501 Chapter Authors Notes for Graduate

This is the end of our second journey together. It is summer and the seniors have graduated and went on to do their summer things. The three scholarship basketball players have left for summer session, one followed her husband, and the last went to Europe with her sister. Two characters left for brighter and greener fields, so when things return to Tree Hill it will be a different place.

Part 21's title Graduate was taken from a Third Eye Blind song, off their Album Third Eye Blind. The title and the sentiment fitted with this part so that was why I used it.

What do I have to say? This journey took me over a year. There were times I just wanted to quit but I kept writing. I wanted to see them graduate. Now as I'm writing this I'm looking forward to taking a break. By the time you are reading this I will have more then likely started the next stage in this journey, if I chose to write it. I will come of it I don't know. I will have to see.

In Chapter 482 (Darkness Days) the song heard is Lake of Fire, by Nirvana off MTV Unplugged in New York. It was originally a Meat Puppets song. For some reason I've also liked this song. When I was listening to music one night, I came upon this song and I'm like this is a great song for when Dan Scott is in a scene. Well here was my chance.

In Chapter 488 (Graduate) the song heard is Graduate by Third Eye Blind off Third Eye Blind Album. Well this one is obvious, but maybe I shall explain it. I love this album from Third Eye Blind. When I concepted this story arc out almost two and a half years ago I know that this would be the name of this Part and this song would be used. It just seemed to fit, the only other one that I might have used was Head Automatica Graduation Day.

In Chapter 489 (High Performance Heart Attack At TRIC) the song heard is Dearly Beloved by Bad Religion off New Maps to Hell Album. This was the song that Brian had been working on for a while. Why I chose this song was it is a tail of a good person, who was vary consensus and helpful losing his faith. I've always seen Brian as one that had been fighting with his faith in what he was taught to believe in.

The Second song heard is Scared Lie by Disturbed off their Ten Thousand Fists Album. This was late addition to the chapter. When I was writing and I introduce Candace Rollins, the music reporter, I knew I would have to play a second song. I quickly went through my iTunes and found this song. It is most certainly an anti-war in Iraq song, but for me on a metaphoric level it was where I wanted Brian to be in his emotions.

In Chapter 490 (End of An Era) the song heard is Wonderwall, by Ryan Adams off Love Is Hell Album. This is a cover of an Oasis song. It was suggested by HHrbelong2gether

I personally felt that it belonged here as people were starting to say good bye.

In Chapter 493 (Reception) the song heard is Stolen by Dashboard Confessional off Dusk and Summer Album. I know this is twice in just as many parts. But this song to me has so come to define James and Ashlyn and their relationship. After thinking about it, this had to be their wedding song. Which is why I've used it again and for this final time.

In Chapter 494 (One Last Cruise) the song heard is Hillbilly Deluxe by Brooks & Dunn off Hillbilly Deluxe Album. This is the perfect cruise song. I heard it and was thinking of something to do for all the teenagers to do together as a last hurrah and this was perfect, three trucks and all the teens, just works for me.

Chapter 495 (Closing Time) there were several songs heard are the following. Peyton, Haley, and Brooke are singing Reflections by Dianna Ross and The Supremes off the album by the same name. Kelly, Izzy, Candace, Fallon, and Skye sing is Wannabe by The Spice Girls off their album Spice. Nathan and the boys were doing DJ Khalid and guest Out Here Grindin off his album We Gobal. The Song Lucas sings is Guns and Roses Don't Cry off their album Use Your Illusion I. Brian closes the night out singing Closing Time, by Semi-sonic off Feeling Strangely Fine.

Chapter 499 (The Seniors Leave) the song heard is Heroes or Ghost, by The Coronas off Heroes or Ghosts Album. I would like to thank HHrbelong2gether, who suggested this among other songs. To me it was a slow sad song and it fit with the five leaving seniors and Izzy.

Thanks, for all your reading, viewing, reviewing, and patronage of this story.