No one would believe me. No one in their right minds would ever listen to my tales and walk away thinking they were true. No one ever heard such stories in their lives, but every single last word is true. Every sentence I write is from my memory and not one word is out of place. The adventure of a lifetime started on the most ordinary day and nothing was the same afterwards.

Amy Kishi sat at her desk. She was waiting for the current page on her computer to load and she watched as the little green bar at the bottom began to fill up. Next to her computer was a notebook and a pen in which she had been taking notes. Having finished with her research, Amy had decided to do pass the time before dinner with one of her favorite hobbies, reading. That was the soul activity that Amy enjoyed more then anything else in the entire world. She gobbled up school books and slowly digested any book that caught her attention. Her favorite books were usually fantasy or science fiction, which she read on a daily basis. Mangas, science, and history books were also some of her favorites. Amy loved learning about the ancient past and studied everything from the ancient cities of the Middle East to the Industrial Revolution. Science was another interest because Amy found it intriguing to find out how things worked. Whether she was learning how clouds moved or how the Earth formed, she read it all. Finally, there were the mangas which were Japanese comic books often dealing with fantasy.

Naturally, it would be presumed that someone who had such a thirst for knowledge was good at school, which she was. Amy had an uncanny ability to remember what the teachers spoke even if she didn't write it down. However, Amy only considered herself smart because she studied. She threw all of her effort into studying and schoolwork and was very proud of the results. In fact, Amy attended an advanced high school for mathematics, science, and engineering. The school was only available to those who lived in the county and you had to be accepted into the school after taking entrance exams. Only a few kids were chosen out of each town and Amy was overjoyed when she had been accepted. There were other schools that were also just as advanced on campus but each school focused on something different. One of the other schools was for teenagers interested in medicine and the students were miniature doctors by the time they left the school. The other one was for technology and any student there, by senior year could take your computer apart and put it back together in a matter of minutes.

Amy also had friends which attended her school. Since everyone was intellectual in her school, there were no social clicks, jocks, or preps. In fact, the school didn't even have its own football team. Yet, Amy's group was probably the weirdest one on campus. A fact they were very proud of. One reason for this may have been there Monday holidays, which were held every Monday or Tuesday if there was no school on Monday. Each Monday they did something different and bizarre. Last Monday, had been switch personality day in which they had wrote the names of each other on a slip of paper and traded them and whoever the person picked out of a hat they had to act like. The entire day was filled with over exaggerated personalities of each other, which they all laughed at. The most recent Monday had been Musical Monday and they had to sing anything they wanted to speak. Indeed, Amy's group of friends was by far the most insane group in the school. Also, every single person in the group had a fetish (large or small) for anime/manga. They loved to exchange books and made up most of the current anime club.

At the moment though, Amy was still waiting for her page to load. The little green bar had moved up a grand total of 5 in the last few minutes and Amy's patience was coming to an end.

"GAH!" Amy cried as the clock on the computer told her another minute had passed and she was still waiting.

"Stupid laptop," she criticized and then bent under her desk and retrieved a small rubber hammer.

Amy swung it at her keyboard and it made a squeaky sound as it hit its target. The hammer had no effect because it was made out of plastic and then blown up, but it made Amy feel better. Sighing, Amy bent down so that she was eyelevel with her computer's keyboard.

"Stupid, stupid, laptop," she muttered.

"Hello, there."

Amy let out a large scream and nearly jumped out of her seat when she heard the voice coming out of her computer. Her heart beat wildly before Amy spotted the cause of her scare. The page had started to load and there was a large popup at the top of the webpage. When her mouse had scrolled over it, the popup had sounded and Amy had forgotten that she left the sound on.

"That was scary," Amy mumbled clutching her chest before glancing around, "I really need to stop talking out loud."

Finally her page loaded and Amy gleefully scrolled down to look at the latest comment on her webpage. It wasn't a myspace or facebook or anything like that but it was her own website which she updated once in a while. Truthfully, the only people who probably knew the site even existed at all were her friends but Amy didn't care. Her last comment had been about her favorite manga of all time Full Metal Alchemist. She had finished reading the seventh chapter of the second book when she posted this comment. Amy had seen the first 20 episodes of the anime and the movie but she thought the book was much better and her friend told her the plot line was slightly different, which Amy was glad about. Sadly, no one had responded yet but then again she had only posted yesterday. Amy clicked on the html bar and typed in the website she wanted to visit, she hit the enter button and once again sat back to wait for the page to load. This time the wait was shorter but that didn't stop Amy from banging her hammer against the keyboard twice before the page finally appeared. It was a website for fans of mangas and the people wrote stories based off their favorite stories. Amy browsed through the Full Metal Alchemist stories but most of the new additions didn't seem that attractive to her. One did catch her attention though. "Make Your Own FMA Adventure" it was labeled and all one had to do was answer some questions about favorite characters and such and then submit it. Amy followed the guidelines and sent off her answers. Just then, some tapping came from out side her window.

Cautiously, Amy got up to exam the tapping. She threw back the curtains to the window and noticed that it was raining. Correction, it was sunshowering. The sun was still shining brightly as rain hit the ground. Amy, being a lover of the rain, hurriedly rushed outside to witness this rare event. Unfortunately, the rain was over as soon as it started. However, the rain had left behind a large rainbow which stretched across the sky and could be seen between the gray clouds. It wasn't a cheesy rainbow like the ones little girls admired so much but a real one with each color fading into the next one.

"A RAINBOW!" shouted a happy voice, "A real live rainbow!"

Amy had to restrain herself from correcting her littlest sister's statement. Melinda had come to join Amy on the front porch in all of her pink glory. Her pink short sleeved shirt matched perfectly with her long dark pink skirt and her black shoes with magenta ribbons. The outfit was almost a foil to Amy's outfit which was a simple pair of jean shorts that reached her knees and a green and white striped shirt. A few seconds later, Courtney joined her two sisters on the porch. Courtney was the middle sister and she was rather short for her age. Her hair was also a shade darker then Amy's and about three shades darker then Melinda's almost white blond hair. Amy's hair was a mix of different blonds and Courtney's was almost brown with streaks of gold blond running through it.


All three girls, turned to see their mother stepping out of the car with a camera in her hands. The camera was one of those kinds that had the picture come out immediately after taking it.

"Who wants it?" their mom called raising the picture into the air.

"I call dibs," Amy said and dashed over to her mom.

"No fair," Courtney whined, "I wanted it."

"Talk fast then," Amy replied taking the picture from her mom.

"I won't need to talk fast when my flying monkeys come and get you," Courtney justified.

"I don't see any flying monkeys," Amy put a hand to her eyes and peered around, "Nope no flying monkeys."

"They're on vacation," Courtney explained, "They'll get you when they come back from Canada."

"Monkeys go to Canada?" Amy asked following her mom back inside the house.

"Only during Spring break," she said.

"It's June," Amy stated.

"In that case, someone should have told the monkeys," Courtney said.

They both looked at each other and laughed. Amy and Courtney were really four years apart in age but they got along well because Courtney liked anime too. Melinda was seven years younger then Amy so sometimes they had trouble connecting. Especially when Melinda was still playing with dolls and Amy was on the computer. Though the age difference let Amy play the role of big sister which was a pain in the rear most times but it did have its good moments.

"Mommy what's for dinner?" Melinda asked when they were all inside the house.

"I'm tired," their mother complained, "Let's wait till Daddy gets home and then we'll decide."

"Okay," Melinda said excited to hear about her dad, which most little kids were.

Courtney nodded and Amy just glanced at her mom before heading back up to her room. Amy placed the picture next to her laptop with her hammer and looked at the screen. There was a notice saying she had a new message and she clicked it. It was the person she sent the survey to, messaging her. They said she would have the story done in a few days and Amy replied with a thank you.

"Yosh!" came a voice from downstairs and the familiar sound of the front door closing reached Amy's ears.

"I brought Chinese food," her dad shouted from downstairs.

"CHINESE FOOD!" her sisters screamed from the playroom in the basement and running up the stairs.

"SAVE SOME FOR ME!" Amy called and she turned back to the screen. Frantically, she began to save and close programs, so that she could get some food before it disappeared.

"Come on, come on," she whispered to the screen, "Save faster."

It was down to the last screen which was AutoCAD. It was a program she had been using for school for engineering and architecture. The drawing on the screen was really a result of her experimenting with the program but she had created a circle with all these designs. It wasn't alchemy per say, at least that wasn't her intention, it was a magic circle from a book she read. The ancient hand-me down printer made loud creaking noises and started creaking and groaning while it printed out her drawing.

"AMY THE FOOD WILL GET COLD!" her mom yelled up the stairs.

"I KNOW," she yelled back, turning to the printer, "Stupid printer."

Finally, the printer spit out her paper and Amy grabbed it while pressing the off button on her laptop. Suddenly bright lights began to swirl around the room and wind whipped Amy's hair around. Startled, Amy dropped the paper, but the lights and wind continued.

"Oh my," Amy gasped. She grabbed her plastic hammer sitting next to the computer.

"MOM! DAD!" she screamed frightened, "HELP ME!"

Footsteps could be heard as her parents hurried up the stairs. The lights suddenly turned dark and the wind picked up.

"MOMMY!" Amy shouted at the top of her lungs, "SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!"

Out of the floor rose a giant door like thing. Amy's room wasn't exactly roomy. In fact it was about the size of a walk in closet, so her bed was tall with shelves, drawers, and a pullout desk under it. If you crawled under the desk you were in a compartment under the bed facing the wall. So when this door appeared in front of her, there was no space in Amy's room. Black hands began to seep out from the door and Amy quickly tried to crawl under the bed. Something grabbed her ankle and began to pull her back. Fear and panic spread through Amy as she clawed at the floor trying to escape. Tears began to flood out of her eyes. Desperately, she tried to kick what was dragging her back but it just grabbed her other foot.

"SOMEONE PLEASE!" she half-screamed half-cried.

Amy slid across the floor and whatever had a hold on her legs began to crawl up her body. Panicking she tried to turn around so she could hit the creatures with her plastic hammer which had fallen on the floor. However, the thing was already at her waist and crawling upwards. Her lower half was in the doorway and with a final tug at her shoes; Amy was pulled through the doorway. The door slammed in her face as Amy was up righted. The space she was in was all yellow and for the first time Amy saw what had dragged her through the hallway. They were little black creatures almost like imps and they had yellow eyes and black claw-like fingers.

"Let me go," Amy commanded struggling against their tight grip. The creatures gripped tighter when Amy tried to shake them off.

Instantly, they let go and Amy fell backwards and her back hit a floor.

"Hello," a voice spoke.

Amy turned over to see a shadow like figure about 10feet away. It had no eyes or distinct features and was entirely grey. Stunned, Amy stood on her knees and looked at the strange person.

"I am truth," it said.

"Truth," Amy repeated.

"The creator, the maker," it said coming closer, "I know all. I am all."

Amy didn't move. Her world had been turned upside down in a matter of seconds.

"You came to see, right?" It asked her, "You want to know."

She shook her head. Truthfully Amy would have like to know everything, but if it was from Truth she would pass.

"You lie," Truth said, "You want to know, don't you?"

"NO!" Amy screamed getting up, "I want to go home! Let me go home!"

Panic spread through Amy as Truth stepped closer. She backed up, shaking her head.

"This isn't real. This isn't real," she muttered staring wide-eyed at Truth.

"Oh but it is," it taunted, "I know all. I see all. I know everything about you."

"Let me go back," Amy demanded, "Leave me alone."

The thing just smiled.

"This is a one way street. You have to keep going."

If possible, Amy's eyes got even wider. The door opened up again and the little black hands grabbed her and began to pull her back.

"No, no, no," Amy screamed, "LET ME GO!"

"I look forward to seeing how you find a back road," Truth waved before the door shut in Amy's face and she was flying through the air again. This time Amy struggled harder against the creatures but to no avail. Once again all the creatures let go at the same time and Amy was flying through the air again.

She turned around so her head was facing the ground. This probably wasn't the best idea, when Amy saw what was happening. Below her was a long drop down to Earth. The drop was easily over a couple thousand feet and Amy was falling at an alarming rate. She closed her eyes but the wind pressure made them open and she was forced to watch the images come closer and closer into view. It was like zooming into something. One second it was all green and blue, the next she could see colored patches which were quickly followed by a view of the cities and towns.

"I'm going to die!" Amy thought scared beyond measure, "I'm going to hit the ground and go sploosh! I am going to die!"

A body of water came into view and Amy studied it. If it was deep enough and moving water, she had about a one in a billion stakes of living. However, if the water was still or shallow, she was 100 doomed. The next few moments were a blur for Amy but each nanosecond was etched in her mind. One moment she was staring at the fast approaching water and the next thing she knew she was at least 10 feet underwater. The pressure of the fall pushed Amy deep into the water. Praying for a miracle Amy put all of her effort into swimming upwards. Her clothes dragged her down, but she refused to remove them in fear of sinking back down into the depths of the water. Using every bit of strength and knowledge she had gained from her lifeguard course her mom made her take, Amy finally broke the surface of the water. Amy took a giant breath for her poor lungs and then she swam towards shore. Slowly, she pulled herself out of the water and collapsed on the grass. When she gained enough breath back she crawled away from the water's edge. Her arms shook from exhaustion and she was breathing hard and deep. It felt like there were people pounding on her brain with giant hammers and she could barely keep her eyes open. The weariness caught up with her and Amy fell asleep.