Summary: Hinata decided to confess to Naruto but due to his stupidity Hinata confesses to the wrong guy with the name of Uchiha Sasuke. Now all his fan girls go revolt as he slowly falls for her.

In Full Turn

By: Magayon

Chapter 3: A Hyuuga-Uchiha News… Breaks

"But… is it really Hyuuga Hinata? You know that all the girls like Sasuke except her. Maybe it was just someone she looks like."

"I've got a perfect 20-20 vision, ok? If you don't want this scoop then I'll just throw it. I've got no use of them anyway."

Shikamaru was about to leave when Kankuro stops him.

"Wait! I'll take it." Kankuro said kindly, smiling at him. "This will regain the reputation what we have lost!" he shouted and chuckled while raising the camera.

"Way to go Mr. Editor!" Shikamaru happily said as he clapped his hands, thinking about his upcoming vacation.


"Hina-chan…" Kiba started. "Why do you need to put that?" he said, pointing out the big sunglasses and the facemask Hinata were wearing before entering the gate of the school.

"Huh?" Hinata shifted her sitting position to face the window. "Let's just say I feel like it." She reaponded.

Hinata did not know what just came into her mind that morning when she wore the sunglasses and stole a facemask in their private clinic in their house. What happened yesterday was so traumatic for her that she wanted to erase her existence and believing that wearing the sunglasses and facemask would help her a little.

"Hey, what happened to Hinata-san? Did she just decide to be like Aburame-san?" Oh, it gives me the creeps." Hinata heard a girl said.

"What did you say?" Shino suddenly rise from his chair giving the girl a deadly glare.

"N-Nothing, Aburame-san…" stammered the girl and ran away screaming in fear.

Shino sat back to his chair looking very calm again.

"You did not need to scare her, Shino-kun." Kiba explained, looking a bit scared to his companion.

"I'm not scaring her." Shino replied, trying to act innocently which only made Kiba shudder in fear.

Hinata sighed. If only they knew why she needed to cover her face. She was scared that Sasuke might just confront her about yesterday and she's more scared what would happen to her in the hands of his fan girls.

'Hina-chan's Secret Theater'


'In The Hands of His Fan Girls'

Written and Directed by: Hyuuga Hinata's wild imagination.

Take one:

Hinata walks in the corridor, sees Sasuke unexpectedly.

Sasuke: Hi, Hina-chan! I just wondering if I could give you a lesson on kissing so that you won't bite me again the next time we kiss. Gives Hinata a wink.

Fan girls suddenly appears, angry.

Fan Girl #1: Our dear Sasuke, kissing a lame girl! Hair turns into snakes (Looks like the Greek character Medusa) and turns Hinata into a stone with her eye beam.

Take two:

Sasuke approaches Hinata in her classroom.

Sasuke: Sorry about yesterday, Hyuuga-san. Blushing

Hinata: Gives a relieved sigh. It's ok. Let's just forget about it. Smiles at him

Sasuke: Grabs her shoulders No! I can't forget it. I think I'm in love with you starting from that moment!

Hinata: Looks at Sasuke in horror.

Fan girls appear in full military battle costume. Takes away Sasuke and tie him with a rope.

Sasuke: Hinata! Shouting desperately.

Fan girls aim at Hinata with their guns.

Fan Girl #2: Sasuke is ours!

Fan girls shoot Hinata

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Hina-chan!" a worried Kiba called out that made Hinata snatched herself back to reality.

"Huh? What is it?" Hinata asked.

"Stop banging your head on the table!" her bestfriend said, panicking.

Hinata finally realized what she was doing and stopped, feeling dizzy from what she have just done.

"Kiba-kun, Shino-kun, why is the room rotation?" she asked, feeling that she's been weakening every second.

"Blood." Shino suddenly said calmly.

"Huh?" Hinata then felt some liquid crept down through her face and using her right hand, she wiped it off.

"Ah!!" Kiba shouted in horror. "Hina-chan's injured!" he began running around the room, thinking of what he would suppose to do.

Hearing what Kiba said, Hinata looked at her hand and saw blood scattered all over it.

"Blood?" she stared at it blankly for a moment, trying to absorb the fact that she was hurt.

Noticing that Hinata was not reacting at the sight of the blood on her hand, Shino magically took out a full-length mirror from his bag that surprised the whole class. He then let Hinata face the mirror to see how she was badly injured. Hinata's eyes widen in shock as she saw that half of her pale face was covered with blood.

"Shino-kun! Kiba-kun! I'm hurt!" Hinata screamed and passes out.


"What happened to that?" Kabuto asked Sasuke that afternoon, pertaining to Sasuke's wounded lower lip.

"Oh, this?" Sasuke smiled to himself. "I accidentally bit it when I was eating." He said and put down the books he was holding on a table in the library.

Sasuke sat beside Kabuto and started flipping some pages of a book.

"Hey!" Kabuto suddenly called his attention. "What happened to the love letter I asked you to read? How was it?" he asked, curious of how his friend reacted to what was written.

Sasuke suddenly remembered what happened yesterday when he took the letter from his sempai's hand. He was not actually going to read the letter but somehow something in his head was telling him to take a look and he did. There was no name of the sender written on the letter but still he read it and it stated.

'Have you ever heard the story behind why the sunflower always faces the sun even it changes its position every hour?

'Many years ago, a maiden fell in love with the Sun-god. She did all that she could just to see him look at her. But the Sun-god never took even a single glance at instead, he lay his eyes on the maiden's younger sister. The maiden continued to love the Sun-god despite of the fact that he will never see her more than her younger sister. She prayed day and night to the other gods that somehow they could create a miracle so that the Sun-god could love her back. Years passed and the maiden died together with her unfulfilled love to the Sun-god. Because of her undying devotion, a goddess was deeply touched on how she held on with he love till the end. Three days passed after the maiden's death when a big yellow flower suddenly sprouted beside her grave. The yellow flower always looks up to the sun from time to time. The village people then called it the sunflower in the of the maiden who loved the Sun-god.

'Just like the maiden in the story, I just found my Sun-god. If you have time, will you meet me up at the rooftop this afternoon? I will wait.'

For the first time in his life, Sasuke was so absorbed by the story and was mystified to whom the letter came from. He then decided to meet up with the girl. When he got at the rooftop he immediately recognized the girl even if her back was facing him. He did not expect to see Hyuuga Hinata there. He suddenly recalled on what was written on the letter. What puzzled him was that why was she there? Everybody knew that she like Uzumaki Naruto. Does this mean that she also like him? At that thought, he started to get annoyed at the situation. He did not really like girls who say they love a guy then flirts with another guy and that made Hinata the same as them. He listened very carefully to what she said and when she faced him, the rest id history. But somehow the way Hinata looked at him still bothered his mind. It's as if she was so shocked that she saw him there.

"Ei, Sasuke!" Kabuto waved his hand in front og Sasuke's face.

"What?" Noticing what was Kabuto was doing.

"Got you mind somewhere, huh?" his sempai smile at him. "I'm asking what happned to the love letter?"

Sasuke sighed. "Let's just forget about that." He stated and leaned back to his chair, showing an upset look on his face.

"Oh, I thought you can have now a girl for yourself." Kabuto remarked. "Because if you do… these girls won't be sneaking in places where you go." He said pertaining to the girls staring at Sasuke from his back and it seemed that they are the only boys in the library. Sasuke's fan girls dominated the whole area.

Kabuto's works resounded in Sasuke's head. Why didn't he think about it a long time ago? He is very sick and tired of his fan girls following him around. But there is a big problem; he did not know where to get one.


"I told both of you to take care of her!" Neji shouted to Shino and Kiba when he saw his cousin's forehead wrapped with bandages. "What the hell happened to you, Hinata?" he said, turning to his cousin.

"Neji-niisan, don't blame Shino-kun and Kiba-kun. It's my fault that I got hurt." Hinata defended her two friends who were now hiding behind her, terrified of what will Neji might do to them.

Neji sighed. "Since uncle is not here for one week, I'll be taking responsible in taking care of you and Hanabi." His face looked disappointed. "I told you that you should not enter in that commoner's school. Now, look at you."

"Don't bring that up again." Hinata said. "I'm happy in that school."

"Anyway," Neji moved some strands of Hinata's hair away from her forehead. "tomorrow you will go see a doctor. You don't need to go to that school first. I'm worried if you got some deadly disease."

"Neji-niisan, don't talk like that!"


An evil smirk crossed Kankuro's lips as he gazed upon the school newspaper he was holding for quite sometime now. He was staring at a particular picture. The picture was Sasuke holding Hinata in his arms.

"You look like an idiot, Sempai." Shikamaru suddenly remarked and grabbed the newspaper away from Kankuro's hands. "You really hate him?"

Kankuro sighed and snatched back the newspaper. "Of course. I really do. If it wasn't because of him the newspaper club would probably end like this."

"But do we really need to get the girl involve in this?" Shikamaru asked, now feeling sorry for Hinata.

"We need her!" Kankuro said. "The story is that Uchiha-san is harassing Hyuuga-san. The whole school knows that Hyuuga-san don't have an eye for him, right? So, we can destroy Uchiha-san like this. Harassing an innocent girl is a very shameful act."

Shikamaru sighed. If it weren't because of the time he was at the rooftop with his camera things like this would never happen.

"I can now see the fall of that man!" Kankuro uttered and laughed.


Just like any other day, Hinata and her two bodyguards walked their way to the school. Last Friday, Hinata was not able to attend her class because her cousin Neji forced her to see a doctor. Shino was the one who accompanied Hinata to the hospital while Kiba stayed and went to school so that no one would speculate about something between the three of them.

Once the three of them arrived at school, Hinata heard a voice saying: "Why does she have to say she like Uzumaki-san if she really likes our Sasuke-kun. Does she think she could get our Sasuke-kun for herself? I'm starting to hate her now." Which also was heard by Kiba and Shino.

Hinata's eyes almost popped out from their places when a huge photo of her and Sasuke was placed on a bulletin board.

"What the…" Kiba stared at the picture very carefully. He could not believe his eyes. He was looking at a huge picture of Hinata with another man holding her and it was not just another man, it is Uchiha Sasuke. Staring at how Sasuke holds Hinata close to him makes Kiba feel something he have never felt before. The strange feeling he could not name. "Who the hell post this?!" Kiba shouted and grabbed the young man next to him. "Do you know?"

The young man was grabbed by his collar and was shaking in fear as he stared at Kiba who was on fire of madness. "I-I… I think it's the newspaper club." The young man replied as he point his finger to where Kankuro was happily selling newspapers.

"He'll be dead." Kiba then let go of the young man's collar and walked towards Kankuro with enrage eyes.

"Shino-kun." Hinata looked up to her other bodyguard hoping that Shino would stop Kiba. She knew Kiba very well. They have been friends since childhood and it worries her when Kiba is acting that way. "Kiba-kun might -."

Hinata did not even finish her sentence when in a swift motion Shino was in front of Kankuro's booth that surprised Kiba.

"I don't know what your intentions are. It is better for you not to be involve with anyone of us." Shino said, giving warning to Kankuro. "I'm sure you will never like it."

"We don't want to be involve with you guys but…" Shikamaru suddenly said, appearing behind a tree. "It is our job to tell what the whole school wants to know." He finished and gave him a cocky smile.

Shino clenched his fists. The way Shikamaru interfere with him and Kankuro makes his blood boil. He did not like Shikamaru's aura and the way he talked back to him. The students who were watching the scene were in silence. They were afraid that something might happen between Shino and Shikamaru.

"What this commotion all about?!" a loud female voice suddenly emerge from somewhere that caught all the students attention.


A woman in her mid-thirties walked her way towards Shino and Shikamaru. Her long blond hair was swaying with the wind.

"Haven't you all hear the bell?" she asked, still walking towards the two boys while her arms crossed in front of her chest. "Shino-kun, Shikamaru-kun, Kankuro-kun, Kiba-kun and Hinata-chan. The five of you stay her, the rest go to your respective classrooms!" She ordered and stopped when she finished the sentence.

"Now, you better have some good explanation about this." Tsunade said, staring at Hinata.


To be continued…


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