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Yagami-san!!" Chorused each one of the investigation team as they all made their way back into the school as soon as they heard the gunshots.

"Yagami-san! Are you all right?" Asked Matsuda hovering over him, as did Aizawa and Mogi. They knew that he was wearing a bullet proof vest but still even getting shot wearing them was painful as hell. He will definitely be sore for a few days.

Yagami-san opened his eyes groaning as he shifted to a sitting position. 'Ow' "Light! Where is my son?!" He asked them as they all avoided direct eye contact.

"They got away." Said Mogi.

"Damn it!!" Cursed Yagami-san hissing with pain as he rubbed the area where he was shot and winced.

"It's a good thing you are wearing a bullet proof vest Chief." Said Matsuda sighing in relief, "You scared us for a second."

Everyone watched the sky. The students, the media, the people around including the Kira investigation team as the helicopter left the roof of the school building, fading away to the east.

As the helicopter disappeared into the sky, the team made their way hurriedly to the equipped van joining L watching the radar screen. The trackers that were implanted within the money bags were blinking on the screen showing the masked-men exact location including their altitude.

They all made their way back to their current investigation headquarters all the while keeping a close eye on the masked-men movements in order to get Light back and put those criminals in jail. Only, the thing that they were afraid would happen, happened. The trackers, all five of them suddenly disappeared on the screen in a blink.

"What just happened?!" Yagami-san shot up from his seat looking at the radar screen in both confusion and anger. His body not fully recovered from the shots he took recently, protested from the sudden movement. Yet he ignored the pain.

'Damn it!' Cursed L inwardly though he said calmly "I am afraid the trackers have been destroyed."

"How come they are destroyed? Didn't you say not to worry coz they were built in the bags?"Aizawa questioned.

"Yes, it is quest difficult to find them unless you look thoroughly. Unfortunately, it seems the criminals we are dealing with are smart." Said Ryuzaki, now nibbling his thumb, "If you notice the place where the trackers went off-" he pointed at the screen in front of them, "is over this ocean, so they must have changed bags before throwing the original bags in the water. And since the tracker's aren't water proof they got destroyed."

"How are we going to find my son now?" Yagami-san asked the question that everyone had in mind. Things happened so fast and now they had to start from square one. That is, if there is a square one anymore.

"Everyone, please don't lose hope. They took Light for a reason and it might not be just for the escape, there is a chance that they will contact Yagami-san." L said calmly yet his brain was in a chaos state.

After a few minutes of silence, "What percentage would that be Ryuzaki?" Yagami-san asked though he was afraid of the answer.

L signed, "I am afraid you do not want to know Yagami-san."

Yagami-san did not push any further knowing the detective was right. He didn't want to know. All he could think about in that moment was his son. How he lost him. He couldn't protect his boy. Even though his son was seventeen, he still saw him as a baby through his eyes. His little baby. Even if Light turns thirty he knew his view of his son would never change. His heart sank, what was he going to say to his wife and daughter? How could he even face them when he failed to get his son back?

Light woke up to the sound of raindrops. He slowly opened his eyes and realized that he was lying on his back. He shifted to a sitting position, at least he tried when suddenly pain shot from the back of his head making him hiss in pain. He raised his hand to the back of his skull only to feel a small lump. 'Wonderful! I might have a concussion.'

Ignoring his sarcastic inner thoughts, he took around his surroundings. He seemed to be in a small wooden room. It had a wooden bed at a corner, a few wooden cupboards on the side and a very small window that showed him it was night. 'A rainy cold night, I want to be home and eat moms dinner.' Light sighed. He was still in his school uniform. If only he had an overall. Light got up off the floor slowly and made his way to the one and only door. Like he expected it was locked from the outside. Firmly.


Light couldn't help but jump in shock as he heard the so familiar yet horrible laughter of his 'good for nothing' shinigami.

Taking deep breaths to calm down, "Ryuk." He said quietly and dangerously.

The Shinigami seemed amused by the reaction, "Yo Light-o! Did I startle you? Kukukukuku."

"Would you fucking shut up! I'm having a real bad headache."

"What is this Lighto? I just leave you alone for a few hours and you get yourself kidnapped? Kukukukku" Ryuk mocked him as he kept on laughing.

'Kidnapped? Oh God!' Light remembered the events that happened, this morning? or was it yesterday? He didn't even know how long was he out of it. Hell, this all could be just a nightmare. "Ryuk! Were you there? What happened Is my dad okay?" He asked hurriedly anxious to know.

Ryuk scratched the back of his head. "Well, unfortunately I wasn't there to see the whole thing, damn I missed all the fun. I don't know at this point which is better, the apples or not witnessing the drama that I missed."

Light got angry Ryuk was an ass of a shinigami. All he ever cared about is apples and entertainment. If only he could kill a shinigami, Ryuk would be the first. "Ryuk." Yet, he gave him the threatening tone.

Ryuk sighed, "I came in at the part where you were knocked out by that big guy. And as for you father… he died." Ryuk said knowing fully that Light's father was well and alive. Out of curiosity he stayed back a bit seeing as Yagami-san's life-span wasn't even close to over. Seems like he was wearing some kind of human bulletproof vest, that he didn't exactly know what it was. Entertainment is what he seeks and Light's reaction was entertaining.

Light froze completely. His heart stopped for what seemed an eternity. He couldn't breathe as he took in the information Ryuk just said. His father. Dead? As in dead? That can't be. That was just impossible. He needed his father to teach him how to ride a car, to catch him and his sister stealing 'borrowing' his credit cards for shopping, he needed his father to teach him self-defense, to attend his high school graduation and to do much more stuff. He loved his father so much. Tears found their way down his face. He didn't want to seem weak in front of this heartless ass of a shinigami but at this point he couldn't control his tears. It was out of his hands. Grief washed over him, he felt that the sky was crying with him, he felt the rain outside was his own tears. That night Light cried himself to sleep.

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