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Chapter one:

Who knew?




Beep, was the first noise to hit my ears as I began to awake not knowing which way was up or down, or even where I was. I kept my eyes shut and tried lifting my arm up to try to stop the source of the beeping, but my arm felt heavy as sharp pain raced up my arm, making me wince as my eyes finally fluttered open. My eyes took a moment to adjust to my surroundings through the tears that had sprung to my eyes from the sudden jolt of pain. The first thing I took in was the dim light that was over my head along with the monitor that was the source of the soft beeping noise that had stirred me.

I was in the hospital. Why was I in her...

"YOU... YOU... I...How could you do this to me! You beg for my hand in marriage and this..THIS is what I come home to!" I screamed at the man who had just broken my heart with the blond girl who wasn't me lying in our bed naked with smirk on her smeared red lips.

"Bella..." he began to plead as he took a step towards me.

"Mike don't." I hissed trying to stop the tears from falling from my eyes. I would not cry here, not in front of them. I took a step back from him as he reached out his hand to stroke my hair.

"Honey, forgive me, it.."


He stumbled back rubbing his jaw while my hand stung from stopping his words.

"I am not your anything, you are nothing to me anymore." I said shaking with hurt and anger and I pulled the engagement ring from my finger and threw it at the blond girl who had cowered beneath the blanket.

"You can have him." I spat then turned on my heal walking towards the bedroom door, but stopped short without turning to look at them.

"I'll send someone for my belongings in the morning. I suggest you both not be here when they arrive." I warned before running out of the apartment building into the pouring rain that had begun to fall.

In my rush to get to my car I tripped off the curb and landed hard on my knee on the metal of the water grate. I couldn't hold back the tears any longer as a stabbing sob tore from my lungs. I quickly took deep breaths to reel them back in as I lifted myself off of the pavement and limped to my car.

Once inside I pulled out my phone and quickly dialed my lifeline, Alice.

The phone rang only twice before her cheery voice picked up.

"Bella you're home from your trip early. Why didn't you tell..." Her voice cut off at the sound of my now free flowing tears as I raced my way down the street to the highway that would lead me straight to her.

"What happened?" She demanded


The next thing I remember is waking up here in a hospital room.

"Wha...What happened?" I choked out with a raspy voice asking the question to what I thought to be an empty room.

"Bella?" I heard a groggy voice whisper from the chair that I hadn't noticed on the side of me.

There curled up in a little ball was a very disheveled Alice. Her eyes lit up at seeing me with my eyes open, looking at her tiny form which instantly jumped up to press the call button before she leaned forward and hugged me the best she could from over the rail of the bed.

"I'm so happy you're awake." She sniffled with tears filling her eyes. I could hear the relief in her words when she spoke.

"What happened?" I asked again in a slightly clearer voice.

"Well, what do you remember?" She asked timidly taking my hand in hers, worry filled her eyes as I stayed still for a moment. Memory flooded back and I played the scene again over in my head, making my heart ache once again.

"He chh...chheated on me." I mumbled out as a new wave of tears fell down my cheeks.

"I was on my way to your house, then I have nothing. Everything is blank up until now." I took in a jagged breath and instantly regretted it as my lungs burned like fire.

"Owww!" I groaned lifting my other hand that didn't hurt gently to my chest, where I could feel wires and what felt like gauze beneath my fingers.

"You were in a car accident." She said softly as I nodded in reply having guessed that much.

"Is anyone else hurt? Did I hit anyone?" I asked as panic set in with the prospects of what damage my careless driving might have caused to another human being.

"No, it was just you." She said giving my hand a light squeeze as she wiped her own tears from her eyes.

"Good" I whispered just as a blond haired Doctor walked in whom I knew all too well from my many trips to this hospital.

"How good it is to finally see you awake, Sleeping Beauty." He greeted giving me a bright smile, making me blush.

"It's good to be awake." I said letting my sarcasm take over for me.

"How long have I been asleep?" I asked as he looked at my charts marking down new things into them.

"Only a few days. I must say that you gave us all quite a scare there when you were brought in and we couldn't wake you." He said in his soft English accent.

"So what is the verdict then? Do I even want to know?" I questioned feeling myself get queasy as I awaited his answer.

"Well from what I'm sure you've noticed by now, you have a broken wrist and many pulled muscles in your shoulder area which also has a hairline fracture from the force."

I winced just hearing it, but didn't say anything as he continued speaking. Alice stood quietly still by my side brushing my hair away from my face, not fazed in the slightest by what I was being told.

"Your right knee has seen better days, and I'm sure that you have also felt the soreness in your lungs already when you breath too deeply."

I nodded trying not to do just that.

"That is because your lungs collapsed and we had to re-inflate them. So you will have a small scar on your chest, I'm afraid. You also hit your head pretty hard which caused some minor swelling to your brain." He concluded knowing I could figure out the rest with that being the reason for my coma.

"When can I get out of here?" I asked sounding hopeful that he would say soon. He knew I hated hospitals seeing as I spent a lot of my time cooped up here as the clumsy child that I was and sadly still am.

"That my dear I can't answer at this time. We have some tests to do on you, don't give me that look," he laughed as I rolled my eyes with a stubborn face "Then we'll take it one day at a time from there."

"Fine, fine run your tests." I said in a singsong voice showing my defeat. "But let me tell you right now Dr. Cullen that I do plan on eating as much pudding as I want and you can't stop me." I grinned as the memory of the last time I was in the hospital for a long period of time flickered across his features. He let out a soft chuckle rolling his eyes at me as he looked over at Alice who was giggling like I was, though for me it took some effort.

"No, I guess I can't seeing as this time you're allowed to eat. So Alice here can sneak as much pudding into your room as she wants." He laughed again then with a quick wink he was out the door.

"Oh man, it's no fun when you're allowed to do it." Alice whined with a pouted lip looking like she did when we were little and she was told that I wasn't allowed to share her pudding with her like I always did at that age.

"You know Alice, when you make that face you look like you're eight years old again." I told her.

"Yup, and I'm proud of it. It's nice to be 24 and still look just as hot as you did when you were young" She exclaimed with a knowing smile

"Eight, is a bit young for you to be saying that you were hot then as well." I pointed out with a smirk.

"Eight, eighteen, what difference does it make?" She laughed with a wave of her hand brushing the whole thing off.

"So moving on. Please tell me that Mike has not been here to see me."

"Wellll...." she started looking down as she prolonged the word.

"Alice?" I warned making her eyes flash up to me.

"He tried to, but let's just say he was met with a fist before he could even make it down the hall." She smiled coyly at my shocked face.

"He didn't." I gasped halfhearted in shock.

"Yup, knocked him right out too." She laughed as she mimicked him falling with her hands.

"But...but how did you even know that he was the reason I was upset?" I asked confused because I knew I didn't get a chance to tell her on the phone.

"Oh well, I knew it had to have involved him and something horrible he must have done to you for you to have been crying that hysterically when you called me." She shrugged "I just didn't really know for sure if my guess was right until you just told me."

"So is he here?" I questioned, my eyes looking to the door.

"Jasper took him home a few hours ago. He's been a wreck so I thought it best for him to go sleep in his own bed for a change. No one knew how long you'd be out for and he didn't want you to wake up alone. So we've been pulling shifts."

"That's good then." I said biting at my lip trying not to burst with laughter at what happened. "I just can't believe my father punched him and on top of that knocked him out!" I mused letting a few giggles out in short breaths as I sat picturing the scene in my head. My father walking up to him with his face all red with anger slowly turning purple because he forgot to breathe and hitting Mike before he could get a word out of his mouth. I wished I could have seen that. My father, good old Chief Swan, who not only carried a lethal weapon, but also has a pretty strong right hook along with it. Gee who would have known?

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