My friends were joking around about the most ridiculous ads they found online, when reading fanfictions. We then challenged eachother to write a 200 word drabble about it. The best one wins thirty-six bucks. It would have been sixty, but twelve was the most that one of us (-cough-) didn't have twenty bucks on them at the moment. Since there's really no Twilight involved, I actually don't need a Disclaimer. Stephenie Meyer doesn't own the name Cullen, lol. I'm posting it here, because I thought everyone could relate to it. Or at least some of you can, lol.

If Only
200 Word Challenge

She scanned through the titles quietly, smiling when she found one that looked good.

She read through the first chapter, sadly a short one, before continuing onto the next. In a matter of minutes, she managed to blow through fifteen chapters…almost forty thousand words. She managed to find a good fic, for once.

She continued onto the next chapter, sighing at all of the fluffy moments, and frowning sadly at the angst-filled ones. She could feel the pain, and for some sick and twisted reason, she enjoyed it.

Finally, she scrolled down to the bottom of the page, realizing she'd run out of pages to read.

She frowned a bit more, wanting more, but knowing that she could wait for more. It was worth it.

She was about to click the "Add Story to Story Alert," when an ad at the bottom caught her eye.

Looking for Cullen?
Find exactly what you want today.

She snickered quietly, not wanting to catch the attention of her fellow library goers, and sighed, before logging off of the computer and heading for the front door of the library. She reached into her pocket for her keys as she thought, If only.