This story wouldn't be on here with out the help of Vera Roberts. Who is going to help me through this story

Living a business like this we all wear masks. Some of us are the reckless daredevils that didn't care what anyone thinks or we are the brave tough princesses that seem like they are perfect. But when the masks come off, the daredevil is really a scared troubled man who really cares what everyone think and the tough woman turns into a broken mess.

I'm the princess...and he was the daredevil.

My name is Jayne Auora Andrews and I am a WWE diva. I debuted as the dark girlfriend of then-Brood member Christian. We were unstoppable until the day we fought the young Hardy Boyz. One match, I had to interfere and bite the younger Hardy boy's neck. I can't explain it but there was a magnetic force between Jeff and me both on- and off-screen. We were inseparable since that day. Christian broke up with me after I was seen kissing Jeff.

Almost immediately, my life changed. I went from the dark, silent girl to the bubbly Hardyz girl. I went from drinking fake blood to being a Gwen Stefani-type character with the low-riding jeans and the fishnet stockings on my arms. Matt and I were brother and sister while Jeff and me were soul mates. Life was good until Matt and I got moved to Smack down and Jeff was alone.

That's when the drug abuse started.

I still remember the last time I saw him. He was strung out and lashing out at everyone who tried to help him. And I mean everyone: Matt, Shane, Shannon, his father. Even me. Our love survived the traveling and sometimes not seeing each other for days. But it was ultimately the drug abuse that broke us up. I stayed with a few friends for a while so Jeff could be alone.

"Did you hear about Jeff? He got fired."

Gossip and rumors travel fast throughout the wrestling industry. You're seen with someone, you're a couple. You're a little flirtatious with a Diva, you want to get in her pants. You give a compliment to Stephanie, you're kissing her ass. But Jeff getting fired? That was something that was straight out of some people's wishful thinking. Too bad it was true.

To get my mind off Jeff, I started dating Christian again. I thought being with another man would help me try forgetting about the enigma who broke my heart. But I soon realized I was better off alone and broke up Christian after he left the company. I was happy, happier than I've been in a long while. I was good until three weeks ago when the rumors started.

The constant rumors. The whispers whenever I walked down the hall. Everyone knew. Everyone knew that I knew. Everyone wanted to know how I felt, what I thought, where I was going. Everyone wanted to know what was going to happen once we crossed paths again. Truth to be told, I was a little curious myself.


"Ash, what is this about?" I asked the diva search winner.

"I think it's about you know who. Are you feeling okay Jay? You look kinda pale." Ashley asked, feeling my forehead.

"I'm fine. Just a little tired." I said quietly closing my eyes. I could still hear the whispers. He's coming back. I can't believe Vince rehired him. I hear he's okay now but wait until he fucks up again. It was frustrating. No one trusted Jeff. No one knew him the way I did. No one cared for him the way I did. The people who were "concerned" with Jeff's well being were putting on a great front. They were more worried about him taking their spot. Again.

"I can guess from the rumors going around, you all know why you are in this meeting today…" Vince began to say

Keep breathing, don't panic. Keep breathing, I said quietly.

I started to tear up the napkin that was in front of me until Ashley grabbed my hand. "Jayne, calm down" I gave the blonde a small smile but she didn't know what that person put me through. I almost quit because he had me so stressed out and depressed.

�"Welcome back, Jeff Hardy." Vince said to the nervous looking man who just walked in the room.

�Jeff just stood there with a sheepish grin on his face. He looked better then the last time I saw him. His purple hair still fell into his bright green eyes. He was wearing a black button down shirt that showed off his still rock hard body. He looked confident to be there and grateful to be back. But one thing didn't change he still looked nervous as hell standing in front of us.

�I needed to get out of there. The meeting was over and everyone went up to congratulate him. I just got up and tried to sneak out the room. I was stopped by Ashley.

"Jayne, you can't run from him forever. Just go and say hello and look like you're happy and you don't need him." Ashley grabbed my hand and led me to the front of the room.

"No, Ash, I don't wanna go I feel sick. I can't see him. I really can't." I tried to pull away even though it's been years it still feels like yesterday.

�"Congrats Jeff." Ashley said, hugging her boyfriend's younger brother.

I closed my eyes again. "Congratulations." I said quietly looking at his feet. My eyes traveled up to his hands, and I thought about the long hours he spent creating art on the walls. I then focused on his nails, the black nail polish that was slightly chipped. Immediately, my mind flashed back to the time I gave him a manicure because I couldn't stand looking at his nails. Jeff always said he hated the primping but he never turned it down, either.

I finally looked at his face. Those bright green eyes made me dizzy every time. The sweet Southern drawl of his deep voice late at night or over the phone as we talked for hours. Immediately, my focus went to the hallways, looking up at the ceiling lights.

I need to concentrate on something other than him. "It's good to see you again Jay," he began before he took a deep breath, "I'm sorry." I needed to remember he was the one who broke my heart. He was the one who had me so depressed I could barely work. He was the one that pushed me away when he needed me the most. But he was my first true love. The man I would do anything for. The man who gave me so much love and passion, I get shivers up my spine just thinking about it.

"I got to go," I quickly said as I ran out of the room. I ran around the corner right into my boyfriend's arms.

"Hi Jay. What's wrong, babe?" He asked me.

What could I tell him? Hey honey, my ex-boyfriend just got rehired to the company and I might still be in love with him. How are you doing today? "Nothing. Let's just go, Adam." I grabbed the Rated-R Superstars hand. In the back of my mind, all I could think about was Jeff.�