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If she wasn't so scared of the consequences, Kuchiki Rukia would've laughed long and hard. As it was, the dark black eyes glaring at her were enough to make her sit patiently on her calves and sip her tea innocently. To her right, Abarai Renji was trying to stifle his snorts of laughter in his tea and very obviously failing. Kuchiki Byakuya glared at him as well but did not move because of the burden resting on his thighs; the reason they were trying not to laugh.

The orange head in his lap stirred slightly at the noise but the fluttering lashes didn't part. His legs were sprawled to the side, a result of his torso having toppled over while sleeping during the tea ceremony. During Kuchiki Byakuya's speech on cinnamon tea, Kurosaki Ichigo had begun to sway dangerously. His partner seated on the other side, Ishida, had inched closer with calculated precision just as Ichigo swayed once more. The whole group had to stifle their giggles and snickers as the boy flopped ungracefully into Byakuya's lap, very obviously asleep, effectively halting the noble's speech while he was halfway through a word.

This brought them to the predicament they were in now. Most of the tea visitors were sipping tea in either a futile attempt to stop laughing or to avoid looking at Byakuya and the dark aura they knew would be around him.

"HeaHmm…? Ichigo mumbled lightly. He rolled slightly on the other man's lap and turned so his face was facing inward. Renji snorted violently into his tea and Rukia had to pinch him before he lost control. Further away, Inoue patted Ishida's back as the Quincy tried to clear his lungs after inhaling his tea in surprise. Byakuya's face began to turn a shade pinker than before.

Finally, he placed one hand on Ichigo's shoulder to try and gently push him off his lap or at least make it so that the sleeping boy's mouth wasn't so very close to the area between his legs. It was a mistake. Ichigo snuffled and brought around an arm to curl around his waist, face snuggling in further. Byakuya's face flamed red at the same time all of the tea drinking visitors coughed or snorted violently, most of them attempting to drown themselves in their tea by then.

"Kurosaki," Byakuya finally rumbled. The boy in his lap stirred.

"Hmm?" Sleepy brown eyes met emotionless black eyes. "S'up Bya… Le' me sleeeep…" Ichigo slurred, before curling up tighter against his waist. Byakuya sighed amidst renewed coughs…

Before carefully continuing where he'd left off in his speech, ignoring the surprised looks of his visitors. It was only after everyone had left an hour early, making hasty excuses of having to do this and that, that he let his façade drop.

"Kurosaki…" he murmured softly to the head in his lap. Ichigo opened one eye lazily and yawned. "Next time you will not do something so absurd." Ichigo snorted lightly, one hand playing with the soft fabric covering the noble's lower back as a hand ran through his messy orange hair.

"It's not like it was my fault I didn't get much sleep last night."

Author's Note: Annnddd… It's Done! With a slightly twisted ending but… hey? ByaIchi is so adorable sometimes. I read a story a few minutes ago and this spouted from that. They have nothing in common though…