"Ahhhhh…." Rouge yawned as he awoke to the new day. Too bad it had to start out badly. "AhhhHHHH!" Rouge yelled, as he slipped on a banana peel he had left on the ladder that led to the top of their bunk bed, landing most painfully on his chest, knocking the air out of his lungs. "Whhhhyyyyy!" Rouge yelled, waking his twin brother/other half, Blue, who laughed upon seeing his position. "Foiled again, dear half?" Blue chuckled, helping Rouge up and supporting him while Rouge caught his breath. "It… wasn't… my… fault… yesterday!" Rouge wheezed. Blue chuckled again when Rouge shuddred, recalling that painful memory. It had been a clear, sunny day, as usual, and Rouge had woken up the exact same way- slipping on a banana peel. That time, he had landed on top of Blue, who had immediately woken up and cast the Psychic Prison spell, resulting in a slap and a nasty glare from Rouge. "Great." Rouge had said. "Now how am I supposed to go on the rest of the day? I'll be knocked out trying to just heal myself! I didn't even get a good night's sleep!" He had, as he himself had predicted, been knocked out when he had attempted to use the spell Mindheal on himself, the backfire from the Psychic Prison spell just enough to knock him out. Blue had received an earful why he had awoken. Blue was brought out of his daydream when Rouge poured freezing cold water down his back. "YAAAAAAAA!" Blue yelled, jumping nearly a mile high. "WHAT THE HELL, ROUGE!" Blue yelled, fuming. "W-ell…" Rouge started. "You were staring off into space- not literally, mind you." Blue growled warningly. Rouge swallowed loudly, and then cheerily continued. "I didn't know how else to get you out of that state, but then I spotted that water on you nightstand. So, I thought, 'Well, there's nothing else to wake him up, besides spells, and it still is pretty could-'" "YA THINK!" "' so what better way is there to wake him up?'" 'I can think of a few.' Blue thought evilly. 'I gotta face facts- the guy's a nincompoop! Hmph. And to think- this guy wanted to kill me-' "EEEEEE!" Blue squealed when Rouge poured piping hot water all over him. "You," Blue said angrily. "Are going to Hell, Rouge." "But," Rouge wondered. "Didn't we destroy Hell? And wouldn't you go with me, since we both are a person?" Blue sweat dropped. "Spare me…" After those chain of… events, the twins started getting ready for their daily training session with Asellus. "I can't wait to beat Rouge. Ah, it's going to be a loooong day today." Blue mumbled to himself. "Oi! I heard that, Blue!" Rouge yelled from the other room. "Hai, a loooong day."