Chapter 14:

Saying that your parents had to meet the one person who could make everything alright was easy. Arranging for Peter to actually come by to do so was an entirely different thing as Wendy had discovered. Her father was a busy man and Peter was still very headstrong. He did not care for appointments at all. In fact he did not seem to care about a lot of things and she had not seen him since the party where he had saved her from Christian. He had been ignoring her letters for nearly a week now and Wendy would not stand it any longer.

"I apologize for intruding on your privacy like this. Yet I fear I have no other choice." Wendy said earnestly. "Peter has been ignoring my letters and I really need to speak with him."

Peters mother regarded her for a moment and smiled. "I do not mind Miss Darling. In fact, I had been wondering what had happened that made him so cross. He has not uttered a kind word all week and for the past two days he has been playing his flute."
"His flute? Oh dear!" Wendy exclaimed, covering her mouth wither her hand and Bianca sighed. "I haven't heard him play that thing for years."
"That palm flute was the last thing I heard when I went home…" Wendy's face faltered and she fell silent for a moment. She wanted to change the subject and there was one question burning in her mind. So she looked up at the pretty woman, took a deep breath and asked: "If you don't mind my asking; How did Peter came to live with you?"

Bianca gestured towards a small sofa and Wendy hesitated. She really wanted to know the answer to her question but had pressing matters to discuss with Peter as well. She could have avoided meeting wither Peter' stepmother but climbing into someone's house via the drainpipe wasn't her cup of tea anymore. So at this point there really was just one thing she could do… Sit down and listen.

"I found him in Kensington Gardens. He was so thin and pale that I could have sworn to see his bones through his skin. He did not trust anyone and most people would not give him a second glance." Bianca started telling and looked down at her hands for a moment. "I had only just lost my husband and recognized another lost soul in the boy.
It was obvious that no one took care of him, so I did. I left him food, clothes and at los last took him home with me.
I cannot say everything has gone without trouble but I love Peter as if he were my own son. He has never told about his past and I don't push the subject. That only seems to make matters worse for the both of us."

All of the sudden Bianca looked up and the hint of a smile was replaced with a frown. She took Wendy's appearance in and slowly said: "But the two of you seem to share a history that goes further back then me taking in an orphaned boy. You triggered quite a response when he saw you. Will you tell me about it?"
"I would, but I believe you would declare me a liar ma'am." Wendy replied. "Will you accept my telling you that Peter and I were childhood friends but that said friendship was lost to us?"

Silence fell between the two women and Bianca fully realized that there was more to it. The girl in front of her simply wasn't ready to own up to it yet. Peter would not talk about it either so it seemed that she had no other choice but to wait until one of them would. So after a minute or so she just nodded and gestured towards the stairs. "Perhaps it's time to find your friendship again Miss Darling. Peter is up in his room, you can follow the sound of the flute. I will give you some privacy but would like to ask you to not close the door."

"Yes ma'am. Thank you." Wendy replied and stood. She had already taken two steps towards the stairs when she suddenly stopped in her tracks and slightly turned back towards Peter' stepmother. "I have hurt him very much and Peter is not the most forgiving person I know. Please do not think ill of either me nor him if we aren't able to rekindle our friendship."

Bianca did not say a word but her smile said everything Wendy needed to know. She would not hold any grudges towards either of them. She was convinced that everything would be alright and they would all get their happily ever after.

"Peter?" The sound of the palm flute faltered for as moment but soon continued again as though he had heard nothing at all. Wendy sighed. She had expected as much. Peter had been exhibiting the same behavior in Neverland. He had not changed much in that regard. But she had and in contrast to all those years ago she would not allow herself to be slighted. Not this time around.

Wendy paused for a moment, trying to reassure herself that she could in fact do this. She would be able to convince Peter to help her and her siblings safe London and send Captain Hook back. Would Peter not relish the thought to vanquish his archenemy once again? He would. Wendy was sure of it. He would not have changed that much.

With t hat thought Wendy placed her hand against the door and slowly pushed it open. The room had a fair amount of space but a double bed took up a big chunk of it. Peter was sitting in the middle of the bed. He had his legs folded and held his flute tightly with both hands. Wendy could remember him playing with his eyes closed but he had them open now and was logging at her with apparent annoyance.
Despite that Wendy managed a smile and said: "Hello Peter."
For a moment it seemed that the teenager wasn't planning on answering. But after a few tantalizing seconds he stopped playing and lowered the flute until it lay in his lap. "Good afternoon Wendy."
Well, at least he had not forgotten his good manners. Nut Wendy realized that one better practice caution when Peter Pan showed immaculate manners. It was then you were most likely to stick yourself into the wasp nest that was his anger. But on the bright side, he was speaking to her.

Looking around Wendy felt slightly awkward standing in Peters bedroom and could only wonder why he was annoyed with her. The last time they had spoken not an ill word had passed between them. In fact, Peter seemingly had been flirting and she had been flattered by that idea.
That was not something she should be thinking about.

Focus Wendy, focus.
Perhaps she should sit down. There was a small sofa in one of the corners of the room after all. She looked back at Peter, only to find him standing right in front of her. His brow was still knitted together in a scowl and his lips were tightly pressed together. Whatever his was about to say, his countenance didn't bode well at all.

"You should not have some here," he said at long last and Wendy could only agree with him. "I know, but I had no other choice…"

"There is always a choice Wendy," Peter murmured. He was looking at her face as though he was searching for something. And apparently he had found it because a slight smile appeared on his face and he seemed to move even closer. Wendy could feel the warmth of his body and feeling somewhat flustered she said: "You would not answer my letters. What else could I have done?"
"You could have waited downstairs for me and not set foot into my bedroom."

Wendy opened her mouth to retort but Peter places his fingers against her lips and by doing so stole the words. His hand slipped from her lips to her cheek and a slow smile appeared on his face. "You know, I've kept something of yours for years now. I think it's high time I returned it."

Peters hand now lay in the nape of her neck and as his dace inched closer Wendy realized what he intended to return to her. Perhaps she should've realized sooner, but she had not.
"Peter!" She cried, her hands finding their way to his chest. But it was too late to push the boy away. Their lips met and this time round Peter was not the inexperienced youngster, she was.

This was not the 'thimble' she had given him all those years ago. Unless it had grown and matured along with them and that idea just seem preposterous. Yet Peters lips were pressed firmly against hers and they were so close his body heat seemed to be her own. Wendy's hand relaxed a little but did not let go of his shirt as he held her against his body. He tasted like the sweet tea he must have had during breakfast and Wendy caught herself pulling Peter even closer. His shirt was now wadded up into a ball in her hand but neither of them seemed to mind.

Peters hand had moved from the map of her neck into her hair and she could feel his fingers pressing against her scalp. His other hand lay on her hip and only aided him in keeping her close to his body. It felt so right to just be standing in his arms, their lips tightly locked together. But it was wrong. So very wrong and Wendy realized it all too quickly.

For a moment she pulled him even closer and leaned into the kiss even ore. But then flexed her hands and pushed Peter away. Wendy could feel his hands slip from her body and instantly felt cold. She pushed away the emotion as soon as it came up but did not sound very convincing when she said: "Stop it Peter. You cannot do this."

He breathed fast and for a moment she saw something in his eyes she could not define. The next moment however it had disappeared, whatever it had been. A smug grin had replaced the mystery emotion and Wendy realized that he was about to say something hurtful. Not wanting to hear it Wendy said the only thing she could think of. And by doing so stopped him from saying whatever he was about to say.

"Hook is here in London. You need to help us send him back to Neverland."

Peter froze and just stared at her. Without blinking he took a step backwards, still breathing hard. The room was now filled with an entirely different kind of tension and Wendy did not hesitate to comply when Peter said: "Leave!"
Yet she didn't react soon enough and Peter shouted: "Get out! OUT!"
His voice was in stark contrast to his actions only minutes before and Wendy ran. She ran out of his room and was already halfway down the stairs when she heard something his the door en scatter.

Peter' stepmother met her down the stairs. Obviously she had heard something break but Wendy could not compose herself enough to talk to her. To explain what had happened. Tears were streaming down her face and she could not force herself to come to a standstill. So instead she kept running towards the front door saying: "I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry…"

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