Disclaimer: Winx Club belongs to Iginio Straffi. I don't own it; I am simply using the characters he created for my own, uncreative imagination.

Soft tears, cold as ice, dripped from his eyes as he kneeled before the dreary tombstone. It was too late for him to save her, too late for him to say goodbye. He knew now that he would never be able to stroke her soft hair, to give her a hug when she needed one.

It was sad, of course, that his first, last, and only love had left. The only thing he could remember, after all these years without her, was a void in his heart. It was as if there was a black hole in his heart. And to have seen his friends everyday, happy with the ones they loved, but still mourning their loss.

He knew they were worried about him. He hadn't ever been the same as before, not since she had died. He had his reasons.

She haunted his dreams, every night. It had always been the same. Each time, she dropped to ground as he was running, running as fast as he could, yet she seemed so far away. Every time he got to her, she wasn't breathing. It was always too late.

It was a bit obvious to say that he blamed himself for this.The way his eyes didn't sparkle anymore, the way his laughter didn't reach his eyes...Everything he did was a lie.He could laugh and smile, but the cold truth was always there: he would never really be happy.

His memory consisted only of her. He couldn't remember graduating, couldn't remember passing exams at Red Fountain. He could only remember her, with her long red hair and sparkly blue eyes.

Now, as his blond hair was tossed about by the wind, his vision blanked. The past flashed before his eyes, although he should have been paying attention to the road. After all, not paying attention when you're on a levabike was dangerous. It wasn't really his fault, though. It wasn't his fault he crashed. It wasn't his fault he died. It wasn't his fault that he had wanted to die. It wasn't his fault his wish was granted.

The pairing for this story was Sky/Bloom. I'm not sure it was very apparent, as the only mention of an actual pairing was with Bloom's hair and eye colors.