What made you choose this foolish seafarer
Over the one you saw as an angel?
The life of music that you had dreamed of
Had been in your grasp; it would have been yours!
The songs would have filled your heart and your soul.
And, yes, I would have been there, listening
As your voice would stir my heart's memories,
For I would have still loved you even then.
Would you have found that so unbearable,
Since your heart would not let you forget me?
Would I have been an eternal shadow,
More inescapable than the Phantom?
Dear Christine, I would not have wanted that,
No matter how much pain it would have meant.

But one glance into your seraphic face
Gives me the answer that I've been seeking.
Your jewel-like eyes say so much to me.
It was the knowledge of my love for you,
The bright future I wanted to give you,
And your love for me that helped make your choice.
You knew that the ghost and I both loved you;
Forgive me for ever making you choose.
"Please, my dearest, don't feel sorry," you say,
In that voice which could stop the rising moon
In the middle of its nightly journey.
"It was in our younger days by the sea
That I first knew that you would be the one."
Likewise, Christine; I knew it then as well.