Title: Victims

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I don't own Death Note and you all know it.

Pairings: None

Warnings: None

Author: Nightwing Gurl

Summary: When the high school Light attends gets attacked and takes a few students hostages including Light. What happens when they find out Light is the son of the Police Chief? And will L be able to get Light out of there safely?

A/N: I've written this some time ago and haven't updated in a while and now that I have the motivation back I re-read this and Gawd, I realized how horrible my writing is. So instead of updating I am going to edit it as best as I can first and then continue.

Another boring day in school. Yagami Light, ace student was sat in his usual desk next to the window, yawning and sighing to himself. 'Last night I've been writing criminal names in my death note that I lost track of time and I didn't get enough sleep.' He yawned again. 'I'm so tired.' He thought to himself. Nevertheless, he was relieved Ryuk, his ugly, annoying, good for nothing Shinigami was not shadowing him around for the day. Leaving a bunch of apples for Ryuk in his room left him Ryuk-free that meant 'freedom' for Light. So he was definitely going to enjoy it while it last.

The day was boring as always. And Light wished for something to happen. Anything to get out of his class when suddenly loud noises were erupting from what seemed to be the internal corridors of his school. Chaos was shortly followed and the sounds of gunshots was enough to rise panic all over.

"What the hell!?" Said Light in disbelief. 'Did I just hear gunshots?' he thought to himself and more gunshots were heard only confirming his question. "Damn it!" He swore, if he was right, that meant the school was under attack. The thought itself made him angry. Weren't those fools afraid of him? Afraid of 'Kira'? Besides what would they benefit from attacking a public school other than seeking attention and signing their death warranty?

Light blinked as he realized that in less than five seconds his class was evacuated. It's strange what panic could do. Shaking his head, he swallowed and started to make his way out to safety. As he rushed out the corridor, the sight that met him made him want to gag. He froze for a second taking in what's before him. Most of the students including some of his classmates were lying on the floor with blood flowing from gunshot wounds. His heart was racing. Never has he been in a dangerous situation in his entire life. Sure he was Kira but still, he killed from a distance… that was different. This was different. 'When I get out of here I'm so going to write their names in my death note.' He vowed silently to himself.

His heart was racing faster by the minute. The random gunshots he was hearing every now and then wasn't helping him ease his senses. He couldn't help it, he was panicking. The blood, the bodies, the smell and the gunshots became too overwhelming for him and his mind screamed one thing, 'RUN'. Run he did. His focus now was to get the hell out of the school and into safety. This was so not what he wanted when he wished to get out of his class, damn it, this is why people say be careful what you wish for!

Everything seemed to go so fast that his head couldn't grasp the situation completely. Yet, he knew that right now he had to get to the bottom floor. Currently he was on the third floor, so he had to make it to the nearest stairway.

Light made it to the stairs. As soon as he reached the second floor making his way down to the first, rough hands suddenly jerked him by the arms and shoved him brutally on a nearby wall. Natural instinct struck as Light struggled to get free which wasn't a bright thing to do earning him a kick to the stomach enough to wind him up and wince an 'Ow'

"Lookie what we got here. Another Kid!" Said the guy cheerfully grining bringing them face to face staring creeply at Light.

Light cringed, at least he tried while this guy held him. Light stared at the guy with fear in his eyes. He didn't want to let this man see him squirming but hell, he couldn't help himself. His heart was beating so fast that it might actually pop out of his rib-cage. The guy had a mask on so that prevented him to see his real face which meant he couldn't kill him. Whatever he was about to think vanished when he felt a cold pistol next to his head. Everything just froze. He felt his beating heart freeze too. This was the end. He was going to die.

"Don't kill him!" Came a gruff voice from somewhere behind the masked guy holding him. "We need more hostages since most of them are dead."

Light didn't know if to scream or cry. He just let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"Awee, but he seems too pretty don't you think he'd look prettier covered by blood?"

"You can have that later."

And so the guy holding Light dragged him roughly to a nearby classroom where there were a few students held. And now… they all, including Light were hostages.

To be continued...

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