ok, this is my third fight, a team up with Movie-Brat, against Aethshal-Mental and The Shadow Syndicate, sorry for the content, I only know Snake from Brawl

"You're named Monkey D. Luffy." The boy said as Luffy nodded while chewing on a piece of meat. The boy had long dark hair and wore a white robe with a metallic headband around his forehead. His eyes were a milky white but as he had explained, he wasn't blind. His name was Neji; he was a ninja of the Hidden Leaf.

"Hey, aren't ninjas and pirates supposed to be enemies!" a raspy voice called out as two grenades were thrown into the store. Neji glanced at them with a slight wonderment as Luffy wrapped one of his arms around his body.

"Hold on! Gomu Gomu no Rocket!" Luffy cried as he grabbed a pillar on the other side of the mall and launched himself to it. The store exploded as they landed in front of two people.

The first one, the one who spoke, wore a head to toe, red and black outfit with two swords on his back and two guns in his hands while the other, who wore a grayish-blue battle outfit and a headband with a cigarette in his mouth, his face was grizzled and he had a small mullet.

Neji glanced at them, "Deadpool, Solid Snake." He said as he put up one of his hands in a battle pose. "Let us begin" he said as he launched himself forward toward Deadpool. "Hakke Kuushou!" he said as an invisible wave shot out from his hand, hitting Deadpool and slamming him into the wall.

"Ow! That hurt worse than the time Michael Jackson cut off my head!" Deadpool cried as he pulled up one of his guns and fired at Neji.

"Gomu Gomu No Balloon!" Luffy said, inflating himself and reflecting the bullets back at the two mercs. Snake leapt to the side, pulling out a missile launcher and fired it at Neji as Deadpool took his share of the bullets and cracked his neck, as the bullets were pushed out from his healing factor.

The missile meanwhile shot toward Neji who spotting it, turned around quickly, "Hakkeshou Kaiten!" the missile deflected hitting a pillar. The ground shook as the four glanced at the destroyed pillar.

Neji shook it off first and launched forward with his fingers glowing blue towards Snake, leaving Luffy with Deadpool.

"Gomu Gomu No Pistol!" Luffy said as his arm shot forward, missing Deadpool who teleported onto Luffy's arm, slicing at it with a sword. Luffy retracted his arm, holding it in pain as he glanced up with a grim determination.

Meanwhile Neji had Snake pressed against a corner as his fingers glowed, "Hakke Hyakunijuuhachishou! 2 Palms! 4 Palms! 8 Palms! 16 Palms! 32 Palms! 64 Palms! 128 Palms!" Neji said as he poked at Snake who grunted as he felt his energy weakening.

Neji glanced at Snake's still standing body and smiled, "Hakke Hasangeki!" Neji said as he pushed Snake with an invisible wave into a nearby wall. He fell forward unconscious as Neji turned to see Luffy and Deadpool falling from the now completely crumbled steps.

"Gomu Gomu no Gatling!" Luffy said as he shot his arms forward, Deadpool either healing or teleporting away from every punch as they fell toward the ground. Deadpool smiled beneath his mask.

"This is awesome, now I'll be able to say I beat an anime main character!" Deadpool said as he fired a shot at Luffy, barely missing his hat.

Luffy now pissed bit into his thumb and blew into it, inflating his arm, "Gomu Gomu no Gigant Pistol!" his large arm shot forward and slammed Deadpool into the ground.

Luffy grabbed onto a flag pole, now shrunken to his chibi form as Neji watched from the balcony.

"The winners are Monkey D. Luffy and Neji Hyuuga"