It was barely dawn when the first wave of attack hit the school. The werewolves were at the front of the attack but Remus had proved true. As soon as most of the enemy attackers were within the school walls, the werewolves turned on their former allies. Remus took wolf form and went among them to lead their charge against the Death Eaters. The centaurs were the only other back non human troops they had and they were to remain in the background unless they were needed. They had Remy, Draco and Chloe as well as the Weasley twins now there and they were to keep them safe as best as they could. Chloe would be needed only when Voldemort made an appearance and they knew that would not be until later on. He would either come when his troops had the battle won or when he knew he had to end it.

Rabastan Lestrange was at the lead of the Death Eater troops and spotted Severus and Regulus with Lucius. "You three will be begging for mercy for hours."

Lucius looked at him. "You will die like that snivelling brat of a brother of yours as well as your sister in law. You will be lucky; we will give you a swift death."

The Lestranges should have both been there. They knew that if Bellatrix was not there with them, likely with the Dark Lord. They knew whose bed she had been warming for years and it was not her husband's. Or at least not exclusively that is. The woman had been the lover of Voldemort in the first war as well. He would keep her and the snake close by his side to the end. Rabastan was even more worthless then his brother. Voldemort would not mind if he died in the ranks of the men. Their victory was all that mattered.

Lucius looked at the Black brothers and Severus. "He is mine to take down. Go and focus on the other troops."

Severus was reluctant but he reminded himself it was the man's brother who had tried to rape his son. "Watch your back Lucius, you know he fights dirty."

There had been a feud between the two of them since school. Rabastan had tried for the hand of Narcissa. The Lestranges wanted both Black sisters. Rabastan was in fact betrothed to Bellatrix first and Rodolphus to Andromeda but when Andromeda eloped with Ted Tonks that changed. He had tried to get the baby sister when Rodolphus had been engaged to Bellatrix instead of him. But Lucius and Narcissa were in love and their parents arranged the marriage for them. Rabastan had detested Lucius who was always more powerful and who had made the inner circle right away. The fact that he had been a spy was only a part in it.

He looked at Lucius as he sent a curse at him. "I will take that bitch finally. You know she will warm my bed for days before I finally slit her throat. I promise."

Lucius blocked the hex and sent off one of his own. "You are just angry because you were such a cockless bastard you could not get laid if you tried."

Rabastan through a cruciatus at him. "Your son on the other hand I plan on keeping for years. I need a good little fuck dog. He will soon be licking at my feet."

Lucius blocked the second hex and he directed one of his own and it hit the man. "Scum like you will never lay a hand on either my wife or my son. I swear."

Lucius shot a severing curse at the man's throat and he fell to the ground with the life blood of the man pouring into the ground. There were some among the minor troops who seeing their captain take down were shaken to the core. It worked to the advantage of their side as many of them were taken down in the confusion. The senior Death Eaters started calling out orders. They reminded their man that Voldemort and not Rabastan was their leader.

Severus returned to his side. "You know your wife and son are safe but you did them proud. Now we need to take down the inner core to draw him out."

Lucius shook his head of the thoughts. "I have never been so close to using the killing curse as I was right then."

Though in a time of war and battle it would be permitted for them to use the unforgivable curses. Many were using the cruciatus when it was needed. But there were few of them which would have the stomach to use the killing curse. They might kill the enemy like Rabastan with something like a severing charm but the killing curse took something greater from the person casting it and no one among the light troops seemed to have the stomach for it. The wolves were more valuable then they had imagined for they had no qualms of killing. They had been given orders that they were not to bite to turn or to feast on any body. There were only allowed to bite once to kill. But for well trained wolves that was more then enough for them. Remus still had not turned back to human form. He was among them leading them.

Sirius came out from behind them. "We are pushing the enemy back. They are nearly outside of the school gates again. The kids within should be safe enough."

Severus saw that he was right. "We need to pursue but we are not leave the school grounds. This school and those within the walls need to be our first priority."

They knew that the common troops would be driven to leave the grounds and chase after to make sure that the enemy did not get away. They were not worried there was a trap out there but they knew that if the school was weakened from defences Voldemort would attack. They needed to have their attention where it was meant. They knew that the troops that they had in town would take out those who were running for the rest of them. They knew those were headed for the town as it was the quickest way for them to escape from the lands.

The troops were gathering the last stragglers when the centaurs suddenly appeared from the woods. Other then their arrows they had not come onto the field. They had said they would not come unless they were needed. The centaurs were usually a peaceful race unless they were protecting their own lands.

Firenze appeared with Draco on his back. "My brother and the girl have gone after the Dark Lord. We could not stop them."

Severus was shocked and he looked to Draco. "What do you mean that my son and Chloe have come after him? He was to be safe."

The centaurs and Draco explained that they had not been able to stop them. Remy had taken off in his phoenix form but he had flashed his sister with him when he had gone. They were not sure but Remy and Chloe had both been saying that they needed to end this before anyone else was killed. There had been some casualties among the ministry employees and a few of the older students fighting though from what they could see none of their own order had been killed yet.

Severus shook his head. "Damn it, he went off on his own with just Chloe. I just pray that the two of them can do this on their own."


Remy had no idea how he knew where Voldemort was but he and Chloe knew. He flashed them to the edge of the lake where strange dark woods had grown up. He wondered if the man had believed no one would see the difference. He knew that these woods were new and not part of the centaur lands. He turned back to human form and he and Chloe stood hidden watching as Voldemort was in the center of the clearing with Bellatrix and a few of his other men. The snake was there as well. They knew they needed to find a way of killing the snake if they had a chance of killing Voldemort. The snake was the last of the horcruxes.

Remy looked at his sister. "You need to stay down. I am going to use one of my forms and I will try and get close enough to the snake so I can try and kill it."

Chloe nodded. "Be careful big brother please. I need you by my side through this. I can not win this battle without you by my side. I can't."

Before he could react though he was suddenly grabbed from behind. He has assumed that it was a Death Eater but he saw the shock in the face of Chloe and he realized why it seemed so familiar. His fear grew ten told when he found his wand taken from him and he was dragged into the clearing by the headmaster. Albus had been watching the kids and had been waiting for the chance. He knew that he needed to make Chloe stand by him in the end so he did not face prison.

Voldemort sneered at the man. "So you have decided that you will try and offer me the little brat once and for all so that I might back off."

Albus kept a wand at Remy's neck. "You know your troops are done for and you need out of here. I am making a deal, you take the brat and you leave my school."

Voldemort smiled down at the child. "It would definitely ensure that the order came to me in the end. I must say I am intrigued by your offer."

Albus tossed Remy at him. "You can't deny you would like to rape and have your way with that fine little body. You'll have some days before his dads come."

Remy was sickened as he felt the snaky hands on him and as hard as he tried he could not summon his magic. He realized that Albus had not only managed to collar him but there was a bracelet on his wrist as well. Both were magic dampeners. A double shot of the power and he was struggling to even sense his magic any more. He remembered what he had seen before. He knew what his fate would have been. He was sickened as Voldemort pulled him in close and pressed his snaky mouth over his. Closing his eyes he tried to stay as calm as possible. He had been raped once before and nearly again. He had sworn never again. He would never be again. He summoned every ounce of magic he could even sense and the bracelet fell from his hand and he was able to force his way back from Voldemort.

The man looked at Albus. "I see he will be a lot of fun. Very well I will leave but you might want to tell his dads they have a week to come find me before he is dead."

Albus looked down at Remy. "You brought this on yourself. I am sorry my boy. But you should have let me hand you over before and not risk my school."

Remy realized something as he was on the ground. He watched in horror as the great snake was coming his way. He could not draw the sword of Gryffindor without drawing attention from anyone else but he reached for his quiver. He did not tell anyone but he had his special arrows on him. He did not know if this would work for there was no basilisk blood on the arrow as on the sword but channelling his magic and the flames of his phoenix form he took an arrow and stabbed through the very head of the snake as if the arrow had been some kind of dagger. The arrow became flames and the entire snake turned into one long row of fire and erupted. Remy had transformed into his phoenix form as the collar fell free.

Voldemort screamed. "You have betrayed me Albus. You will be the first one to die here. You will die and everyone in the school will die with you."

Albus had his wand raised at the man. "We all know that your horcruxes are all destroyed and even before you feared me. I will see you destroyed finally."

Before Remy could react as there were hexes running left and right Chloe came forward from among the trees with her wand out but she was trembling from head to toe. Remy had never imagined his sister would have been able to find the bravery on her own to do this. He had known she had been shaking among the trees even until this point. He knew he needed to stand by his sister if she had the chance to win. He had saved her when she was a baby. He knew even if it was her wand meant to destroy the dark lord that he was the one who would be helping her. But there was clarity in him as he took to her side which he knew what had to be done. He realized looking at Voldemort why the man was not afraid. He knew that there was a seventh horcrux. The prophecy made sense.

He transformed back and looked at Albus who was trying o get between them. "My sister is a horcrux. That is why it was said one could not live while the other did."

Albus looked at him. "You are not suggesting that we allow your sister to be killed to destroy it. I know not even you are that foolish."

Praying he was right Remy stopped Albus from stepping in and watched in horror as the killing curse sent at his sister hit her in the chest. He watched her crumple to the ground but he was at her side as it hit. There were two souls in her and he knew only one would die. He knew he needed to make sure the right one did. Remy took phoenix form and began singing like Fawkes often did but he did the one thing they believed that no human could do even if they took the form, he cried.

Voldemort realized to late what Remy was doing and Remy took off before a cure hit him. "You stupid bird, you are as worthless as your parents were."

Chloe came around as her brother was distracting Voldemort and she stood. "The last of your parts of your soul is gone. I finally have the power to defeat you."

At the same time this time Chloe and Voldemort sent off killing curses at one another. Remy was on his sister and the moment her killing curse was off he flashed her away, moments before the Dark Lord's curse hit her. Her curse found home and they flashed back just in time to see him hit the ground dead.

Chloe hugged her brother as he transformed back into human form. "You were amazing Remy. You saved me. I can not believe you managed to do that."

Remy was shaking as he held his sister against him. "I am just glad that I could save you. I don't know what I would have done without you, my little sister."

The headmaster was about to throw a curse at Remy when he was distracted but he was taken down from behind. Moody and the group from town had come as they had cut off the last of the stragglers. Moody had watched in horror as the headmaster was about to use a killing curse on one of his own students.

Moody looked at the bodies of both Voldemort and Dumbledore, only one dead. "Take them both to the school."

Tonks ran to the twins' side. "Your parents are worried out of their mind for you. We need to get you back to the school."

Leading his sister Remy tried to be as strong as he could especially when they came out of the woods and people were cheering them from all ends. They were the heroes of the wizarding world. But right now he was just plain exhausted. The tears had taken power had never used before and all the flashing. All he wanted was to collapsed into the arms of his dads and know this was all over but he knew that it would not happen as soon as he would like. This was not over yet.


The order was gathered in the Great Hall. They had rounded up or killed the enemy forces and they were waiting. The dark mark had vanished from the arms of those who had once been Death Eaters. They had taken a tally of the dead. There were three students, two aurors and four ministry employees as well as Fletcher and Jones who were killed in battle but the rest had survived and with minor wounds. They knew in their hearts with the mark gone that Voldemort was destroyed but they waited for news if the twins had survived the encounter as well.

The doors opened and Remy and Chloe came in led by Moody and Tonks. Remy ran for his three dads. "It is over. He is dead. We have won."

Chloe was sobbing in her dad's arms. "Remy saved me again. I would be dead. I was a horcrux."

Everyone in the hall listened in amazement as the twins recounted what had happened when they were in the woods. The anger and shock when they heard what had happened with the headmaster was enough to have almost everyone on their feet. The headmaster was awake again but in heavy bounds and full magic dampening bands on his arms, legs and neck. Unlike Remy he did not have the power to break them.

Albus sneered at him. "The little brat would have got his sister killed. He had no idea that would work. I wanted to protect the students in the school."

Severus turned on him. "I promise you that I will see you get the kiss. It was bad enough you tried to hand him over twice but then you try to kill him yourself."

There were few who doubted he had been hoping for that. If he had managed to kill Remy he would likely not have made it to prison. He could not live with the scandal of being made to stand trial for his crimes against Remy. But he would live. And he would stand trial and he would get the kiss likely for all he had done.

James surprised Remy when the headmaster was taken by collecting him into his arms as he had never done even since they grew close. "I am so proud of you."

Remy actually returned the hug. "Thank you Uncle James."

Lily who was holding to her daughter at the moment shared a smile with her husband but also with Remy's dads and Uncles. James and Remy had been working on mending old fences and he had grown to care for James but this was a first for them both. The term Uncle had never been used by Remy to refer to James. He had considered him near enough one but he reserved the term for Lucius and Moody, as well as his biological Uncle, Regulus.

Cornelius came forward. "You two will both be hailed the heroes of the wizarding world. The world will know Chloe and Harry Potter have saved us all."