Wow, I feel like such a bad person. I was sitting in the living room earlier tonight watching iCarly when I remembered, Hey, didnt I started an iCarly fan fiction? I hadnt realized that I hadnt updated in a whole year until it was pointed out to me (thanks horselover597). But unfortunately the fan fiction I had started was on my laptop and since it has been a year it was deleted during one of my cleaning frenzies. But dont worry, I will rewrite it and have the rest of the fan fic posted as soon as I can. Im busy with school and my other writings but I will continue the Sam/Freddiething (right now thats the best word I can come up with to describe those two) and maybe they will become an itemmaybe they wont. Just a reminder I started writing this before iKiss so for the sake of my story that episode doesnt even exist yet. Again, my sincere apologies to everyone who has read the first chapter and wants more.



a.k.a. Sarah