Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Title: Moonlight Confessions (I was truly at a loss for a better title. Gomen.)
Pairing: RoyxEd
Rating: PG13 (language, a flaming body part... and the morning after)
Timeline: AU
Summary:Ed is worried what the others think about his and Roy's rabbit-esque ways...
AN: A fair amount of fluff. In a ficlet. A flufflet?


Moonlight Confessions

After leaving Kain Fuery's birthday party, where the main event of the evening was a baffling display of karaoke crooning by one shirtless Alex Louis Armstrong, Roy and Ed walked hand in hand back to the home that they shared. Though it was a lovely night, bright with shining stars and a big, full moon, Ed stared down at the sidewalk as he walked, deep in thought.

"What's wrong?" Roy asked, noticing his forlorn expression.

"All of our so-called friends, that's what's wrong," Ed said sullenly.

"What about them?"

The teenager frowned, a stubborn crease forming in the center of his forehead. "You heard all of them when we were walking out.'Oooh, you guys are leaving, huh? Wink, wink.'"

Roy shrugged. "So? We were leaving."

"And then Jean's all like 'I swear all you guys do is fuck like rabbits.'"

"Ed… we do fuck like rabbits."

Ed stopped walking and pulled on Roy's hand."That's my point, Roy! That's all they think we do… and it pisses me off."

Roy sighed and gave Ed a stern, yet gentle look. "Listen," he began. "First of all, who cares what comes out of Jean's mouth, of all people? The man can't keep a woman to save his life, right?"

"Well, yeah…. But-"

"And as for the rest of them, so what if they think all we do is have sex?"


"Do you love me?"

Ed gazed up into Roy's black eyes and felt something inside of him swoon.

"'Course I do," he said. How could he not?

"Alright. And I love you, too. That's all that matters."

Such rarely spoken proclamations made Ed feel decidedly warm and fuzzy. He hoisted himself on his tiptoes and kissed Roy softly on the lips. The older man returned the favor, wrapping his arms around Ed's waist and kissing him deeply, which made the lovestruck teen swoon even more.

"Damn, the two of you can't even make it home without being all over each other, can you?"

Roy and Ed parted in time to see an inebriated Jean Havoc following them.

"Horndogs," the drunken man added, stumbling over the intrusive nuisance of his own feet.

"That's it," Ed said, pulling away from Roy and clapping his hands together, prepared to shut him up once and for-


Before Ed could act, Roy had slipped on a glove and dispensed his own brand of alchemical justice as the seat of Jean's pants burst into flames, sobering him up post haste.

"SHIT!" he yelled, promptly stopping, dropping, and rolling himself out by flailing about on the ground like a fish out of water.

"Come on. Let's go home," Roy said, shoving his glove back into his pocket and grabbing onto Ed's left hand.

The lovers continued their leisurely stroll toward home, hand in hand, bathed in the light of the moonlit sky and serenaded by the garbled wailings of a drunken idiot with a burnt ass.

Upon arriving home, they went straight to bed and fell asleep, wrapped in each other's arms and secure in the knowledge that no, they did not have to have frequent, frantic sex on a nightly basis.


As for the next morning, however… it was a wonder that they didn't knock a goddamn hole in the bedroom wall.

The End.