We have finally found a winner to the contest for a sequel to this oneshot. The winner is: CatGirl R and S Fan!! Thank you for your contribution, and your oneshot will be in progress as soon as possible.

Her oneshot "Secret Desire," a story for the Teen Titans BBxRae (Beast Boy and Raven) pairing has won! It is a worthwhile oneshot that even people that have not seen Teen Titans will surely enjoy. It truly does go as a nice sequel to this.

If you want a direct sequel to "Of Dreams and Reality", the opportunity is still open to do so. Just PM me if you want to. But no prizes, the deadline for this contest is past. If I have enough PMs (which I highly doubt because there was only one entry to this contest) then I may reconsider making another contest. Its all up to you.

Remember, check out that sequel! And thank you again, CatGirl R and S Fan!