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I thought I could have a happy ending. I thought that everything would work out okay. I was so wrong. So, so wrong. People were dying all around me, screaming for help. People I love have perished. Slain by the hand of the monster who made me. I looked around and never felt so alone. I felt unshed tears prick my eyelids. Laurent. . .Ash. . .Flora. . . Mike. . .All of them, gone. I screamed and raised my head to the sky. The blood red cyclone of clouds whirled above my head and I heard Annebelle call my name. "Noleen, come to me."

I walked towards her, my eyes onyx. "You bitch!" I screamed.

She cackled, her eyes red. "Come to me, my dear, and accept your fate."

Edward was by her, his eyes lifeless. I sank to my knees. "No," I whispered. I crawled towards him, getting blood and other fluids on me and my clothes. "Edward, Edward no!" He was cold, so cold. I kissed him and shook him. "Edward, Edward!"

He didn't wake.

A/N: Guess who's back! lol. I would hate me after reading that, seriously. Well, this is the last Bad Bella story, so enjoy it haha. It should be pretty long though. So, that's good. At least 35 chapters. Well, that's what I'm hoping. Get ready for one hell of a wild ride! Thanks for reading!