Between the Lines of Gossip Girl

Summary: Just like the ones I did for Harry Potter. These are short, pointless insights into the characters as seen by an all-knowing outsider. The outsider could be either me or Gossip Girl in this case, whichever floats your boat.

Author's Note: Read them, review, and make a guess as to which each person is. They are obvious as hell but I want to know if they were good or not. It's not something fun and upbeat but I wasn't in a very fun and upbeat mood when I wrote these either. I only am putting on four but if you guys want more, you could tell me.

Call someone, the water's running, the brush is moving, the food is coming, get some help, she needs a hug, she needs a friend, she needs some love, the one she wants will never see, the one she needs will never know, the one who's there won't walk the stairs, and her body's rocking to and fro, the deed is done yet all she sees, as she's resting on her knees, is the damage she has done, and the blood that covers her, "somebody call 911."


She didn't care, he says, she never cared, she didn't want to have him, she didn't want to know him, she didn't want to see him, she didn't want to live for him, she probably wanted him to grow up wrong, to love the drink and drugs and thongs, to lust after the ones he doesn't need, to screw his life (and everything else) with speed, to want someone he can't have, to find her lying dead in the bath, he hates her with ever fiber in his being, but when he hates her the most is when his eyes start stinging.


She hugs him again and he can smell her smell, feel her touch, he wants to yell, she kisses him next and he twitches a bit, he doesn't want her and he never did, his eyes go to the other girl, the girl who is so superior, the girl who glides like a dove in the sky, and makes all the rest inferior, the girl with the golden mane, who's eyes shine brightly when she says his name, the girl who loves that other guy, the one who follows them with his downcast eye, the one who doesn't belong in their world, doesn't even have an initial worthy of Gossip Girl, the one who's not poor but isn't rich, sigh, he's one lucky son of a-


Sex, booze, and more of the first, her life goes from fucked, to bad, to worse, her professors are sleazy, her grades are sad, her mother's horrible, she misses her dad, he used to tuck her in at night and then chase her mom upstairs, now he bathes in the sunlight in England? Mexico? Somewhere,� he left her with her psycho mom or was it the other way, she kind of still blames her mom to that very day, her mom got the divorce, and left him out to dry, then she married probably ten other guys, she traded away her life and kids for a bucket of green, or at least that's what S sees while meeting guy thirteen, tonight she won't go to the bar, and she won't get drunk at all, she won't break down and give herself to some perv in a bathroom stall, she'll go to B's and watch a flick, maybe she won't even cry, or maybe she'll just be like Mrs. C, because really who would miss her if she died?

(c) Dezilacilous