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"Jayne, come back to earth." I jumped when Ashley snapped her fingers in front of my face.

I don't know how long I was out for but it must have been a while because one minute I was walking with Adam and now I'm sitting here getting my hair and makeup done. "Sorry, Ash. I was in my own little world for a bit." I smiled at the blonde.

"That's okay, Jay. What is up with you?"

"I was just thinking..." I tried to get focused but the memories of you know who were gnawing at me. "So are you ready for our match tonight?"

"I can't wait," Ashley was excited, "you, me and Trish verses Candice, Micki and Amy." I tried to match her excitement but I was starting to feel overwhelmed. I had to team up with a girl I hate against a girl who used to like me but now hates me. My boyfriend spears me at the end of the match and Jeff's back.

"Yeah, it will be good. When do we go on?" I asked, running my fingers through my teased blonde hair.

"In two hours. Our match is first. Thank you, Heather." Ashley said to the makeup woman as she got up. " Come on, Jayne, you can help me pick out a outfit."

"Great." I said matching her enthusiasm.

My life is starting to screw back up.


"Jayne, what did you used to wear back in the day?" Ashley asked me as I started to tape my wrists.

"Well, when I first started it were corsets and leather pants. Then I wore cargos tanks and fishnet gloves. Now I wear this." I said showing off my basic outfit. A pair of black booty shorts, a white cut off tee and bright pink wrestling boots.

"Cool. How do you like my outfit? I love these socks." She motioned towards them before greeting Trish, "Oh, Hi Trish! Are you excited for our match tonight?" Ashley asked her.

"Yeah, we'll do good." Trish then turns her attention to me. "So, Jayne, big news today, huh?" She asks me. "At least you knew this time and he didn't just come back unannounced." The past few years I've been ignoring Trish but every chance she gets she say those little comments. Not mean enough to get her in trouble but enough to make me mad.

"Leave me alone, Trish," I mumble as I ripped the tape.

"What? Is little Jayne upset?" She taunted.

I couldn't stand her any longer. I had to get out of here." Ashley I'm going outside. I will be back in twenty minutes." I grabbed my coat and pushed past Trish.

I started to feel better once the cool air hit my face. I finally was alone. I pulled out my pack of cigarettes and shakily put one to my lips. I knew it was a bad habit but it has kept me going.

"Smoking? A pretty bad habit isn't it, Jayne?" The familiar voice interrupted.

"Leave me alone, Randy. I'm having a bad day." I glared at the Legend Killer.

Randy put his hands on my hips. "I could make you feel better." He has always looked at me like I was a piece of meat. About a month after Christian left, I had a little too much to drink and some how I ended up in bed with Randy Orton. I have regretted that for a while now. Damn, he makes me sick.

"I have a fucking boyfriend who will kick your ass." I warned him. I was hoping some one a lot bigger would walk outside and do it.

"What happens if I told your little boyfriend that his slut of a girlfriend came on to me?"

I was scared I knew what he could do. I just hoped someone would come outside.

"Not going to talk back now, Jayne?" Randy said as he leaned closer towards me. I had one last resort. I shoved my cigarette into his leg.

"You fucking bitch!" Randy smacked me across the face.

"Dude, leave her alone." I looked up saw Randy fly against a wall. Jeff then shoved him and spat in his face. "Never hit a woman or you will have to deal with me. Got it, Randy?" Jeff glared at the retreating superstar. Randy didn't say a word but just left.


Afterwards, Jeff came over to check up on me. "Are you okay?" He helped me up.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I quickly brushed him off. "I have to go. Thank you." I said quickly walking towards the door.

"Jayne, wait."

"I'm sorry but I have a match, Jeff." I mumbled looking back at my sad ex-boyfriend. I don't know how I was going to deal with all of this. My ex-boyfriend came back and now blackmail from Randy. I took a couple deep breaths and walked to my locker room.

I knew things were going too well.