Summary: Hinata decided to confess to Naruto but due to his stupidity Hinata confesses to the wrong guy with the name of Uchiha Sasuke. Now all his fan girls go revolt as he slowly falls for her.

In Full Turn

By: Magayon

Chapter 1: Wrong Delivery

Hyuuga Hinata took out her pen from her bag that night. With her nervous fingers, she tightened her grip on the pen as her eyes rested thoughtfully upon the blank paper lying on her desk. Today she decided to write a letter to Naruto and tomorrow she will confess her feelings to him.

It has been a long time since she first laid her eyes on Naruto. It was love at first sight for her. She was in junior high that time. It was a rainy day when she was on her way home in their car. An old lady was almost hit by a car when a boy rescued her. They were both on the ground.

"Call an ambulance!" the boy shouted as he held on the unconscious form of the old lady in his arms.

Hinata watched from a distant and the image of the blonde boy didn't fade away in her mind. When the ambulance came, the boy was so worried about the old lady and he didn't notice that he broke his arm.

That was the first time she saw him and from that day on she began to love him secretly. She tried her best to know all the information she can get about the boy. She even hired a private detective for it. The happiest time of her life was when she was informed about the name of the boy. The name of the boy is Uzumaki Naruto. When she graduated from junior high, she gave up enrolling to a prestigious school in high school just to be with him in an ordinary high school. Her father was so disappointed about it because the heiress of a large company is studying at a commoner's school but she didn't care. All she wanted was to be with him.


The sun was shining brightly that morning and Hinata did not get enough sleep last night because she was so nervous. She kept on stirring on her huge bed just to sleep but nothing happened.

"Good morning, Hinata-sama." A brown haired young man bowed as he greeted Hinata when she came down the stairs.

"Good morning, Kiba." She said tiredly. "Have you eaten you breakfast?" she asked as she walked in the dining area and sat on one of the chairs.

"Yes, ma'am." He answered and stood beside her. Kiba is Hinata's personal bodyguard and his family is serving the Hyuuga's for decades. Hinata's father, Hyuuga Hiashi appointed Kiba to be her bodyguard to protect her wherever she goes since he has the same age as his daughter. Kiba is also enrolled in the same school as hers. Hiashi could not let anything bad happen to his daughter now that she was just studying at a commoner's school. He must secure his daughter's safety since she will someday inherit his riches together with his other daughter and Hinata's younger sister, Hanabi.

"Stop calling me 'ma'am' when we're alone. It makes me kinda feel old." Hinata said with a smile.

Kiba blushed and nodded. "Ok."

Other than being her personal bodyguard, Kiba also is Hinata's bestfriend.

When Hinata finished eating with her family, she immediately packed her things and get ready for school and she didn't forget the letter she wrote last night.

"I'll be home late…" Hiashi said to his daughters and to his only nephew, Neji. "…so don't wait for me." He finished and get into his car.

"Bye father!" both of the girls shouted and waved goodbye.

"Bye sis! Bye Neji-niisan!" Hanabi said as she ran towards a red-colored car. She is Hinata's younger sister.

Hinata waved bye to her. "I'll be going now, Neji-niisan." She said as she turned to her older cousin, Neji.

"Are you sure you don't want to use your car?" Neji asked as he point out a dark blue car that was parked not too far away. Hinata have been walking her way and riding buses everyday when going to school ever since she got into some high school. This concerns her family members everyday.

Hinata shook her head. "I prefer walking and don't worry too much, I'm always with Kiba and Shino everytime." She stated.

Shino is her other bodyguard and was hired by Neji from an elite bodyguard agency. Neji picked him out because he is the youngest of all and had this odd personality that Neji seemed to notice when he was picking out a bodyguard for her.

Neji sighed. "Ok. Shino." He then turned to his trusted bodyguard. "Don't let any boy touches her!" he strongly stated.

Upon hearing what his employer said, Shino emits a murderous aura from him that scared Kiba and Hinata. "Yes, sir!" he answered.

"Neji-niisan! Don't tell him things like that!" Hinata uttered as a light blush came across her face.

"I'll tell him anything I want." Neji said and walked towards a black car that looks like the model Hiashi rode earlier.

"Shino, Kiba!" Neji called. "You both take care of her. Don't let anyone or anything touches her." He stated with an evil look in his eyes that made Kiba shiver. And with that he left.

"Oh… Sorry about him." Hinata said to the two.

"I-it's nothing." Kiba said. The image of Neji still lingers in his head.


Hinata took a deep breath as she stood before the locker of Uzumaki Naruto. This was the time she was waiting for. She was about to open the little steel door when she stopped for a moment.

"Please… don't let anyone come close here." She said to Kiba and Shino who were standing at her both sides.

"Yes, ma'am." Shino said and set out again a murderous aura to drive away those who intend to pass by.

Kiba on the other hand stand to cover her up and looked like a dog on guard. "This is silly." He said but still covers her.

As Kiba and Shino cleared the whole area, Hinata swiftly put the letter inside. She shut the little door immediately.

"This is… I-it's so embarrassing!" Hinata shouted as she put her hands to cover her face that is now as red as a tomato as she run down the hallway.

"Hina-chan!" Kiba called as the he and Shino run after her.


Naruto arrived at the school a bit late than usual. He had some errands to run since the basketball team he was in was getting ready for a game next week.

He opened the little door of his locker and saw a letter inside. He picked it up and examines it.

"What's this?" he asked himself. A large smile can be seen on his face when an idea of what it was crossed his mind. "Is this a love letter?" he said excitedly for the fact that is was his first love letter ever. He was about to open it when someone called him.

"Hey! Naruto come here for a second!" a young man with a black hair called.

"Alright." Naruto said and placed again the letter inside his locker for the fear he might loose it. But when he closed the door he didn't noticed that it slide out of the locker and dropped on the floor.


A young man with a pale skin tone and a dark hair walked down the hallway. He stopped in front of one of the lockers and opened it. Once he opened it, a lot of letters have dropped and he sighed at the sight of it.

"Again?" he said and picked it all up together with Hinata's letter.

"Girls really like you, huh Sasuke?" said a guy with eyeglasses who was standing beside him.

Sasuke sighed again seeing the guy. "Kabuto-sempai."

"What's with that look?" Kabuto stated and looked at what Sasuke was holding. "Oh, I see. Come on. I'll help to read them for you." He said and grabbed some of the letters from his hand.

"You don't need to. I'll throw them anyway." Sasuke said, a bit annoyed to Kabuto's intrusion.

Kabuto smiled at him. "Why are you so rude to these girls? I wonder why they still like you despite of you terrible attitude." He said as he examines the letters one by one.

"I'm not really interested in anyone of them that is why I had never read any of that." Sasuke said bitterly.

His Sempai chuckled. "What a lucky boy!" he complemented. "Here," Kabuto handed a light lavender colored envelope. "try reading this one for fun. There's no harm in reading one."

Sasuke took the letter from his Sempai's hand. "I'll think about it." He said and placed it inside his pocket. "And kindly please throw the other letters for me, Sempai." He handed more letters to Kabuto and left, leaving his sempai covered with love letters.


Hinata waited patiently on the school's rooftop that afternoon. If Naruto did read her letter and was sensitive for a girl's feelings, he would probably come to the place she wrote down. She has pleaded Kiba and Shino not to interfere and they both agreed. Actually, she was a bit surprised that Shino granted her request and she was very happy about it. They will just wait for her downstairs once everything was done.

Hinata was so nervous and could not even face the door as she waited. Thirty minutes have passed and all her hopes seem to disappear when suddenly she heard a click on the door. She was so pleased that he had come. The door slowly opened and still she could not face him because she might not say the words she has memorized last night.

"I love you." Hinata started. Her voice was very uneasy. "I've been always watching you from afar ever since I got here. Every time I saw you gives warmth to my heart. From the first time that I saw you at that street, I know I have found the person I will love. All I want was to be with you no matter what. I know I don't have the right to say these things to you but I took all my courage just to take risk for this moment. If you will reject me for saying this it's ok but please don't say that I cannot love you. Please don't forbid me from loving you. That is all I ask of you… Naru-." She turned to face the boy she loves but to her shock, she saw a pair of onyx eyes staring straight at her coldly.

"Uchiha – san!" she uttered.

A wicked smile crossed Sasuke's lips. "I didn't know Hyuuga – san would be this melodramatic." He said and walked towards Hinata who was now shaking in humiliation. "So, you love me? I didn't really expect that from you but…" Sasuke's right hand cupped the girl's face, slowly lifting it to face his. "…it's ok. I'll play with you." He whispered.


To be continued…


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