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NiGHTS: Journey on Earth

Reality 15

The Magic Pickle Fairy

Because of Ren's disappearance, Pammy volunteered to understudy as Captain Hook since she studied the lines with Ren quite often. Pammy was originally part of the chorus as a pirate, so it was a part that wasn't missed.

Pammy's actually acted very well. Hook was someone who was nothing like her yet she was very believable; she was also glad to do what she was passionate about, acting.

It wasn't until after the show when she was greeted by Joy and Helen. "You did so great" Joy exclaimed as she gave her friend a hug.

"Thanks guys," Pammy blushed, happy to have two such great friends, "but may I let you on to a secret?"

"You can trust me with anything," said Joy, with her fingers crossed behind her back.

Helen nodded, "yeah, we won't tell."

"My inspiration," Pammy took a deep breath, "was Reala's personality."

The girls laughed, ever since the event, Joy was told everything, so she got the joke just as well as Helen. "He was probably originally casted because for his personality," Helen added.

Just then, a fourteen year old boy with longish brown hair and dark blue eyes, approached Pammy, "you did a great job, I am very impressed, and you were an understudy?"

Pammy looked at the boy, he didn't seem familiar to her, "Yes, I was, we were just talking about the original."

"I guess he wasn't very good," the boy observed, "since your friend here said that he was casted for his personality."

"No," Pammy shook her head, "he was a good actor," Pammy came to admit "he acted like he loved me, and I believed him."

He nodded his head, "A relationship gone wrong? Well, there are other fish in the sea."

"I guess," Pammy nodded, "but I'm over it." She looked at the boy, "what's your name?"

"Oh, it's Devin, my family just moved here. My dad's part of the construction business and is working on rebuilding the city. I'm starting school here tomorrow."

"Great," Pammy smiled, "see you tomorrow Devin!"

When Devin left, Joy giggled then whispered, "I think he likes you!"

Pammy blushed, "I think I will send him a note tomorrow."

Reala just laughed as he watched the girls in the Waking World from a crystal ball, "Pathetic job Pammy, you had no essence of the evilness that Captain Hook contains, and that Devin, even more pathetic." He sat in Jackle's room, cross legged. The only reason he went into it was to grab Jackle's crystal ball to see the performance.

That was when Jackle entered the room, "Hey, what are you doing in my room?"

"To see the school play, I was wondering how my understudy did," Reala answered, "by the way, Helen is doing just fine without you. She's dating that Will boy."

"I knew that Will was up to something," said Jackle, "I just knew it!"

Reala was more gazed at Jackle's crystal ball, "no need to bother these kids anymore, we have more important Ideya to steal."