a random tree in the jungle and hid it inside. His job done he reluctantly disconnected himself from her spirit, somehow knowing that in the future, he would return here.

As the warehouse materialized around him as he came back to consciousness, he grabbed the skull-logo glove Rukia had left him in his closet before she left to go back to soul society and became that...thing.

He lightly pushed Yoruichi with it and as her spirit split from her body, he took Zangetsu and sliced the spirit chain that appeared.

The next 36 hours of his life was going to be the longest 36 hours he had ever known.

Kami – The Japanese word for Divine Spirit, basically where an American would say "Oh, God", a Japanese person would say "Oh, Kami"

Nii – The Japanese honorific suffix used on the name of a person whom would be the user's sibling, or close enough to be someone to that effect.

Sama – The Japanese honorific suffix depicting extreme respect for the recipient.

Kun – Even I honestly don't know fully what this means, all I know is that it's a Japanese honorific suffix used commonly on males. I think it's basically the suffix used in place of -chan when referring to males.

San – Again, Japanese honorific suffix, I believe it's the most common suffix used, used for both males and females, when referring to friends.

Chan – Japanese honorific suffix...I believe used to refer to females with whom the user has a great deal of affection for. Also used commonly in pet names. (Pet name as in a name for a dog or cat, not pet name as in nickname)