On the morning of November 1st 1981 a baby was found on the doorstep of an orphanage in Southern England. The baby had a mop of black hair and brilliant green eyes. The only sign of who the baby was was the embroidered name Harry James on the blanket.


The wizarding world was celebrating the downfall of Voldemort. Lily and James Potter and their daughter Chloe Siriria were proclaimed heroes as Chloe was the girl who lived. They were staying at Chloe's godfather's home in London for the press to speak to them. Very few people paid attention to the second twin; Harry James who his parents said had been killed and taken away by death eaters.

At Hogwarts in the headmaster's office three men were meeting.

"I know my godson is alive." Remus said.

Albus shook his head. "I know you have a bond with your godson but Remus he is dead."

"I have had a link with my cub since he was born. I would know if he was dead."

"What reason would Lily and James have to lie about their son?" Albus asked.

"They want Chloe to be heir to the Potter estate. By getting rid of Harry Chloe becomes heir." Remus said.

Severus spoke up. "I have not been ousted as a spy yet. I have spoken to the other death eaters, the boy was not taken."

Albus sighed. "You both truly believe that Harry is alive?"

Remus nodded. "I know he is."

"You must find him then. I don't want anyone to learn you're searching for Harry though."

Severus and Remus left the office and headed for the gates of the school. When they got beyond the wards theyapparated to the front garden of Spinner's End. Inside Remus turned to his husband.

"We've got to find my godson."

Severus kissed his husband. "We'll find him I promise you."

Severus led him down to the potions lab that he kept in the basement of the house. He had been making living brewing potions for Hogwarts medical wing and for St. Mungo's.

"When he was born you had a blood bond with Harry?" Severus asked.

Remus nodded. "It's why I know my cub is alive. I didn't tell Albus because it's borderline black magic."

"Old blood families have done it for centuries. I did with Draco."

Severus started pouring some ingredients into a stone basin and then he made Remus add a few drops of his own blood."It should act like a pensive and show us where Harry is if you focus on the boy."

Remus focussed hard and a picture of a stone building appeared. "It's an orphanage."

The two found out where the orphanage was located and found the paper work necessary for them to claim the boy.


The nun who ran the orphanage was sitting at her desk when one of the younger nuns knocked on the door. She informed the older woman that men had arrived claiming to know the boy.

"Sirs, I am told that you know the identity of the child left here." She asked as she entered the room.

The lighter haired man nodded. "He is my godson. I am his guardian if his parents are unable, and Severus is his cousin"

The other man handed over some paper. "These prints will confirm his identity. As my cousin is unable to care for the boy we have come to take him home with us."

The woman nodded. "We of course are always happy to send children home with their own families. I see this is all in order. There are some forms you need to fill out."

She led the two men to her office and handed them the forms. She had always been a good judge of character. She knew when people had good intentions and she knew these men both did. She called for another nun to bring the boy in.

"Remy" the boy cried as soon as he saw the two men and held out his hands.

Remus scooped up the boy as the old nun smiled. "I guess that's a final confirmation. He has not spoken since we found him."

"Hey cub we're going to take you home with us." Remus said as the boy snuggled into him and fell asleep.

The old nun was smiling. "Poor little boy has had quite the bad night. I'm glad to see he'll be home with his family."

When the paper work was done Severus and Remus had legal custody of the boy in the muggle world but they headed to Hogwarts to make it legal in their world as well. Albus sent not only for Lily and James but for the senior Potters a swell.


William and Katherine were the first to arrive. "What is this about Albus?"

Albus simply pointed to the corner where Katherine noticed Harry in Remus' arms. "Harry" she cried and took her grandson from his godfather.

William was shocked as he watched his wife hold their grandson. "How is this possible?"

Lily and James chose that time to come through the door, holding Chloe in their arms. Neither of them looked pleased to have been called on such short notice to school.

Lily noticed her son. "Harry" she exclaimed.

James turned to his son. "How?"

Remus growled. "Don't pretend to be surprised or relieved, after abandoning your son to die."

James was angry. "How dare you?"

"We could have you charged with child abandonment." Remus snapped.

Albus tried to calm down the situation. "Remus and Severus have taken custody of the boy. We're asking you to sign adoption papers."

Lily shook her head. "No"

"Remus and Severus have agreed to not press charges against you if you sign over your rights to the boy."

James and Lily did not need much persuasion. Get rid of any responsibility for a child they never wanted and avoid prison time. They went to sign the paper work but stopped when they noticed the name.

"Remus Severus Snape."

Severus nodded. "The boy will be safer without your name. Keep him away from the press."

The parents signed the papers and were about to leave when William Potter grabbed his son by the arm. "You're disowned."

James sputtered. "You can't. I'm your heir."

William looked at his grandson. "No Harry, or should I say Remus Jr. Is my heir. You won't get any of it."

Lily and James fled from the office and William and Katherine agreed to act as witnesses for the signatures of Remus and Severus to adopt their grandson.

"I hope you don't mind we changed his name. It'll just make it safer for Harry and easier for him to grow up."

William nodded. "We're just happy that our grandson will be happy and taken care of."

Katherine handed the boy over to Remus. "All we ask is that you allow us to continue to be a part of his life."

When the older couple had left Albus sent the paper work off to the ministry and turned to the two men. He invited them to stay and have dinner with him before they returned home.

Severus looked at his husband and new son. "I think it's time we take our little boy home.

Albus smiled. "You three make a beautiful family."

Authors note: Some how my first chapter was deleted on the site. I had to do a rewrite so if anyone had read the chapter before; it explains why it might sound a bit different. I tried to stay as true to the original chapter as possible.