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"You lied..."

Akane looked up. Deidara had not spoken for hours. The funeral had ended several hours ago and everybody else had left but them.

Deidara looked down at Midori's grave. His eyes had not left that same place on the ground since the funeral had ended. The little bundle in his arms moved a little and then was still. Tears filled Deidara's eyes. he had not shed one tear. Until now.

It angered him that Midori lay underground, not knowing- not caring that her orphaned daughter was so close. The daughed whom she'd never met was here, alive and well. It was now, Deidara remembered, that he was holding his father's daughter. But he did not hate the child, for she was innocent and had yet to reveal to the blonde her first smile. she was not guilty for the crimes of her father.

"What?" Akane said, pulling Deidara out of his thouhgts.

Deidara blinked and looked at her.

"I wasn't talking to you," he muttered.

"Oh..." akane said quietly. She looked away.

Akane, whom Deidara had always known to wear bright colors, looked weird wearing all black. She did, at least, to Deidara.

He looked at the grave next to Midori's and noticed that it was her son, Haru's. Midori had only once told him the story of her son and his suicide and he now realized how much he had hurt her in trying to take his own life. Rage towards himself rose up inside him but he fought against it. Against the urge to shout.

Deidara was jealous that, even in death, mother and son could be together. He had a sudden wish to die and disappear along with Seiryu. To have one more trip to the park or ride to school in her sweet-smelling car. Just one last time.

But then, Deidara wondered, would he have the strength to let her go once more, never again to be held and comforted again by the mother he so longed for and adored? It was better this way, Deidara knew.

The baby had begun to cry and Deidara rocked her gently in his arms. "Shh, Seiryu..." he said quietly.

Another thought struck him as baby Seiryu quieted down.

Midori had lied. She had lied about the biggest and greates promise she had ever made to him.

Deidara remembered the day at the park, so many months ago. It seemed like years, really. she had promisde never to leave Deidara and she had. Not itentionally, of course. Death was impatient and not entirely preventable.


She had broken the promise that had meant night and day to Deidara. It had meant everything to him.

But he was not mad.

He could not be.

"C'mon, Deidara," Akane said suddenly, wiping dears from his face with her hand. "We've got to go..."

Deidara said nothing. He walked away and came to the grave he had been meaning to go to all day. He stared at the name:

Akasuna No Sasori

He stroked Seiryu's tiny hand as he looked down a the grave. For minutes, maybe hours, his eyes were glued to the same spot on the ground.

"Deidara? You ready to go?" Akane called from the car.

"I'm going," Deidara called back. He began to walk away and added in a whisper with a last look at Sasori's grave:

"I was just visiting another liar..."

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