In honor of Konoha High, I've decided to write Akatsuki High. My friend Shika said it would be a good idea and so did my brother, so I had to give in! Enjoy.


Deidara's House

Beep! Beep!

Deidara groaned. He turned and tried to fall asleep once more but knew the alarm would not ever shut up.
Finally deciding that the alarm had won, he turned around and felt around for the alarm. Frustrated by the fact that he couldn't find the off button, he grabbed the whole thing and threw it.

It collided with the wall, making a loud crash.

Deidara rolled out of bed and fell with a thud onto the cold wooden floor. He got up and felt around for the light switch. He turned on the lights and squinted at the sudden brightness.

After his eyes had adjusted to the bright light, he walked over to the mirror and grabbed his hairbrush.

He began to brush his tangled hair and sighed, it was becoming a real pain caring for it. But then again...

'It's all I have in this fucking house, hm,' Deidara thought as he brushed out a particularly stubborn tangle. He grabbed his hair-tie and brushed his hair into his usual ponytail, with his golden bangs over his left eye.

After he was done, he threw his brush aside and walked over to his closet. He pulled out a black shirt, torn jeans, his jacket, and wornVans. He tossed all of this on the bed and slammed his closet door shut, not caring if he woke up his father today.

'Today is gonna suck, I just know it will, hm,' Deidara thought as he pulled on the shirt.


At school

Deidara walked over to a group of people under a tree.

"Hey guys, hm," Deidara said as he finally reached them.

"Hey Dei!" said a blue-haired girl, smiling. She had a white flower in her hair and was wearing her usual jeans and tight shirt. She was being hugged by a guy with bright orange hair and various piercings.

"Hey, Deidara," he said.

"Hey Konan, hey Pein, hm," Deidara said.

"Hey dude," said a black haired person.

"Hey Itachi...hey where's Kisame and Kakuzu, hm?" Deidara asked, looking around.

"Expelled last year remember?" a white-haired person said.

"Oh, hey Hidan, hm. Oh yeah, I remember...that was hilarious, what they did, hm," Deidara laughed.

"Don't ask about Zetsu, we think he moved...or so we hope," Hidan said.

Before Deidara could answer, though, a loud yelp of joy was heard, "DEI!"

Deidara turned around and, before he knew it, he was tackled to the ground by a red-haired someone slightly shorter than him.

"ANO SA!" Deidara yelled joyfully.

All the others sweatdropped, as Deidara and the red-head kissed each other before getting up off the ground.

"Can't you guys keep things quiet? It's like you haven't seen each other in ages!" Konan said as Deidara dusted himself off.

Deidara rolled his eyes and the red-head stuck out his tounge at her. Pein scowled. "Watch it Sasori, or I'll kick your ass."

Deidara stepped forward. "I'd like to see you try, hm."

Both Pein and Deidara glared at each other for a few seconds before Konan stepped between them and said, "Pein if you fight Deidara again, I swear I will leave you!"

Pein immediately stopped.

"Lidesu ne," Konan said, giving Pein a kiss on the cheek.

Deidara, who was still fuming, was soon comforted by a kiss on the cheek from Sasori. Deidara smiled.

Hidan's eye twitched. "So...what do you people have first period?"

Deidara pulled his already wrinkled schedule out of his pocket. ", perfect, hm."

"Hey, me too. Damn." Pein said, groaning.

"Fuck, me too," Hidan said.

"Yay, I have art!" Sasori said cheerfully.

Konan sighed. "Me too..."

Everyone looked expectantly at Itachi. "What?" he said.

"What do you have first period?" Pein asked.

Itachi pulled out his neatly folded schedule and squinted at it. After a while he finally answered. "Art."

"Why'd we all get art? We all suck, well except for Deidara and Sasori," Pein sighed.

Everyone else shrugged.

The bell rang. They all groaned and started to head inside the school and went to their lockers to drop off their backpacks.

After Deidara had slammed his locker door shut, he waited for Sasori. Once Sasori was done, him and Deidara headed to the art room.

When they stepped inside, the familiar smell of paint and clay greeted them. They looked at the chalk board on which their assingment was written:

Period 01- (Advanced Class) Do anything you like using any materials that are available, to be turned in at the end of the period.

"Crap, hm," Deidara said glumly.

"What's wrong?" Sasori asked as the others came into the room. He pulled a small, almost finished puppet out of his pocket and began to work on it.

"I can't turn in my project, hm. Remember, I b-" Deidara started.

"Yeah, you blow stuff up," Sasori said with a smile. "Maybe just this once you shouldn't blow it up?"

"I'll," Deidara said.

A few minutes later, Deidara's clay bird was all done. He looked over at Sasori's puppet which was almost finished.

"Need help, hm?" Deidara said, putting down his sculpture.

"It's ok, I'm done," said Sasori. It was true, in the time Deidara had talked, Sasori had added the final touch to his puppet.

Deidara shrugged. "Ok, hm. Should we turn our stuff in now, hm?"

Sasori stood up. "Hai, we should."

They walked over to the art teacher's desk just as the bell rang. Everybody rushed out except for Deidara and Sasori. They set their projects on the teacher's desk which he took and nodded them out of the room.

"Lidesu ne, you didn't blow up your project Dei," Sasori said as they walked out of the room.

Deidara gave Sasori a half-smile. "Well-"


Sasori sweatdropped. "Of course..."

They both laughed and walked up the stairs to their next class, as the art teacher and a few remaining students ran from the art room as smoke came out.

"Do you have History too, Sasori, hm?" Deidara asked.

Sasori sighed. "Aa..."

They stepped inside the classroom and took their seats next to each other. The teacher, a silver-haired, bored-looking man, came into the classroom. He introduced himself to the class and launched into a probably coffee-fueled History lecture that Deidara could have sworn the teacher must have written himself and memorized.

Deidara was falling asleep although he could still catch a few of the teacher's words. " years ago..."

"Dei, wake up!" whispered a voice.

Deidara's eyes flew open and he found himself staring into Sasori's round brown eyes. He blinked and raised an eyebrow. "Hn?"

"You fell asleep," Sasori explained.

"Oh, hm," Deidara mumbled, rubbing his eyes sleepily. The silver-haired teacher was oblivious to all of this and kept reciting his carefully prepared speech.

The teacher gave a loud cough and stared in Deidara's direction. Deidara looked up with an expression of tiredness in his eyes.

"Well..." the man stopped, not knowing Deidara's name.

"Deidara, hm," Deidara said.

"Deidara. Well, Deidara, it seems that you're bored...correct?" the man asked.

"Yes, hm." Deidara answered.

"Yes Kakashi-sensei, be polite. Now, I'd like you to stand up and tell the class what I've been talking about for the past half-hour," Kakashi said.

Deidara's face turned a deep red. How the fuck was he supposed to know what Kakashi had been talking about? He had been asleep!

Deidara did not stand up but stared at him, frowning.

"We're waiting," Kakashi said, his voice suggesting he was hiding a smirk.

Deidara scowled. "," Deidara stammered.

Kakashi gave a tiny laugh. "Right. Next time, pay attention instead of talking to your little boyfriend over there, yes?"

Deidara's face turned, if possible, more red than before. He leaned back on his chair and wondered if Kakashi was just kidding about the 'boyfriend' thing or if he knew. If he did, he was a real ass for making a joke like that.

He sat there, fuming, until the bell rang.


Later- Lunch

All of them were walking out of the school.

"Dochira ni ikitai no desu ka?" Pein asked. "You guys choose, I got money."

"How about...McDonald's?" Deidara suggested after a while.

"Oishiso desu ne, Dei," Sasori said, taking Deidara's hand as they all crossed the street.

The others agreed.

When they got inside, everyone ran to the playground. Pein muttered something about them being "so immature" and started to order their food.

Meanwhile, everybody else was busy climbing up the slide. Deidara was the first one up the slide and when he took a wrong step, he sent everyone else tumbling down with him. After yelling and swearing angrily at Deidara, they tried going up once more.

And they tumbled down again, all on top of Itachi.

After a while, Pein came in holding a tray with food on it and several drinks. He set it down on a table and waited a little until the smell of the food brought everyone running.

"You guys are so immature," Pein scoffed, taking a bite of his burger.

"Sorry Mr. Mature, but then of course if I recall correctly it was you who screamed like a little girl last night when we were watching The Ring," Konan said calmly, taking a sip of her drink.

Pein scowled. "I was not!"

Konan rolled her eyes and unwrapped her burger.

"Deidara, next time, you're going last!" Itachi complained.

"Well excuse me for-" Deidara started.

"Being a total dumbass?" Pein interrupted.

Deidara threw a fry at Pein's head and missed. Instead, it hit a little boy who was coming in. They all held their breaths, hoping nothing big would come of this.

The little boy began to cry.

"," Deidara said angrily, throwing a fry into the air, which also hit the boy.

The boy ran out and began to talk to a woman who looked a lot like the boy with the same brown hair and eyes. The woman appeared angry and walked into the playground.

"Who was it, honey?" the woman asked.

"It was that woman over there," sniffed the little boy, pointing to Deidara.

Oh no he didn't...

Everyone else knew what was coming when anyone called Deidara a woman. No one ever called Deidara a woman, he had anger issues.

Serious anger issues.

Very serious anger issues.

"EXCUSE ME?!" Deidara yelled angrily, getting to his feet and slamming both fists on the table, making the fries jump and the sodas splash.

The little boy stepped back, but the woman stepped forward. "How dare you yell at him?"

Deidara stepped around the table and faced the woman. "HE-CALLED-ME-A-WOMAN!"

The woman raised an eyebrow. "He can't call you a man, can he? You are a woman, aren't you?"

Deidara punched the wall. "I AM A MAN, DAMNIT, HM!"

The woman snorted. "Tch...doesn't look like it..."

"ITTAI NANI!!" Deidara snarled, running forward.

"DEIDARA, DON'T YOU DARE!" Sasori growled, getting to his feet.

Deidara stopped. "You're right,," he smirked and walked forward to the boy.

Deidara leaned forward. "I'm sorry for yelling, would you like to see something interesting, hm?" he said to the puzzled looking boy.

The boy nodded. "S-sure..."

Deidara held up one of his hands to the little boy. He showed him his palm.

The little boy screamed and ran out of the playground with the mom following running, if possible, even faster.

Deidara began to laugh. "I love this..."

Sasori walked over to him and put his hand on Deidara's back and smiled. "Nice, Dei...nice..."

"Yep, hm..." Deidara said. He looked over at his palm, on which there was a mouth. A tounge was coming out of the mouth. "Real nice..."

They both sat down to eat the rest of their food.

A while later, after they had finished their food, police sirens were heard outside.

"What the fuck is that?" Hidan asked.

"Ara?" Sasori said.

Two policemen came into the restraunt. The brown-haired woman from before came in after them and pointed them in the direction of the playground. The policemen began to walk towards the playground.

"Fuck..." Hidan said, getting up and looking around. "There's no way out."

"Kuso! Deidara, can't you go anywhere without scaring the shit out of someone?!" Pein demanded.

Deidara smirked. "Lie."

They all stood up. Meanwhile, the policemen had entered the playground and were looking around for Deidara.

"There they are," said one of the policemen, pointing at Deidara and the rest.

"Kuso!" Hidan said.

The policemen walked up to them. "You're under arrest."

"Oh fuck no!" Hidan snarled. "It'll be mythird time this month!"

"Come with us," said the second policeman. "Or else."

Everyone sighed and walked alongside the police officers and outside. They each stood beside the police car while they were being handcuffed, one by one.

"You think they'll all fit in the car?" said one of the policemen.

"Hai, they will..." said the second, he turned to stare at them. "Where do you guys go to school?"

Itachi sighed. "It's the one across the street..."

The policeman smirked. "Well then, we don't need the car, do we?"

They all groaned in unison.

Once they were on school grounds, everyone was staring at them. Who wouldn't? They were all handcuffed and accompanied by two policemen.

" dad is going to kill," Deidara said angrily.

They walked into the school and into the office, where they were told to sit down while the policemen went in to talk to the principal.

After a few minutes, the policemen came out. "They've called your parents, you're all suspended for three days."

At once, angry yells and swears erupted from the group but they soon quieted down.


The drive home was a quiet one.

"Damnit, Deidara! On the first day of school! The first day!" Deidara's father snarled.

"Gomenasai,," Deidara mumbled as they parked in front of the house.

It was not a neat house, the paint was chipped and some windows were broken. Weeds were growing all around but it had the look of a house that was once well-cared for.

"Urusai, and get out." his father growled, opening the door and walking out. He slammed the door shut and went into the house.

Deidara knew what was coming, he could have stayed in the car or run away but he didn't. Instead, he opened the door and stepped outside. With a sigh he closed the car door and walked inside the house, closing the door behind him.

"I don't care what you do today or the other days that you're suspended, as long as you're out of my sight," his father said.

"Then starve you sorry son of a," Deidara muttered angrily under his breath, for it was he who cooked and cleaned in the house.


Deidara slammed into the wall behind him with such force that the some dried paint fell down on the floor. Ignoring the excruciating pain and the temptation to faint, he looked up into his father's eyes.

"You little bastard! How dare you call me that! I am your father!" the older man roared.

Deidara shook uncontrollably, trying to hide the fact that he was in extreme pain. "G...g..."

The man walked foward, shaking hair not unlike Deidara's out of his face and staring at him with piercing blue eyes. "What was that?" he hissed dangerously.

"G-gome...nasai, o-otosan, hm..." Deidara mumbled, breathing heavily.

"Lidesu stay out of my way..." his father said, walking away.

With a tiny sigh, Deidara finally gave into the strong temptation to lose conciousness.

Dun! Dun! Dun! Well, that actually turned out better than I expected and I am really happy with this chapter! Don't worry to all my fans of Konoha High 2, I haven't stopped writting it for this one or anything of the sort. I've just been really uninspired for that fic lately u.u;; As soon as inspiration strikes, I promise I'll update, I'm trying as hard as I can! R&R plz, thanks!

Ano sa- Hey

Hai- yes

Lidesu ne- Good

Aa- Yeah

Ano- Uh

Dochira ni ikitai no desu ka- Where do you want to go

Oishiso desu ne- That sounds good

Kuso- shit

Ittai nani- What the hell

Ara- Huh

Lie- No

Gomenasai- I'm sorry

Otosan- Father

Urusai- Shut up