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"What are men to rocks and mountains?" Elizabeth Bennet; Pride and Prejudice

I can't agree with you more Elizabeth, Tammy thought.

She was in her bedroom, sitting on her window seat. Her worn copy of Pride and Prejudice rested in her right hand.

There weren't any mountains around Baltimore but Tammy wished there were; she wanted an escape from the horrible day she was having.

It all started at rehearsals that morning. She was paired up with IQ. It was an easy cha cha number and things started off smoothly when she looked up into IQ's shining eyes. She became mesmerized and stepped on his toes by accident. They both had apologized, though it wasn't his fault. Brad was nearby and told IQ to "take care of his woman" and IQ didn't respond. Shelley was Brad's dance partner and when she heard what he said, she whacked him on the back of his head.

She was bewildered that IQ stayed silent through it all. Tammy was sensitive and some days she was more sensitive than others, so she refused to talk to him for the rest of rehearsal and stormed out of the studio when everyone was told they could leave.

Tammy sighed as she turned the page of her book. She had read it a hundred times before but it was still her favorite story and she found it comforting whenever she was upset. She related more to Jane Bennet than Elizabeth. Like Jane she was rather shy and she liked to think the best of people.

Tammy was so wrapped up in reading that she failed to hear a soft knock on her door. She didn't hear it open either. She only jumped back into reality when she heard a gentle, masculine voice.

"Tam?" IQ said.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

He kneeled down besides her and placed her book aside before taking her hand in his. "I wanted to apologize for earlier."

Tammy jerked her hand out of his. "You just stood there and said nothing! You let Brad talk like I'm someone that needs to be taken care of; it insulted my intelligence."

"Tammy, Brad is an idiot who wouldn't know a decent, caring, and intelligent woman if she hit him over the head."

Tammy let out a small giggle but quickly masked it with a cough. "And you do?"

He nodded as he took her hand back in his again. Tammy felt herself melt as she continued to look into his sorrowful eyes.

"I'm sorry for not saying anything. I was just shocked that he'd actually say something like that out loud. Brad can be a real knuckle head sometimes."

Tammy nodded. "He can be real sweet when he wants to be though. Underneath it all, he is really a good guy."

IQ grinned. "You like to see the best in people don't you?"

"Yes," Tammy answered matter-of-factly.

He cupped her cheek with his left hand, rubbing small circles with his thumb. "Am I forgiven?"

Tammy sighed. His hand felt so warm and comforting on her skin. How could she not forgive him when he was being so sweet and his eyes shone with remorse? So she nodded her head.

"I do."

IQ engulfed her in a tight embrace.

Forget rocks and mountains; men are much better, warmer too, Tammy thought as she rested against IQ's chest.