By: Manna


The Fire Emblem 100 Challenge!
Theme #64: "Escort"
Starring: Serra, Priscilla, Erk
Genre: Friendship, Humor

Warnings: Rated T


There was something disconcerting about what Serra saw happening right before her very eyes. They were close. Too close. Her eyebrows lowered as her lips pressed together in a pout.

It just wasn't fair! He had been her escort first. He'd been paid handsomely for his work. So why was he in love with Priscilla?

She'd refused to hang around the tittering redhead, and so she knew very little about her, but Serra always made it a point to surround herself by people that were less attractive than she was…if she could help it.

Priscilla's pretty face had nothing to do with Erk, though, unless he himself thought it so, and Serra doubted that someone like Erk would be attracted to someone who was so very flighty.

When her—her, not Priscilla's—escort finally pulled his head away from the other girl and left, Serra made her move. She'd have to straighten the other healer out—if she didn't do it, who would? Someone had to take charge and tell the other girl what was what!

Shoulders back, the pious Serra marched over, and, finger pointed at her new arch-rival, exclaimed, "He was my escort first!"

Priscilla smiled after the suddenness wore off and tilted her head to the side, a small smile creeping on her face, "So Erk finds himself escorting a lot of healers! Fascinating."

Confused, Serra tried again, "I like him because he's neat and tidy." She accentuated her words by giving a firm nod, hands going to her hips.

"It is an admirable trait. But wouldn't you agree he's intellectual and kind?"

"Kind?" Serra tried to remember the last time Erk had been kind toward her. Nothing came to mind, but it didn't matter. "He's very awkward."

"I think it's endearing, don't you?" Priscilla's finger touched her lower lip thoughtfully. "When he doesn't know what to say and he kind of just freezes? Or stammers?"

"B-But Erky never stammers around me!" Serra wasn't sure if she should be jealous or not.

"He doesn't? Oh, then he must be comfortable around you! How did you do that?" She leaned forward, elbows on her knees, chin in her hands, and blinked curiously. "Every time I get too close to him he just locks up as if I'll stab him with my hair accessory!"

Serra's chest puffed out almost against her will as a grin spread across her face. "Oh, that's easy," she found herself saying. "Erky is very reserved, and he doesn't think for himself very often, so you must think for him!"

"But…how does one do that?"

"Well…" Serra plucked the feather from behind Priscilla's ear and dropped it on the grass. "Oh no! However did that happen! And your hands! Full of staves!"

Suddenly, Priscilla found several healing staves shoved into her hands. She took them, but looked utterly confused.

Serra smirked. Soon, she would understand. "Oh, Erky!" she called. "Erk! How could you let a delicate lady like Priscilla even think about bending down to pick that up? It's improper! It's…it's terrible! And after all she's done to help this army! Can't you at least do one little nice thing for her?"

Erk stumbled over, looking out of sorts. "Serra," he said, his voice clipped and detached. "Must you blather on so?" It was about that moment when he saw the feather looking terribly out of place on the dirty earth. "L-Lady Priscilla!" he said, his face reddening ever-so-slightly. "Here, let me get that for you!"

He bent to retrieve it and held it out.

Serra gave a wink to Priscilla, who fluttered her eyelashes and looked down.

"Could you put it back for me?" she asked softly, tilting her head to the side so that he could do as she asked.

He hesitated, but quickly tucked it behind her ear before looking toward the side. "I, uh, promised to teach Nino her letters," he said, and fled faster than Florina from Sain.

"See what I mean?" Serra said smartly. "It works like a charm!"

"Oh, thank you so much! I never would have guessed…" Priscilla smiled sweetly at her as she got to her feet and started for the healer's tent. "I understand, now. But oh, I must go check on Sir Lowen. In the last battle, he took a terrible blow, and if I don't keep an eye on him, he'll be unable to keep from getting out of bed to check on the preparation of the evening meal!"

Serra chuckled. "Erky is neat and tidy, but all you need to remember is that he needs someone to order him around a bit now and again!"

"It certainly can't hurt!" Oh, and Serra?" the other girl said. "You're a lot sweeter in nature than some of the others have said. You should show that side of yourself more often!" A moment later, and Priscilla was gone.

Exactly three minutes later, Serra stopped. "Hey!" she said aloud, drawing the attention of at least three confused knights. "He was my escort first!"


Author Notes:

Sometimes it's best not to ask. Priscilla and Serra would make a scary team. They could teach one another so much. The men in the army would probably be doomed. (I didn't forget about this collection. But I had to find my notebook where all this drivel was written down.)