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Dear Jonathan,

I was overjoyed to hear of the birth of your daughter. You called her Wilhelmina after me? That was very sweet of you. I am glad that you found someone to share your life with. Alice sounds like a very nice woman. I am quite happy here with my family. They are all truly wonderful. It may interest you to know that Jack has finally taken Bianca up on her offer. He went through the transformation two nights before I sent this letter. Jack and Delilah are still as argumentive as ever, but in a good, rather playful way.

I really think that you should go ahead and let Alice know about what happened in Transylvania, and about my existence. Such secrets are never good in a marriage. If she truly loves you then she will accept it.

The happiness you wrote of has filled me with joy. My only regret in regards to my decision to join Vlad is the pain it brought you, old friend. Now it seems that it was all for the best after all, and I am glad. Perhaps one day we will meet again.

Yours sincerely,

Wilhelmina Dracula.

Jonathan tucked the letter away in his coat pocket, and then left the post office to begin the walk to his house. As he walked he decided that it was indeed time for him to tell Alice the secrets of his past. It was with this resolution that he slipped the key into the lock of the Harker family's townhouse, and then swung the door opened. He removed his boots and coat, the latter of which he hung on the coat rack, but not before removing the letter from the pocket and placing it in the pocket of his trousers instead. He then made his way up to the bedroom.

There she was; his beautiful wife, golden tresses piled up and pinned on top of her head, and wearing a simple gown of periwinkle blue. She straightened up and turned towards him from where she had been fussing over their recently born daughter, and her smile seemed to light up the room. Bright green eyes twinkled warmly in her round, kind, motherly face. Just as he often did, Jonathan thought of how beautiful she was, and how lucky he was to have her. He stepped forward to meet her, and they kissed passionately, before she tumbled backwards onto the bed, and he descended on top of her.

Later that night, as the Harkers rested in each other's arms, the husband remembered the promise he had made to himself; that he would tell his wife the whole truth. However, as he looked at her, and her peaceful, loving expression, he could not bring himself to shatter that peace. Now was surely not the time to speak of such things. Night is no time to speak of things that truly go bump in the dark, he told himself. It's not because I'm afraid of her reaction; no, it's not that at all. I'll tell her in the morning. Truly I will.

With this resolution, he fell into a fitful sleep.