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Ten years of knowing her and three years of marriage still could not prepare Kyouya for this sight.

It was late at night, but he was still awake, watching his wife peacefully sleeping.

He liked the way her breathing was steady and calm, and how she looked serene -a true picturesque moment.�If he had had the energy, he would have taken the time to carefully paint her wonderful likeness and show it to the world.

That was a big 'if' of course, since Ohtoris did not, and do not,�ever�publically show their emotions.�And Kyouya certainly was not going to be the first.�The heir of the Ohtori Comany had yet to be named, and�he was trying just as hard, if not harder, as his older brothers.

He looked back at his wife.�Haruhi had just finished another case today, and Kyouya knew that the stress always piled on until it was�finally over.�In that respect, he was glad that it was over, but he knew that she would have another case waiting for her the next day.

Thinking back, Kyouya realized how stupid he was.�It hadn't been until recent years when he finally saw the light.�The light that was Fujioka - now Ohtori - Haruhi.�

What he liked about her the most were her eyes.�When her eyes were open, he saw an endless depth of mystery.�He saw her chocolate-colored eyes trying to understand him and all his high-class upbringing.�He saw her understanding eyes as she helped him through sickness and life in general.�He thought he could see the whole world in her.�If she was gone, so was the world he lived in.

When she was sad, his world crashed down.�When she was happy and smiled at him - that natural smile of hers�- he felt reborn.�He had never told Haruhi this, nor would he ever, but perhaps Haruhi knew already - she understood him so well.�But then again, she might not.� After all, she still possessed that denseness when it came to certain matters.

Kyouya loved that about her too.�True - �it had annoyed him a bit in the beginning, but he was used to it now.�Well, almost.

He sat up in�bed, and he felt Haruhi stir next to him.�The next day, he was going to have a big business meeting, and he knew that if it went in his favor, it would help him in his competition with his brothers for control over the company.�Maybe, he thought, he could go out to dinner with Haruhi afterwards; they both had been busy with their own careers recently.

Then he thought he�heard Haruhi mumble something in her sleep.

"Go to sleep," he whispered to her.

"Are you still awake?" she mumbled back.�"Don't you have a business meeting tomorrow?"

He was impressed that Haruhi knew.�Usually, she held no interest in his work and she didn't bother him much about it.�That was another thing he liked about her.�She didn't pester him like some of the other prospective brides his father had chosen for him.�She didn't force her way into his bed, and she never annoyed him to no end.

Haruhi was amusing.�And that was the difference.

He saw her sleepily open one eye.�"Kyouya?" she said, not knowing how much he was affected by her simple gesture.�He could feel himself melting, his heart was still�softening up from all those years of detachment.

"Yes?" he replied.

"Aren't you tired?"�She was dirfting back to sleep.

Finally, she closed her eyes, and her breathing bacame quiet.�He stroked her hair, and she snuggled up to him.

"It was all because of you," he whispered.�"All because of your eyes..."

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